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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Up To My Neck In Solar Homework

August 3, 2016

Good morning.  Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!  Remember that song?  This morning is sunny and cool so far, although the temps will climb to the low 80's later.  It's a gorgeous morning to have a little porch to sit out on.  And that's what Pogo and I are going to do when I finish typing this post.

Well, yesterday, a representative from one solar company was here to present me with figures and to show me how much I could save on my electricity bill.  To be honest, I was not all that impressed.  Yes, there was a savings, but just a small one. 

The rep explained how the solar energy generated would only have an affect on 25% of my total electric bill.  That's nice, but what about the rest of the bill?  Plus, the government rebates for the expense involved is only applicable to persons who pay a large amount of federal taxes.  Ownership of the panels is outrageously expensive, so the only option a regular homeowner would have is leasing.  This would not be so bad if the savings seemed adequate. 

Today someone from a different company is coming by to have a look at my roofs and maybe give me some new figures.  Something like this requires a lot of homework. 

Cliff should be here shortly to start scraping some more paint.  I may have mislead you about the painting.  I'm not having the whole house painted, just the area and trim around the front porch, and the exterior house walls that are inside my little porch.  Depending on how it looks, I'll think about more paint later. 

This weekend, Jazzy will be performing in Annie Jr.  To be honest, I've never gone to see Annie, so this will all be new to me.  Here's one of the posters for this production.  Jazzy is in the bottom left corner photo.

I also have a new photo of baby Aurora to share.  She is just the cutest, happiest little girl.

Today I have no special plans.  I'm sure I can find some mischief to get into.  Of course, if all else fails, there's always housework.  (Did I say that?  groan, groan!)

Now I'm going to get a nice cold bottle of water and Pogo and I are going to sit out on the porch for a while.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

I am so sorry that I forgot to comment on what precious photo of the baby you posted and such grand news about Jazz's new play. That will be loads of fun for all of you to see.
Also I wanted to say that I am glad that your doing your Solar Panel homework. I don't know much about it but I hope that if you do go that route that you get a great deal.
Also the paint should look really nice. I will look forward to the photos after it is done... Much love, Beth

LV said...

You seem to have a nice day each day. You seem to alwsy be involved and staying busy. It is too hot here to do anything. Heat index 108.

Mary Ann Roesler said...

The company that sold solar panels to people in Las Vegas went bankrupt and now the people that have them are left with years of payments. There are other ways to probably can save that much just by changing to energy efficient light bulbs!