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Monday, April 28, 2014

April Is Slipping By Really Fast

April 28, 2014

Good morning.  It's 4:30 a.m., and I'm watching the Weather Channel.  They are showing the damage from yesterdays tornadoes in the central part of the country.  In my whole life, I don't ever remember so many devastating tornadoes as we've had these past few years.  I'm not liking these wicked new weather patterns that have been developing since the climate has changed so drastically.

Have you noticed that we are running out of April?  The Spring weather hasn't even settled down and it will be May in a few days!  That means that in less than two months, it will be Summer already.  This is not right. I want my Spring first!!!

On to better news.....Even though we did not have a big party, I hope my little guy enjoyed his birthday.  The shirts that I bought for him were too small, so they will have to be returned.  Maybe we'll visit Petco to see if the new summer shirts are in.  They usually carry a line that fits Pogo pretty good.

I do have some photos to share from yesterday.  Here's the balloon that one of the dwarfs bought for Pogo's party.  However, for some reason, Pogo was afraid of the balloon. 

Dwarf Helen bought Pogo a plain double hamburger from Burger King, and I used it to make the birthday cake.  I have to admit this cake does look pretty good.  First I put some rice on the plate, then place one layer of hamburger on the rice.  Next I put a layer of rice for the filling, then place the second hamburger on top of that.  Lastly, I frost the top of the cake with more rice.  There is a tiny bit of butter and cheese in the rice to keep it sticking together.

Lastly, here's my little guy with his cake.  This year, he's very shy.  Maybe it's because the plate is sitting on the string to the balloon.  As you can see, I cut him a nice chunk of cake and he enjoyed every bite.

Note the pretty orange plate?  Last year I got Pogo his own dinner plates.  One orange, one lime green, one red and one blue.  This year I got him two new dinner bowls.  Nothing is too good for my little guy.  For the joy he gives to me, he deserves the very best.

Last night the Mrs behaved much better.  She was only wicked for a little while, then her mood improved 100 percent.  After she went to bed, I worked on the blue afghan.  I have a couple more rows of the multi color yarn to do, and I'll take a photo of it.  Gosh, this one is really pretty.  

I'm thinking that this multi colored yarn would look fabulous with a medium gray solid yarn.  Hmmm, I'll have to think about that.  I don't know yet who is going to get this blue afghan.  Maybe when I figure that out, I'll come up with someone who could use one in the gray.

I'm thinking that the green afghan will be finished this week.  I'm down to the last twenty rows already.  Maybe I can box it up and pop it in the mail by next week.  That would be nice. 

Later today, Helen and I are going shopping at the Christmas Tree Shoppe to see what fabulous finds they have that we just can't live without.  I love that store.  It's really difficult to go into that store and come out without a bag full of goodies.  If only they had a yarn department, they would be the perfect store!

Well, that's about all my news for today.  It is now Monday morning, and pretty soon I will head on home to my little guy.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

For my next reincarnation I want to come back as your dog! Pogo is so lucky to have you. I won't even let George and Gracie read this post so they don't realize what they are missing out on. I thought they were spoiled, but I have some catching up to do!

Andrea Priebe said...

Oh my little Pogo had a wonderful birthday party ... Izzi is still working on her "Belated Card". It may take her awhile, but I told her that was okay because it is fun to stretch the birthday out over a few extra days.

Boy when you got into the knitting you went whole hog. The Greeny is awesome and who is the lucky one to get it? Maybe you said and I missed it ... or more likely you said and I have forgotten. I could never get away with knitting something that big ... I have a fat cat in my lap whenever I sit down and I would be knitting cat hair into it ... though, I have to admit, I can imagine that having a wonderful effect. I'm looking forward to seeing the blue and as for gray ... my son loves everything gray if you are desparate for a place to send it, Ha!

I am still moving things up stairs for my daughter. Since I pulled my hamstring in Ohio, it is hard to carry things up and down the stairs ... pain, my friend, pain. So little by little I am getting it up here. My son will be coming home tonight (fingers crossed, they are driving through the horrible weather in the south) and he will need the room to put his things in. Boy, I think I am getting too old for this kind of workout. I am really pooped.

I took Izzi in for her yearly checkup and the doctor was not happy with her weight ... so it is the "diet" for sure. She is so food motivated, I can't imagine how we are going to get her to lose weight, but it is a must happen because she is going to hurt herself with all of her activities carrying all of this weight. I just have to put the clamps on my husbands treat bag ... oh my.

Well, good that it is Monday ... no more work for the rest of the week. You sit back and knit away, my friend. I would love to be doing it with you. Be well and relax ... Loves to the littlest boy :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

Pogo had a wonderful birthday, and everybody was soooo nice to him. I had to chuckle when reading Pogo was a bit afraid of his balloon! perhpas it was just too big for him, or it could be something in the pattern on the balloon?
well, I bet he loved his birthday cake, on that pretty orange plate!
You are all motivated for the afghans at the moment, aren;t you? LOL.
Well, I must say, I am too, still working on the big othrow over for the couch, but I also will see if I can find another nice one, perhaps I will crochet one, I don;t know yet. And there must be some use for it too. May be I can make one for Heidi, as a bedspread? We'll see, first have to finish the one I am working on!
Glad the mood of the Mrs, was better after a while, but oh, such a nice idea you have the whole week again to do whatever you want.
Yeah sounds the store you want to go is a dangerous one, I know that kind of stores!hahahaha.
Have a great time there with Helen,
and enjoy the fact, you don't have to go to work for some longer!

Annesphamily said...

Oh Pogo, I love his cake! I am sorry I am late wishing him a happy birthday! He is so blessed to have you and you having him! A perfect match!