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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Yesterday Was Such A Fun Day

August 30, 2016

Good morning.  It's 6:45 a.m., and this is the best part of the morning.  The sun is peeping over the tops of the trees, the flag is swaying slowly with the breeze, and the cool temps feel delicious on my skin.  (The door is open and the bottom window is up)  Pogo and I have just finished breakfast, and I'm enjoying my coffee while I type.

Yesterday was a nice day spent doing fun things.  Lots of small packages arrived in the mail, bringing me the beads that I've been waiting for.  Oh my, how pretty they are.  I was able to finish the bracelet that I was working on, and box it up nicely. 

In the afternoon, I gave Pogo a nice bath with sweet smelling baby shampoo.  After I dry him off, I lay a dry towel on the sofa and he rolls around on it.  Here he is after all his rolling.  He knows I'm taking his photo, so he's determined not to look at me.  No problem Pogo.  You're adorable this way too.                                                       

Afterwards, I had a pleasant surprise visit from my stepson, Sean and my granddaughter Jaklyn.  (Sean's son Shane was not able to make this trip.)  They are heading back home to Florida today. 

After Sean and Jaklyn left, Pogo and I came into the house to watch TV for a bit.  Well, actually I did the TV watching, and Pogo did the "Joe" watching.  Here he is in one of his favorite mid-afternoon spots.  (the bottom window is up and there's a nice breeze coming through the screen)  The other favorite spot is outside on the porch, looking through the slats on the gate.

Last evening, I checked over the last two afghans that I finished, the Scarlet one and the Café Latte one.  I wanted to make sure there were no loose yarn ends that needed to be woven into the afghan.  Today I will package them up in  their zippered bags and put them with the rest of the Holiday gifts. 

Today I'll start working on the Turquoise afghan.   It's only about one third done, but I have plenty of time to get it finished.  I also need to order a couple more specialty beads so that I can make my next bracelet.   Did I mention how much fun all this is? 

Ah well, CSI, Las Vegas is on TV now so I think I'll take my leave here and go watch it.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

You had a fun day and that surprise visit was kind of cherry on top
Wonderful if you can do things you like, and nothing else seems to disturb it(like bill paying, or repairs, or other even more annoying things).
Jan and i had a fun afternoon yesterday too. I'll tell about it tomorrow on my blog. Today I don;t have too much time anymore, cause I slept long and soon I will have to go for my dents, trial session.
Then probably I need to do also some grocerie shopping, so I think tomorrow will be a nice day for posting on the blog
You have another fantastic day, (pogo looks great after his shamppooing!),

The Queen Jester said...

It's always fun to have visitors...especially ones that don't stay for days and days :)

Pogo is adorable whether he's wet or dry.