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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Woo Hoo! It's Raining!!

August 10, 2016

Good morning.  I'm off to a late start this morning because I was able to sleep during the night, and this morning I kept right on sleeping.  Mmmm, it felt good!  While I was sleeping, the rains came, thank goodness, and it is still raining.  You can almost hear the grass and the plants sighing with relief.  We really need this rain.

Well, it's countdown time till daughter Audrey is here.  I hope all these air travel delays with Delta Airlines does not hamper her flight.  I don't usually book with Delta, but it was the only flight here from Virginia we could find.  She should be arriving this Sunday.  I can hardly wait.

Yesterday morning, Pogo and I sat out on the porch and enjoyed the breezes.  While I drank my coffee, Pogo was busy checking to make sure that no dangerous critters were lurking, and then he took a well deserved nap.

I am so glad we have our porch.  My Pogo just loves being out there.  Sometimes I have to go out and pick him up and carry him indoors because he doesn't always want to come back inside. I don't blame him though.  Except for when it is super hot, it is really nice out on the porch.

Yesterday, Cliff was here, painting the front porch to the house.  He got most of finished, but then we ran out of paint.  I'll have to go back to Home Depot an pick up more paint. 

***I'm back.  Pogo and I went out into the main part of the house to help one of the dwarfs, and we stayed long enough to enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich and some nice conversation.  I love grilled cheese sandwiches, but they taste oh so much better when someone else makes them.  Even Pogo had a little bit of my sandwich.

For a little while, the rain had stopped, but now it is raining again, thank goodness.  We could use a day of rain every week.  All our reservoirs are way down and most all our towns and cities have water restrictions.

Now it's time for me to get busy and do a few things around here.  I'm trying to go through all my clothes and get rid of whatever I don't wear anymore.  Blankets too.  Seems Pogo and I have built up our blanket collection to the bursting point.  It's time to give some of them away.  So,  till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Hi Edna,
I spent some time catching up on your blog that I missed. I am feeling better. I have new medication now that is not making me whizzy, dizzy and feeling off balance. I have to say that I am much happier now than I have been.

Love the photos of Pogo. What a cutie and of the Turkey family. So darling. I love looking at your photos. They are always so interesting.

I do hope that Audrey's plane is on time. I know that you cannot wait to have your girl home for a while. I am so happy that she can come and visit.

I will close for now because my night meds are kicking in. I wish that we could get some of your rain. Perhaps soon. Much love, Beth and Cisco.

smiekeltje said...

Hi, Edna,
I missed a bit , because yesterday I did sleep really long and I was so happy with it!
probably i was tired of the day before, when the new boiler was placed You don;t do much on such a day, but somehow you get very tired
Well, it seems that the new installation works. I am really happy with it.
Oh, you will have a visit from Audrey soon! That will be nice, and you can have catch-up talks sitting at the porch!

We have rain today, of course it is good for nature, but it would be nice if it fell at night and at daytime it was dry
But it is okay, and the coming week temperatures will go up again and we will get some more sunshine again. This last night it was the coldest here in about 20 years in August. On some places it even reached the zero!
That is a bit too much like autumn/winter for me. It can wait a bit.
I hope that somewhere during the day rain will stop so that I can go out, we'll see.
Have a wonderful day

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning Miss Edna and Pogo, just a quick post before the Olympics start for the day, to say thank you for the QP. I haven't been online much as I am staying glued to the TV until the games are over. I so enjoy them! My housework will just have to wait. I do check my e-mails on my iPad, but not much communication from them...LMBO! My fur kids are enjoying my downtime too as they get to snuggle so much more! I had to change my TV service on the 9th so trying to familiarize myself with the new system, right now it stays on one channel! Were are on day 14 of over 100F and the 11th straight and today is to be the hottest so far! Will surely be glad when August is over! We are supposed to have a chance for some very much needed rain and a break in the 100+ temps this weekend! My poor plants cannot keep up with the heat, but I keep trying to salvage them with water and food! All my outside "critters" get more attention to shade provision and fresh water during the heat too! All seem to be doing well so far! You and Pogo keep enjoying that new porch and a little freedom from being in the house so much! Chat more later, got to grab a quick shower before the games begin! Have a great one! Hugs, Mat