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Friday, August 5, 2016

A Really Fun Day With Aunt Lucy

August 5, 2016

Good morning.  It's a gorgeous sunny day here in New England.  It's going to get quite a bit warmer in just a couple hours, but right now it's just lovely.  I guess the temps are going to stay in the 80's to low 90's for at least the next week.  I sure do hope that Mother Nature has a little rain in store for us too.

Yesterday was such a fun day.  Kevin, Jazzy, Pogo and I picked up Aunt Lucy and headed out to do a bit of fun craft shopping.  Aunt Lucy was in charge of giving directions to Kevin (who was driving), but she was having so much fun chatting with Jazzy that she kept forgetting to tell Kevin which direction to go. 

She kept Kevin and I laughing all the way.  I think we took every back road, and drove along the Eastern shore line (which was simply beautiful) before arriving in the destination town to do some shopping.  We went to Michael's Craft Store to check out the yarn department.  Naturally, I found some that I simply had to have.  How pretty are these?  Cherrycola and Rosewood.

Aunt Lucy found some craft wire and another frame for her wreaths.  Next we went into the Dollar Store, where I picked up a few more "word find" puzzle books, and Aunt Lucy got some spring water.  Afterwards, we stopped at McDonalds, then found a nice shady spot to park and eat our lunch.  Before heading home, we stopped at CVS because Aunt Lucy wanted some eggs.  She was so amazed that you could actually buy eggs at a pharmacy.  (Where has she lived all my life?)  All in all, we had a fun day.
Now, to get back to my wicked day in Hell, Wednesday.  It started out pretty good.  My internet was working fine, and I read some of my emails before I got too busy.  After lunch I decided to read the rest of my emails, only to find that the program was not working because my internet was not working.  No biggie.  I'll just call the cable company and get the internet straightened out.
Groan, groan!!  Several hours later (all the while on the phone), after tech people changed my password several times, all that was accomplished was that the internet was working, just not my email program.  Needless to say, I was beyond frustrated.  I had photos of paperwork that I had to email out and now I couldn't.
I did everything I could think of to restore my email program, but it just wasn't going to happen.  Once the cable techs starting fiddling with my password, that shut down my email.  I don't know how to get into the workings of the email program to fix things so I put in a "I'm desperate" call to Wayne.  (he doesn't do house calls anymore because his job takes most of his time now) 
He said he would see if he could help, but he was leaving today to go on a mini vacation.  There's a program on my laptop (that Wayne put there) that allows him to remotely go into my laptop to fix things.  Last evening, he did this and Bless him, he got my email fixed and working.  What in the world would I do without Wayne?
Yesterday afternoon, I took some photos of my Rose Of Sharon bush.  It's starting to get tall now and is simply beautiful.  I would really love to plant another one of these this year. 
I also took a photo of my little porch from a different angle, this time from the back and side.  I'm thinking I'll look for some panels to put up for the winter to keep the snow and ice out of the porch.

Today I'm waiting for a phone call from the police to set up an interview for my firearms license.  Wish me luck.  I also have to call Cliff to find out if he is coming by today to finish painting the front porch area. 

Now I need to get dressed and wash a few dishes.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Hi Edna,
Wow you did have a hellish day! I totally understand everything that you have gone thru on the phone and how frustrating and nerve wracking that can be. So good that Wayne was able to help you and now that your back on track!

The day wit Aunt Lucy sounds wonderful and so glad that you could spend this time with her. I think that you must brighten her day as much as she brightens up yours. It is so good that we have family in our lives that shine as bright as the stars!

Love LOVE love the porch! I was lucky enough to find some black panels at Lowes or Home Depot that were inexpensive several years ago when I had a porch. They were black and I could see out but no one could see in. They were a netted type and not solid, so we could still get some breeze. I am not sure if this is what your looking for or not, but they could be raised up and down as needed and provided protection against the wind and rain. Not so sure if they would help with the snow but I don't see why they wouldn't.

The yarn is just gorgeous. I am sure that what ever you decide to make will be gorgeous.
Time for me to head over to my blog and write a post there. I am not sure exactly what I will write about. Probably a rant post. I have a few things on my mind today. Much love, Beth and Cisco.

Debby said...

Pretty yarn. Love your porch. So glad you got it screened.
I didn't know you would have an interview with the police. But good for them .

smiekeltje said...

You certainly had a very very bad day! I completely understand your frustration! How wonderful that in the end Wayne could fix it for you.
I thinkk I would have gone almost mad, if something like this happened. I cannot handle this kind of stress very well anymore
But.. then you had a wonderful day with Aunt Lucy and the kids.
That was a good healing day of all that annoying things.
Are you truly thinking of having a gun in the house?
I am not keen at all to have those around.
Okay, will try to put up a post on my blog now.
Have a lovely day!

Snowy said...

Finally having time to catch up on blogs.... OMG, you're gonna be a great shooter if you do more classes ! Im impressed,lol. And I think it's great that you're not scared to still learn something new.
Lmao, I'm the same sometimes when something on my laptop doesn't work ...straight on to Shaun "Help!Your mum is desperate!"
Love your porch , wish I had one like that , but living on the 3 rd floor it's a bit of a problem :)
Hugs Snowy

Mary Ann Roesler said...

Is your Rose of Sharon actually also called a Hibiscus?