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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This Blizzard Is Finally Over Here

January 28, 2015

Good morning.  Well, the sun is shining, and Storm Juno fizzled out during the night.  Thank goodness for that!  Joe worked wonders trying to keep up with the snow that has been falling since Monday, and the snow plow came in this morning at 7:15 for the last time to clean up the parking lot again. 

There is a lot of snow on our porch roof, but Joe will clear most of that away this afternoon when he gets home from work.  We surely don't need any problems with the roof falling in on the porch.  Even though we got a ton of snow here, we were very fortunate that we did not lose our electric power.  In reality, things could have been a lot worse, so I am very thankful how things turned out here.

Yesterday, I had fun watching our little birdies scratching around for food.  The snow had everything buried.  As soon as I would send out more bird seed and bits of bread, the snow would cover over it.  I finally got smart and had Joe spread a whole bowl of seed underneath my car.  This way the little birds could eat their food and be out of the weather. 

Here are a few photos of our little birds from yesterday.  The square feeder in the last photo was almost empty, so I made up some new buns lathered in peanut butter to fill them again.  The birds seem to like the peanut butter very much.

The word for Day 28 is "Lead" which can be interpreted in more than one way.  You can "lead" someone, or you can have something made of or with "lead".  I chose a "lead" pencil used for writing.

I have more photos and a scrap page to share, but I'll save them for tomorrow.  I did spend a little time yesterday trying to figure out how to make a second page here on the blog.  The only instruction I could find was a line on Blogger that said "to make another page click here."  I did not click it because first I want to make sure that this page won't get messed up if I click that spot.    I'll look again today.

A few minutes ago, I spotted some of our little birds outside my window looking for food, so I just took a small break to put some more food out for them.  When I took the food outside, there was a small group of birdies sitting in and on my hedge waiting for the food.  There was a couple of chickadees, a little brown wren, a finch, a couple of dark eyed juncos and a few sparrows.  I am always amazed at how they can all get along so well together.

Now I really must have myself a hot cup of coffee.  I've paid the plow guy, fed the birds, checked with a couple of the dwarfs, fed Pogo his breakfast and typed my blog.  It's time to get some hot coffee and maybe a few bites of something tasty into this old gal.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay warm and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

I'm sure the birdies all appreciate your food donations during these storms, since finding food has to be pretty tough.

Debby said...

I'm glad the storm wasn't too bad. I think there is more coming your way and our way too. Freezing rain for the morning. The problem with the newscasters making this storm so scary is that people won't believe them the next time.
what a good way to feed the birds.
Stay warm and be careful if that snow turns to ice.

smiekeltje said...

Happy that the snowstorm is almost over now and that all went quite well. Great, you had no powerloss!
All the little birds must communicate with eachother one way or the other, and therefore come all to your place to have some food. You take good care of them.
Have a lovely day, I guess you will stay in today, if you don+t need really to go out or drive anywhere?
Have a l+ovely day, dear!

Nani said...

Oh the birds in the snow photos are fantastic! What a great idea to put food under the car for them too.

I'm glad the blizzard is done and you were so well prepared! You're right it could have been much worse.

I wish you lived closer so I could help you with adding the second page! (Notice I'm moving you closer, not moving closer; we have less snow!)

I'm glad you're all safe and enjoy the fact that retired folks don't have to go out in it. :)

Hugs, Nani