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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Do You Want The Good News Or The Bad News?

January 14, 2015

Good morning.   At the moment, it's 18F degrees with hopes of getting up to 30 degrees later today.  Tomorrow is supposed to get a couple of degrees warmer.  So that's the day I'll do my errands and the food shopping. 

For now, I'll continue to stay indoors and putter around the house.  Actually, yesterday my puttering managed tot get a lot accomplished.  I got my my little drawer units moved from the kitchen into the pantry, and I got my microwave all cleaned up and moved over to its new spot. 

This all happened because I went into the kitchen to make a pot of corn chowder.  As usual, I got side tracked and ended up cleaning instead of cooking.  So the chowder will be first on my to-do list this morning.  To make sure it gets done, I've already started peeling the potatoes.  Now I have to finish it!

Yesterday I mentioned a new photo project that my friend Mary Ann had told me about.  It's a 365 day photo project started by the Photographers Society of America (PSA).   One has to be a member in order to browse their website, so I'm in the process of applying for membership. 

Meanwhile, I have the list of suggestions for January and February.  For those of you who would like to give this a try, I'll try posting a couple weeks suggestions at a time.  Seeing as how we are already half way through January, I'll post the whole list for January. 

Day 01 First                                       Day 17 Expand
Day 02 Impossible                             Day 18 Border
Day 03 Roof                                      Day 19 Dazzling
Day 04 Guard                                    Day 20 Control
Day 05 Small                                     Day 21 Dust
Day 06 Moment                                 Day 22 Hope
Day 07 Allowance                             Day 23 Shave
Day 08 Island                                    Day 24 Aquatic
Day 09 Repetition                              Day 25 Flower
Day 10 Faint                                      Day 26 Towering
Day 11 White                                    Day 27 Weak
Day 12 Choice                                   Day 28 Lead
Day 13 Smash                                   Day 29 Smoke
Day 14 Fluffy                                    Day 30 Old
Day 15 Rude                                      Day 31 One
Day 16 Impact

I just started this project yesterday, so today I'll post two photos for Day 13, of part of the 193 vehicle "smash up" that took place a couple of days ago in Michigan. (I think that's the location.  I forgot to write it down.)   I took these photos with my phone while watching the news on TV..

Today, I'll try to catch up with photos for day 14 & 15.  When I can, I'll try to get caught up with the first part of the month.  Give it try and have fun.

While checking my email yesterday, I got an email from one of my favorite catalogues, asking me to check out some of their new items.  So of course I did.  They always have such cute things to look at.  However, one of their new items caught my eye.  TV seems to be advertising a huge array of feminine products lately.  Now, finally, there is a product for the guys. 

It's amazing how far society has come with their attitude on personal products.  Used to be, it was embarrassing to even try to buy personal products at a store.  Now they are blatantly splashed all over the TV and in all our magazines.  I suppose the good side of all of this is that folks really don't have a reason not to be clean. 

Back to the weather, we do not have any ice outside here or on our roads, but a huge portion of the country is covered in ice.  If you are in any of these areas, please do be careful if you have to go out today.  If at all possible, stay home and let the highway department try to melt some of that ice. 

My daughter Audrey called me last evening after she had arrived back home from work.  She started the conversation with "Do you want the good news or the bad news?"   Well, the good news was that she was okay.  Oh boy, now I'm getting nervous.   The bad news was that her car might be totaled.

On her way home, a huge buck ran into her car, and then managed to run off into the woods.  The car, however, was heavily damaged.  Even the driver's door was jammed shut.  Through it all, she managed to keep a sense of humor about her.  She said "Mom, this was not how I wanted to get my deer".   Later, hubby Mac and a friend went off into the woods to look for the deer to make sure it was not lying wounded somewhere.

Audrey, if you take a photo of your car, you'll have your day 13 "smash" photo.  Just thought I'd mention that.

Well now it's time for me to get back to those potatoes that I started peeling before they turn black.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Just glad that your daughter is alright. That had to be scary. I know that you worry about her driving on the roads. I worry about my kids as well.

It is cold wet and dreary here as well. It was supposed to reach 45 degrees here where I live an just have over cast skies. Ha... I went outside and it is 35 degrees and raining. Go figure.

So glad that you got your pantry sorted. I was taking a look at mine since the olive oil fiasco and I am thinking of moving all dishes to the pantry and using the cabinets just for food. It seems that we have more dishes than we do food lol.

I have a dr. appointment tomorrow. I have been in a lot of pain with my side and back where they removed my kidney, but I have been having pain in my legs and shoulders. I am taking my son with me because this dr. does not take me seriously and blows me off. He is not afraid to insist that she give me a referral to pain management. It was after 5 am this morning before I could fall asleep.

Stay warm... snuggle with Pogo. I took a selfie with my little dog last night. The light wasn't that good and he was bouncing around to give me kisses but I managed to keep one out of 6 lol.

Take care, Beth

The Queen Jester said...

I'm glad to hear she was okay after the collision - those can often be really really bad news.

smiekeltje said...

Oh so glad to hear Audrey is okay! Did the guys spot the buck? Hope the poor thing isn;t hurt too muach and that he will survive.
Could be fun for you. the project, as you like so much to take photos.That side-tracked effect is very familiair to me, LOL. But although it may not be good all the time, sometimes it helps to get things done, hey?
All is well by the way now with the appointment for social security. I'll tell about it tomorrow on my blog. What a story!
As my day is "free"now, I'll see what I can accomplish here at home.
Bad weather to go out, if it stays like this. Really stormy weather, with some rainshowers, yak!
have a wonderful day and enjoy the chowder.