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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Old Man Winter Is A'Huffing And A'Puffing

January 27, 2015

Good morning America!!  It's windy, white and cold here in New England.  Well, the snow and wind really picked up last evening, and I spent most of the night worrying about my gentle giants.  (the huge trees around the house)  But it is 5:45 am, and so far all is well. 

Yesterday I was able to hire a snow plow to come in several times during the storm and clear our driveway.  I don't know why I call it a driveway.  It's really more like a parking lot.  Joe went out every couple of hours till around 11:30 pm and shoveled up all the snow. 

The governor called for a driving ban beginning at midnight last night, and all other forms of travel would also be shut down.  This will stay in effect until further notice.  The wind began howling in the evening, and snow has been flying every which way.  Yup, it looks like a real doozy of a snowstorm outside. 

Pogo curled up under a bundle of fuzzy blankets on his little sofa, and I was all tucked in on my lounge chair with the phone next to me.  We managed to sleep for a few hours till the phone rang at 4 am.  It was the snow plow driver calling to say he would be here in thirty minutes.  We already had a foot of snow.  I called Joe, and he got up and went outside to shovel the snow away from my car and to tell the plow driver what we needed.

The word for Day 11 was "White", so I think this photo of Joe outside this morning is quite appropriate.   I was standing on the front porch when I took this photo, but it was so windy that I soon went right back in the house.  This is just the snow that fell from  around 11:30 pm till 4 am. 

The plow got here around 4:30 am, and I have to say that he did a pretty good job, considering one of the cars got stuck in too much snow and Joe couldn't move it out of the way.   Let me tell you, there was a ton of snow in our yard.  Well, actually it's still there, but it's been moved around a bit.  hehe.

Here's a view through my living room window.  That large white blob has my car hidden beneath it.  I tried taking photos through the door, but plexi-glass does not make for good photos. 

While I was at the window, I checked the birdie water bowl and put more water in it.  It's in a protected spot, so there wasn't too much snow around it.

By 5:15, the plow driver had left, and Joe was on his way back to bed for a few more hours.   As soon as some of the dwarfs wake up, Joe will go back outside with some help to move the car that got stuck.  The plow driver will call again later this morning before he comes back to plow the yard again. 

So far, we still have our electric power.  Knock on wood, and thank you Lord.   The wind is going to be blowing heavy most all day and night again.   The real culprit of this storm is this wicked wind.  It has the potential to knock down a lot of power lines, leaving a lot of people in the freezing cold.

I'm watching the Weather Channel, and there are six states that have called a "state of emergency".  For most of us, that means a driving ban, no schools open, no buses or trains running, etc.  As long as we don't lose our power, it is sort of like a mini vacation for a lot of folks.

Well, I can see the sky beginning to lighten now so I think I'll have a cup of hot cocoa and maybe see about catching a few winks before the plow comes back.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a super nice day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

I told David your car would end up looking like a mound of snow! Between David's relations, our railfan friends and friends we've made on the Internet we have a pretty substantial part of our family in The New England and New York areas. You've all been a pretty regular conversation topic the last couple of days. I hope the wind doesn't mess with the power lines!

Your photo for "white" is appropriately white, very white!

Keep Pogo's blankets fluffed and keep the hot cocoa coming. You, Pogo and the Dwarves stay safe and as warm as you can in between clearing the snow!

Hugs, Nani

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

So glad all is well ... even my FH said "Hope Edna is okay". We watched last night on MSNBC ... they had people out in the storm showing us what was happening. The snow was falling sideways, Ha! Yes, you are right, the wind is the worst part, though I have to say several feet of snow can surely be overwhelming. I will pray that the power lines hold up ... haven't heard the news yet this morning so I don't know the extent of the storm yet, but knowing that you are doing okay is my main interest. You need to cook Joe a big fancy dinner when this is all over. He is "Johnny on the spot" for you. He is always there to do what needs to be done ... You are blessed with him in your house. I am sure all your dwarfs pitch in ... I would love to have you for my landlady too.

Well our little girl is getting better. My son was hopeful that she would be able to go home from the hospital soon ... then they can get back to planning their trip home. I am sure the visa has come, but they don't even know because they have been at the hospital for a week. Nothing else new happening here ... we are just storm watching from afar and hoping that all goes well for you. Stay warm and safe, Edna and yes ... get some sleep :) Lucky Pogo in his cumfy little bed:P

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

White is certainly an appropriate prompt for you right now in the midst of this storm.

Annesphamily said...

Watching and praying. Stay safe and warm. I bet Pogo is going to enjoy seeing all that white stuff! You are getting a real bear of a storm!Take care and hope the power stays on! Hugs, Anne

smiekeltje said...

Just had the news on on tv and saw a bit of the snowfall, gosh, that is a lot of snow! Happy you had the snowplough doing some of the hard work, and that you had no powerloss till now!
Joe is a wonderful guy to have around, isn't he? Always there when something has to be done. Poor guy, getting out in the storm in the middle of the night, and times over again whenever there has to be done some shoveling! He deserves a real treat when all the white stuff has gone again.
But sure it is good to read you are all okay.
Nothing else to do for you then hold on and wait till weather changes, I guess.