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Monday, January 19, 2015

Congratulations New England And Seattle

January 19, 2015

Good morning.  This will be a fairly short post as I have a morning appointment with the eye doctor.  It's been at least two or three years since my last eye exam.  I've been wanting to get new glasses, but not until after a new exam. 

This morning on the Weather Channel they are showing all the recent vehicle pile-ups due to icy roads, plus they are re-hashing several of the other really bad pile-ups from this past week.  I am just so amazed at how many people will insist on being out on the roads during freezing rain. 

Any time it rains and the temperature is below freezing, the roads will be icy.  Is the almighty dollar so important to us that we will risk our lives and the lives of others by travelling on unsafe roads?  I'm thinking that a lot of accidents may have been prevented if people had waited a few hours to travel to their jobs or destinations.  Maybe I just think too realistically.

At 3:30 this morning, it was 43F degrees.  At the moment, it is 33 degrees, with a promise of maybe getting up to 40 degrees later today.  The road near my house looks dry, but I will leave a bit early for my appointment just in case.  If I find the roads looking a bit iffy, I'll turn around and come back home and re-schedule my appointment. 

Well, Deanne and Eddie are beginning to feel better, DIL Janet is over her bout with the flu, and Kevin is hanging in there till his upcoming doctor appointment.   Hopefully they will all be healed and feeling normal really soon.

Congratulations are in order for all you Patriots and Seattle football fans.   Your teams will be facing off in this year's Super Bowl.  Good luck to all of you, although I'll be routing for the New England Patriots, of course.

Is anyone other than me trying to do that 365 day photo project?  Are you having as much difficulty as I am trying to match a photo to the daily words?  I may end up making my own word list in order to make the project more fun.

In that case, today's word will be "water".  I've taken a photo of our new bird water bowl.  It's outside my window where it is protected from bad weather.  Also, I can just open my window to fill the bowl with water. 

Well that's all my news for this morning.  It's time to make breakfast for my little guy before I have to get ready for my appointment.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day and please stay off the icy roads.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

I’m so glad Audrey is okay! My “big brother,” Scotty, has never hunted for deer but has had an after-the-fact license and a freezer full of venison way too many times! Deer are often tougher than cars.

Your “impact” photos almost look like Christmas lights photos! The BANG would have sent to girls running upstairs, but I think Marco would have been at the door like Pogo was to watch. You’ll have to give posting video another try so we can hear Jazzy sing! ;)

I agree; EW! Somewhere between Menopause and bladder control if you need it there may be leftovers, but let’s not call it “recycling” and not on TV! The stigma about needing bladder control products is one that needs to be gone but that tag line builds it right back up. Yuck.

And now, today! :D

In response to your question in the comments on my blog, I’m a casual football fan. I love watching the games, but I don’t follow it enough to know all the players. Although when I went to the Football Hall of Fame, and I expected to be a little bored, I impressed myself with how many names and records I did know. I was born in Lions territory, perhaps why I don’t follow football, but I became a Patriots fan through marriage, so in 2 weeks I’ll be munching low-fat nachos and cheering on New England!

I’m so glad everyone there is starting to be on the mend! Aside from Sheri just getting out of the hospital here there have been a few members of our MS Support Group that have been down with colds too. The Flu Shot is looking more and more like it was a good idea as there have been a few reported outbreaks in our local hospitals!

I’ve tried to do 365 with photos in a few different ways but have never had any luck sticking with it. Like I mentioned in my blog, for 2012 and 2014 I concentrated on writing a line or two every day about the day and was successful in completing them. When Project 365 started there weren’t prompts, just a photo each day for the year. Your photos are always so great, you’d probably have no problem with the freedom of just a photo for the day. In fact you can probably back track and discover you aren’t behind at all!

Well, that second cup of coffee is long gone and it’s nearing lunch time, so until tomorrow, keep warm and dry and may your 2015 jar fill faster that your list of challenges for the year!!

Hugs, Nani

Nani said...

Okay, now that I’ve had a nice couple cups of coffee catching up with what been going on in the best corner of New England (Of course, that’s the Edna corner of New England) I’ll leave the comments I’ve been collecting as I read. Yes, it’s a little novel of my part of the coffee conversation so far this year, but it’s in one spot so you don’t get carpal tunnel trying to find all the one liners. And I’m not leaving 2000 scattered comments like the spammers! :)

You’ve had some nasty cold spells like we have, and then it warms up and no wonder everyone is getting colds and flus; the weather not making up its mind is cruel for that!

I think cats may be the opposite of dogs in how their being warm affects us being warm. I totally understand how Pogo being warm is important to you feeling warm. I on the other hand use my space heater by where I sit to keep me warm and Kaline figures it’s on for her and sits in front of it so the warm air hits me indirectly rather than warmly direct!

I think I might try that stuffed peppers in the crock pot recipe, only I might try it with ground turkey. David is not a stuffed pepper fan, but I’d be able to freeze some of the individual peppers. They’d be 9 weight watchers points each, thank you for putting the nutrition info on the recipe, and less if I use turkey. I try to keep meals under 10, so with a veggie which is no points, it’s a great diet recipe too! (and still warm and filling!!)

I agree with you about Mother Nature and paybacks and all. But I did like it better when it was just “global warming” and we all, well, I did anyway, thought everything was just going to be warmer. Ahhhh! But then they finished understanding it and the poles getting warmer meant a weather shift. Average summers in the 80 become the 90s with a few 100s and it balances out with subzero winter days; a LOT of them. If we only get a degree or two warmer on average it’s a nasty way to do it! And all this because of some aerosol deodorant before I even used deodorant, Yeesh! ;)

Your afghans look great, I think of you with a smile every cold day with honor that I can wrap up in mine! I love the one you’re making for Kevin, so masculine! And the yellow one just feels bright and warm, in a sunny way, to look at!

Unknown said...

Well I have had another sleepless night, due to pain all over my entire body. I plan to make some tacos for dinner tonight. I already have the guacamole made and the rest is just really quick. I plan to eat and go to bed.

I will do some of the photo challenges with you. I can't commit to all of them but the ones I can do I would love to do. Can I upload my pictures to my comments? How will this work. I have a blog but I don't know how to add the URL... I am not that computer savvy.

I am trying to be more up on my blog but my sons have been home and I have been sharing my laptop with them and it has really limited my time.

How did your eye appointment go? I heard that you are all having another snow and ice storm headed your way. I am so sorry for that. Spring needs to get here but I have a very hard time dealing with the heat. It seems that we go from winter to summer... skip spring and fall.

Guess I will go for now and get my meat cooked and the veggies chopped. It is almost 4 so we can eat, clean up and I can go to bed. I hate being this tired all of the time. Hugs, Beth

smiekeltje said...

wasn't there yesterday due to my appointment. Glad all family is getting better slowly!
You are right to take care on the road, and if it is slippery because of the ice, stay home.
I will be back tomorrow, blogging, but wanted to let you know I am okay.
Too many planning doesn;t seem to work neither with you or me LOL.
If I have just a few thingson the to-do kist for a day, okay, that might work. But better thing is to let come what comes. and most of the times I am then more productive hahahaha.
Have a nice day, hope you can go to your eye appointmentwithout any trouble.