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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Time Really Flies When You Are Having Fun

November 20, 2014

Good morning.  My goodness, I slept in really late this morning.  Maybe it's because I stayed up half the night working on a new scarf?  Oh yeah, my hands have been feeling lost now that all the holiday crocheting is done.  It's sort of like yarn withdrawal.  Definitely not pretty!!

Yesterday, after my appointment at the nail salon, I decided to go get the birdseed by myself as long as I was already out.  Three 25 pound bags was about all I could handle.  When I got home, I left them in the car and waited for Joe to come home and bring them into the house. 

Last evening, DIL Janet came by, and we had a most enjoyable visit.  I took her out to Dwarf Mike's room to meet our newest kitty resident.  Blackie was stretched out on the bed, and quite comfortable indeed.  This pussycat has made it quite clear that Dwarf Mike's room is his new palace and he is not leaving anytime soon.

Did I mention that we've discovered that Blackie is a "he", not a "she"?   No problem.  Miss Sunshine (aka Luna) will be getting spayed soon.   Sorry kitty!   I just love baby kittens, but I definitely do not want any here.  Two cats is plenty.

After Janet left to go home, I took out all the "gifty" stuff to make a list of what I might still need.  I was pleasantly pleased to find that it is a very short list.  Then I taped up two boxes and put mailing labels on them.  Hmmm, I'm going to have to make more than one trip to the Post Office to mail everything out when the time comes.

Next I got out some of my new yarn, and started a new scarf.  This one is in blue tones.  Ahhh, my hands are feeling more happy now that they are playing with yarn again.  By the time I put everything down and crawled under my blanket, it was almost 3 a.m.   My goodness, how time flies when you are having fun.

Today I have two more "foggy" photos to share with you this morning.  I took these at our local park.  For me, "Fog Photography" is so very interesting.  I find the finished photos very soothing to look at.

I also have another "news tidbit" to share with you.  Jose Canseco had lost a finger, and it was surgically put back on (to his hand).  It seems that while he was doing something (I forget what) recently, the finger fell off.  Now he is planning on selling his finger on eBay.  This should be interesting because eBay does not allow body parts to be sold.  But be honest folks, who in their right mind would actually want to buy a human finger?   There are some real sickies out there.

Well that's about all the news for this morning.  I'm going to have me another cup of coffee and settle down with my new crochet project.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Anonymous said...

Morning Edna, Have been watching the news this am, on Australian TV, and am praying that the massive snow falls I have been seeing are nowhere near you. Love your foggy photos! Stay safe and warm. Hugs Elee

The Queen Jester said...

Good to know she will be spayed soon. Is Blackie intact? You may want to have him neutered as well to prevent any spraying in the house. You certainly tripled the number of household pets quickly!

LV said...

After all you went through, you need some strong coffee. Trust you and family have a very nice Thanksgiving.

smiekeltje said...

I completely understand the crochet or knitting withdrawl effect LOL.
I have the same, when a project is finished i already want to start a new one. I like to do it, while watching tv. It also keeps me awake
during a film!
Gosh Mr. Blackie seems to be quite comfortable.
Good idea to neuter Luna, may be you could do the same for Blackie, if that isn;t done yet?
Yeah kitties are so cute, but I agree that two cats and a dog is filling the place nicely.
Saw some news of a terrible snowfall(as well as inundations in Taly). Hope you will be spared from heavy snow!
Have a great time, wonderful you already are almost ready with the gifty stuff, I am almost too.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

OMG! I have missed so much lately!! Remember me? I am having some problems with a pesky cataract and arthritis in my hands and lower back and even some allergy attacks with all this yo-yo weather we have had. At least we don't have the miseries of upstate NY. Poor folks need our prayers for sure! Anyhow trying to catch up on the reading! I have kitty condos out of the Totes...LOL! I am feeding about 7-8 outside and 5 inside...I could have more money if not for buying cat food, spaying and neutering and shots and bird seed....ROFL here! Just wanted to wish you and Pogo a wonderful Thanksgiving in case I am not on here again any time soon. Hugs, Mat

Annesphamily said...

Gorgeous! Love the shots you share, always fun to stop by. I needed a scarf today. I took my morning walk around the water and grassy fields at the Rec Center/Open Spaces. It is so cold nose was frozen to my face, if that can truly happen! HeeHee
A spayed and neutered kitty is a happy kitty. It is just so responsible. Well, better pay a few bills and check my laundry. I have a load of towels washing and then two loads of throw rugs to finish and I am done! Nick's room is fresh and ready for his return. Say a prayer for safe travels, we are hearing it will be rain mixed with snow and with this bitter cold you know that spells icy roads.
Hugs, Anne