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Friday, January 23, 2015

A Walk Down Memory Lane

January 23, 2014

Good morning.  The sun is shining, but it is cold here.  At the moment it is 22F degrees, but it is supposed to warm up to around 38F degrees.  At least that is what the weather man is saying.  We still have some nasty winter weather coming, but I'm not sure what or when.  I'll tune in to the Weather Channel in a little while to see they are saying now.

Let's get right to the Day 23 word "Shave".  This is something that Pogo and I don't do, so I have no items for shaving lying around.  I almost decided to use an alternative word for today when I remembered something that I bought at the supermarket yesterday afternoon.   I just got out the package of Shaved Pastrami and took this photo.  Hmmm, good thing I bought it!

I also have a photo for the Day 5 word "Small".  I took this photo of Pogo as he was waking up from a nap on the sofa.  He is very small, only six pounds which is two and a half pounds more than he weighed when I first got him.

I also have a photo for yesterday's word "Hope" that was sent to me from Beth, a fellow blogger.  The symbol for breast cancer is on this image, and it is an inspiration for hope that we will find a cure for cancer.  Thanks for sharing, Beth.  It's more fun to do this project when someone else is doing it too.

Well, yesterday after Joe got home from work, we left to go grocery shopping, after a stop by the bank and the post office.  The highway is close by the Post Office, so we decided to shop at Market Basket instead of Walmart.   This was good because it gave me a chance to pick up a few different items that Walmart does not carry.  Like the shaved pastrami! 
I love this on-line shopping.  A couple of days ago, I ordered a book for daughter Audrey, and yesterday morning I received an email telling me that it was already shipped and on its way to her.  I think that this is one of the better things that came out of progress.  Not only do I not have to leave the house to make a purchase, but I also don't have to make a trip to the Post Office to mail it to anyone.   Definitely good progress.
I sometimes wonder what my memories will be like if I live to be 100 or more.  Right now, I can remember so much in the way of progress.  Recently I watched a commercial for a new toilet.  It had a sort of laser flush on it.  You just pass your hand in front of the flush button, and it does the job itself. 
 My memories take me back to the day when there was a three seater with no flush at all, and then to a "modern" toilet with a wooden water box high up on the wall and a long chain hanging from it to pull for a flush.  After that came the "all in one" unit with the flush handle attached to the tank on the back of the toilet, and now one that flushes itself.  Amazing!
I also remember the cobble stone streets, and my Grandpa coming to visit in a horse drawn surrey.  The roads changed from cobble stone to black  tar, and now a type of cement pavement.  The horse drawn surrey soon became an automobile, to a beach wagon, to a modern new car.  More amazing memories.   There are so many more, but they can wait for another day and another post.
The update for this weekend's weather so far is a little snow tonight, and then freezing rain and snow for an icy tomorrow.  Looks like a great day to stay indoors and maybe crochet a while.
Now I think I'll make me a hot cup of coffee and see what's for Pogo's breakfast.  So till Sunday, Y'all stay warm and have a fabulous weekend.
Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Aww Pogo looks so sweet waking up and having that little tongue out... so sweet.
I remember a lot of the old days myself. My memories mainly are of walking down the old brick laid road and walking to the shops on main street.
The fish market, the five and dime, the bank, post office, corner grocery store.
I remember laying in the grass on a hot summer night with my uncle gazing at the millions of stars and watching the shooting stars. I would fall asleep and wake up with a dew on me.
At my grandmothers we slept outside on the screened in front porch. Her garden was amazing. We would go out early mornings and pick tomatoes, okra, squash and other vegetables. She always had a pot of beans cooking and cornbread.
There was an old lady and her name was Miss Duvvy. She would bring fresh buttermilk every other day. I would sit on the porch steps and wait for her and couldn't wait for that first glass. I have never in all my years have tasted better.
Thank you Edna for your Walk down memory lane. It was a great walk for me.
Stay in and stay warm. Hugs, Beth

The Queen Jester said...

I love your tromps down memory lane. It is amazing the changes we've seen in our lifetime and it's good to pause once in a while to think about that fact. Your photo challenge sounds interesting.

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Well, if I didn't already know it, I would say we came from the same generation. Your memories are my memories for the most part, though my grandpa was driving a car the first time I saw him.
But I remember the tar streets and the cinder driveways ... oh my, I used to walk across those cinders in my bare feet and think nothing of it ... not so anymore :)

Pogo is a cutie and bigger than I thought ... six pounds is a good weight for him. That is probably why his sweater doesn't fit him ... it's all that good food you feed him. But, if my memory servers me next year, I will know what size to get him :)

Our little girl is getting better, at least the last I heard. They should be checking in soon to up date us. It is hard to keep track when they are 13 hours ahead of us. It is night here when it is morning there and they are already the next day when I hear from them. Hard on the old brain to keep track of that! Still don't know when they will be home. She is still in the hospital and still running a low grade fever. I hope she perks up soon ... sad for such a youngster to be that sick ... hard for them to understand what is happening.

My Granddaughter is coming tomorrow anyway. We will have a nice visit and a small Christmas and she will see her Dad when he gets here. It will be nice to spend some time with her anyway. All else is well here and it is sounding pretty good where you are too. Be well, Edna and a big sloppy kiss from Izzi :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

Yeah, if we take time to think it over, we have witnessed a lot of changes in our lives. A lot of things for the better, some perhaps not. But anyway, it is amazing to see all the changes and also the speed of it!
Did my shopping too yesterday, so I think I'll stay in today too. Well, may be a really quick trip into the garden, to see if the birds still have some food. So strange whenever Jan or I look into the garden we almost see no birds at the feeder, but whenever we go for a look, all is empty. I wonder which birds have each time a good meal and at what time!
Think I am going to "play"a bit in Photoshop, continue on my new kit and also make some previews of wonderful add-ons by Arlene and some surprises by Florence. Didn;t hear yet anything from the volunteering.
Have a warm and wonderful day.

Miriam said...

I love to read your blog, Miss Edna, but I'm Always in a hurry, that's why I forget to comment most of the time......

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Sunday morning to both you and Pogo. I am trying to play catch up on my blog reading...I worked all last week for my CPA as his receptionist to make appointments for tax filing. Not easy to get into a routine again...LOL but I enjoyed it, just makes it kind of rough to use computer with one eye shut...but that will be fixed soon!
Such great memories you have. I recently took one of those "trips" too and am so amazed at progress. At least with our blogs we are leaving memories for some one else to share after we are gone...right?
You and Pogo try to stay warm and snugly inside out of that nasty weather, today is one of our warmer days before we get hit again. Gotta run so wishing you a great Sunday and week ahead. Chat more next time. Hugs! Mat