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Friday, August 26, 2016

Looking For A Bit Of Rain

August 26, 2016

Good morning.  Right now it is 77 and mostly grayish outside with a bit of a breeze.  Simply scrumptious!!  In a little while it will be much hotter, and most likely sunny.  We could possibly get a wee bit of the wet stuff today.  Gosh, I really hope so.

I looked in my photo archives and pulled a couple photos of this time in 2012.  It had rained so much that all of my side yard and most of the driveway was under water. 

Now mind you, I'm not asking for a flood or anything severe, but some rain would be nice.  All of our water supply levels are way down, and pretty soon the cities and towns will have to go to the last stage of the water ban. 

Gosh, just imagine if we had water pipelines installed across the country.  There would be no drought, no floods, and probably no wild fires burning.  Could the solution really be that easy?  Silly me for even thinking that way.

Yesterday, Pogo and I had a nice lazy day.  Cliff got most of the painting done around the front entrance to the house before he had to leave.  He'll be back next week to finish it up.  A lot of the other trim on the house could use a bit of paint, so maybe I'll have him do that too.

Daughter Deanne finally got an appointment for her interview with the police for her LTC.   (license to carry)  Unfortunately, her appointment is a month a way.  They must be a lot busier in her town than in mine.  The officer she spoke with did not sound very happy, so I hope her appointment goes well. 

This morning I must put together a shopping list and head for the market to pick up some groceries and staples.  It's also time to pick up a few cases of spring water.  My supply is down to less than half a case.  Pogo and I do not drink the town water.  That's one way that I spoil us.

I finally picked up my crocheting again, and put a few more rows on the scarlet afghan.  There's only a few more rows to go and it will be finished, so I'll probably do that over the weekend.  After that, there's just one more afghan to finish and my Christmas crochet projects will be finished.

It's getting close to mid morning, so I guess I'd best get dressed and head for the market before it gets too hot outside.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a magnificent weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Hi Edna,

Enjoyed your blog and hope that you guys get some real rain soon. I would send you our excess but not sure how I would get it to you.

Laurie is going for the ultrasound today so I am on call for baby sitting today and will be leaving in a half hour.

I will give you a call over the weekend. Have a wonderful day! Love Cisco and Beth.

smiekeltje said...

Gosh, just look at the difference between 2012 and now! In 2012 you had too much rain and now too little. It isn;t well devided in the world. Yes, I still think too that water pipe lines would be a great idea and worth the costs, but probably we don;t see it well according to politicians.

It has been a bit cooler yesterday and during the night, which was good.
That is mainly because wind direction has changed somewhat and will do so a bit more during weekend and then turn back to S and SE again next week(meaning higher temperatures to around 24-25C).
Yesterday was kind of busy, did some grocerie shopping, vacuum cleaning, bit of dustbunnie chase, a laundry washed, changed bedsheets, and some other minor chores, so I was happy about myself LOL.
Today will be mostly a lazy day, i think.
You have a wonderful day