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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Travel Safely Audrey. I Miss You Already.

August 21, 2016

Good morning.  I'm very sad just now.  Pogo and I took my daughter Audrey to the airport shuttle bus early this morning, and by now she's probably already on a plane headed home.  One week is just too short.  I was already missing her before the bus pulled out this morning.  Travel safely Audrey.  I love you.

Yesterday Pogo, Audrey and I went to the annual BBQ fund raiser for the shelter that brought me my Pogo.  (Poodle Rescue of New England)  Oh my goodness, Pogo was in heaven.  So many doggies to meet and sniff.  Most all the doggies were poodles (of course) but there were a few different breeds.

I took Pogo over to one large group of folks and doggies, and he was so excited and happy that he peed all over one lady's chair cover that was on the grass next to her. Yup, that's my boy!!

Pogo's foster mother and her hubby were there with two of their tiny little fur babies.  Here's a photo of one their little cuties.  Would you believe, six years and two and a half pounds!  Is this not precious?

Seated at the table directly behind us was an adorable little white poodle with her foster mom.  This little darling has only been in foster care for a little more than a month, and is loving all the cuddles and hugs she's getting now.  Look at this precious little face.  Isn't she just adorable?

There was music and dancing (if you wanted to) and lots and lots of wonderful silent auction items.  I bid on a three day two night stay at a resort in Maine.  I did not get it, but it did raise a lot of money.  There were so many things to bid on, but I mostly only bid on two hand made doggie beds.  This first one was made and donated by a couple from Maine, and I bid $80.  Some one outbid me by $5, so I did not get this one.  (The other person really wanted this one.)

The other bed that I bid on was also hand made, a bit smaller, and it came with lots of doggie goodies.  I bid $55, and I won this one.  (This is the one I really wanted the most.)

Pogo was really having a fantabulous time.  Here he is mesmorized by some of the other doggies near us.

After a few hours, my little guy was all tuckered out from the excitement so he got in his stroller and took a nap.

Once we got home, Auntie Audrey unwrapped Pogo's new porch bed, put a little blanket on it, and set it out on the porch.  Right away, Pogo checked it out.  Oh yes, this will do just nicely!

Later today, I'll take photos of all the wonderful goodies that came with the new little bed.  There's a rope toy and a box of doggie treats that Pogo will give to Sassy.  But, he's keeping his new little bed!!  haha.  We all had a really wonderful outing today.

Friday evening, I went to my appointment for an interview at the Police Department.  I have to say that although I was a bit nervous, the police officer made me feel comfortable and at ease.  The interview went well, and hopefully, I'll have my license in six to eight weeks. 

Later that evening, I pulled out some of the new goodies that I had bought at the craft store and made a really pretty bracelet.  I can't show you a photo of it yet because it's going to be a Christmas gift for someone.  However, Tuesday, I can show you a photo of the bracelet that Audrey made for her friend. 

Pogo and I are still battling with the flea problem.  Every time we think they are all gone, another one or two of them show up.  Pogo is so low to the ground that these pesky little buggers jump right on him.  Seems like he's in the sink just about every day getting a bath.  But then, I rub his whole body down with aloe vera gel so that his skin does not dry out.  Hopefully, when the hot weather leaves, the fleas will too.

Now it's time to wash up the dishes and find some fun mischief to get into.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Debby said...

What a cute bed for Pogo. That sounded like a fun get together. The doggies were so cute.
What kind of treatment do you give Pogo. So sad he keeps getting them. Could they be from the cats. I hate giving my dogs the pills for fleas and for heart worm. And they are so costly.
I can't imagine my Hank in a stroller. He is pretty hyper when anyone is around.
It is cooling off her tonight. It has been so hot.
Have a good week. Hugs

smiekeltje said...

You all had a really fun outing there and what a lovely little bed for Pogo!
Fits great on the porch.
Sad that Audrey already had to leave. Good visits from loved ones always are too short.
Those fleas are really a pest! The only thing you can do is having as less carpet on the ground as possible, if you have, vacuum a lot. and give Pogo his treatment, comb him every day to check, and crossing fingers the fleas will take off.
Today it seems we will have a bit rainy, cloudy day, not really cold, but from tomorrow temperatures will rise again real high to around 25-28 C(in centre and east of the country it will be probably higher).
After two days of those temps people will probably have a bit enough of it, but oh, as long as we can have the doors open, walk into the garden, sit there from time to time(under the parasol) we should be happy. Winter will come soon enough and will last long enough.
You take a real lazy day now, hope Audrey will call you as soon as she gets home, to report "all is well".

Unknown said...

Hi Edna,

I am so sorry that your visit with Audrey was so brief. It is so hard when our loved ones live so far away. At least you two seemed to have had a wonderful week and visit.

I love the little bed and photos. What a fun outing that you had. Pogo surly had a blast and his little bed is so cute!. You will never get him off the front porch now!!! lol.

Those darn fleas! Yes when winter comes they will burrow in the ground and you can have some peace from them and so can Pogo.

Jonathan made a pot of delicious Chicken Noodle soup yesterday and I enjoyed it very much. 2 bowls and then later in the day I had a 3rd bowl. It really was delicious.
Then I had a surprise visit from my granddaughter Cathy who spent the night with us. It was basically her last day of summer. She goes back to school tomorrow.
Auntie Karyn took today off from work and was at Wal-Mart early to get school supplies. They couldn't get down the aisles yesterday to get them. Most everything was sold out anyway. But she was able to get everything this morning so Laurie does not have to go out.
Karyn said Laurie was very sick yesterday. She couldn't keep anything down and they were buying school clothes. Friday she goes to the doctor to have an ultra sound. This pregnancy doesn't look good at all.

I have 3 more CT Pages to get out so I best get to them. Have a wonderful day and give my love to Pogo from Cisco and Me! Love, Beth

The Queen Jester said...

That bed is just perfect for the the picket fence design.

It is hard to part from people you love, so I know how you feel about missing Audrey.