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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Photographic Dust Bunny

January 21, 2015

Good morning.  I've been up a while, but I've been busy photographing a piece of dust and then playing with it in Photoshop.  Imagine.  At my age, playing with a piece of dust! 

The Day 21 word is "dust" so this explains my weird behavior this morning.  First I had to negotiate with the dust bunnies to find out which piece of dust they would allow me to photograph, then I had to get their permission to post the photograph here on my blog.  Dust bunnies are very particular about their privacy.

So here's my photo (a close up) of a really handsome piece of dust, followed by a bit of dust photo art.  I must admit this was rather fun.

Pogo is being very playful this morning, crawling all over my lap while I'm trying to type.  So I have to keep stopping to play a bit.  This is okay though because he is such fun to play with and he gives me so much joy.

Yesterday I got a nice surprise in the mail.  My newest Blog Book arrived.  This one covers the last six months of 2014.  Gosh, now I have fourteen of these books.   Two days ago was my seventh anniversary of blogging.  It doesn't seem possible that I'm now in my eighth year.   Here are photos of the new book.

Today we are back to cold temps, only reaching about 30F later today.  At least the sun is shining, so that makes it somewhat better.  SIL Eddie just called and is on his way here to help me set up the new oven.  I have a spot all ready for the oven, but now I want to give it a last once over with the wash cloth.  Later, I'll have to sit down and read the instructions on how to use the oven.  I've never had one of these, so this should be interesting.

On that note, I'll take my leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a beautiful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Darn I missed the dust bunnies haha... I cleaned yesterday and managed to get them all. If one or two are lurking my eyes didn't see them.
I also missed a good shot this morning. I went outside this morning to check and make sure that the stray cat we have here was not laying out there. Cisco will go into a frenzy over that one. Anyway 2 raccoons were on the walkway. I got back into the house fast... But they would have been great photos.
I am not sure how to tell you how to get to my blog but I guess go to Blogger and search my name. My first name is Garla. I like Beth much better tho. The title of my blog is The New Witch... I am a nice one ha. Anyway I don't even know if you want to look at it as it is fairly boring. I am trying to spruce it up a little bit.
Take care and have a great day.. Oh and I am glad that your vision appointment turned out so well. I must add that to my list for the new year.

Debby said...

Oh those dust bunnies never end. Good luck with your new stove.
I like the idea of your blog book.

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Oh my, your dust bunnie has gray hair ... or it has spider legs which I don't even want to think about about ... I much prefer the edited version :)

Love your new book cover and back. I wish I was organized enough to do that. I am still trying to do a Switzerland book ... Ugh!

Well, I have been absent because I was very busy getting ready for the kids then the worst happened. Poppy, the little girl was rushed to the hospital with servere stomach pain ... turns out she had a rupture appendix. They did surgery and now they are waiting ... to see if she will recover. Very sad ... we are all praying for her recovery. The kids won't be coming home until all is well so who knows when that will be.
So, as life does, a wrench was thrown into the works ... Here's hoping it all turns out well.

I have to leave. Izzi has class tonight and I have to fix my FH some dinner before we go. Some day, hopefully, I will be back to normal. Stay warm, Edna and love to Pogo and the kitties :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

Now I know what a dusty bunny really looks like!

smiekeltje said...

Never thought of really picking a piece of dust and examine it and then take a photo of it LOL!
Your dust bunny should be proud!
Nice to hear Eddie seems to be feeling okay again, and that he will come over to you to place the oven.
This guy is amazing!
Must be wonderful to look thourgh all those years of blogging. Looks great, the new volume!
Have a nice day, greets to Eddie and family.

Kathy said...

I like the after dust bunny photo much better than the first one. I see you got your orange in there. Nice!

I would love to put my blog into books. Who do you get to do it? That's such a great idea.