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Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Really Busy Day

August 25, 2015

Good morning.  (even though it's only twenty three minutes after midnight!)  Pogo and I had to go out early yesterday morning to do a few errands, and it was after three in the afternoon when we finally finished our traipsing around and made it back home.  Whew!  What a long day.

We started out by going to the bank, then on to Home Depot to buy some more paint for the house outside trim.  While we were there we looked at their plexiglass sheets to see if they had what I'm looking for.  I'm wanting to make (or have made) Winter weather protective covers for the screen panels on the porch.  Their large sheets of plexiglass would need to be cut to size, and they did not do that there.

After chatting with a fellow from that department, we headed over to Loew's to see what they had for plexiglass.  Unfortunately, they did not carry sheets large enough for what I need.  But the man there did tell me about the two local glass companies that might be able to help me with this project.

Next, Pogo and I made the rounds of all the craft stores looking for a few specific beads and charms for some projects I'm going to be working on.  We browsed through A.C. Moore, JoAnn's and Michaels craft stores.  I did not find everything I was looking for, but I did find a couple of things that are just perfect for what I am making.  (can't say too much because they are going to be gifts)

Before we even made it out of the first craft store, my hips and legs were giving out on me.  It was getting a bit difficult just to stand up, let alone walk.  But we plodded on.  When we came out of the last craft store, I really needed a nice cold iced coffee and Pogo was on the verge of starvation.  (Just kidding.  He just looks that way so I'll get him something special.) 

So we headed on over to McDonalds and got a double hamburger plain for Pogo, and a nice cold iced coffee for me.  Ooooohhhh, that tastes soooo good!  We stayed there, parked in the shade, while Pogo ate his hamburger, then we headed on to our last errand for the day.  The Post Office.  We had a box to mail off to daughter Audrey.  Done at last!!

Once we got home, I took the foam insert out of the mattress on Pogo's new porch bed, and refilled it with some super soft Poly-Fill that I had picked up earlier at JoAnn's.  Wowsie, what a difference this made.  Now his mattress was super soft and comfy. 

Shortly after that, Joe got home from work and it was time for Pogo's turkey treat.  You might think that he would be too full from lunch to have his treat, but oh no.  He ran right out into the main house to meet Joe, and enjoyed all of his turkey treat.  No, he's not over-eating.  He did not have any supper until just a little while ago (around midnight).  Now he's curled up beside me, sleeping and dreaming of all the mischief he can get into tomorrow.

I want to sleep late in the morning, so that's why I'm posting now.  Plus, Cliff (Eddie's friend) will be coming by in the morning to do some more painting, so it will be rather busy around here.  I came across a rather nifty sewing project on the web and thought I'd share it here with you.  Aren't these cool?  They are crate covers and padding for the inside of the crates. 

I also have a new quick page for you.  This one features Zlata, who has been chatting with her friend the Blue Jay, and now she is pondering something that he has told her.  Have fun with it.

Here is your download link:

Now my eyelids are beginning to get heavy, and hopefully, sleep isn't very far off.  So, on that note, I bid you happy dreams.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

That was a really busy day! Fyunny though, how for several days we are not all too busy and suddenly all is packed in one day and in fact we do too much in one day.
Well, gives you a good reason to try to have a long sleep and be a bit lazy when you wake up The hips and all the body should deserve some relax time at the porch!
Funny those crate projects
Okay, on to my blog for a little post
You have a nice and lazy day, dear!

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

My goodness you covered a lot of ground in one day. Did you ever find anyone to cut Plexiglass for your screen porch? Maybe you could contact the person who built it for you and see if he could put something together ... hard to imagine that we are planning for winter already. I have seen signs of fall so I know it isn't far off.

Izzi and I are doing some walking ... still trying to build up that left leg. It is clearly smaller than the right and needs more muscle to make it stable. I have been taking her to forest preserves and she likes that up to a point as long as there are some shade trees to cool her jets under. The Vet says she is about 80% healed, so I guess we have a ways to go yet.

Not much going on around here for the moment. It is very quiet now that the kids are staying down by their work during the week. We have actually had some rain the last few days so I haven't had to water ... a nice break, I must say.

I am very frustrated with this election. Don't want to get started on how angry it gets me when I hear what one of the candidates is spouting off out there. Don't know what our country is coming to ... but I do know, I don't like it. Well, better get a move on. My current project is trying to get rid of "stuff" either by donating or selling. It is not easy because there isn't much of a market out there for antiques. The young working class likes modern, clean lines and gray ... go figure. Anyway. have to do something with it.

Izzi loves that Pogo sends her get well hugs ... it keeps her spirits up and she really is feeling better. Love to Pogo and good for him ... a McDonalds Hamburger? :)Stay well, Edna ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Unknown said...

Patsy thanks you for the name and photo for the Aloe gel. She went online and ordered it the very same day and should be here today or tomorrow.
Such a busy day for you and Pogo. I know that your very busy and I hope that you really get the panels that your looking for. I hope that the glass places can help you. That was one of the ideas that I was going to suggest but ended up on a rabbit trail and forgot to mention it.
I won Featured Page today at Daisy Trail. Since I have been so sick I didn't even know until I started getting messages from my friends telling me... It would have been a shame to have missed that honor and it truly is, as of out of thousands of pages a day that my page was chosen. It is the one of my grand daughter trying on school clothes for the first day of school.
I am glad that you changed the foam out of our Pogo's bed. I am sure that he loves it as he likes soft places.
I have to lay back down. Lots of love from Cisco and me... Hugs, Beth