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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A New Project To Think About

October 4, 2012

Good morning.  I can't seem to bring in the weather channel yet this morning, so I can only go on what I see outside my window.  Cloudy, wet and gray!  I think my little bird friends are trying to catch my attention.  They are outside my window, hopping up and down trying to look in the window at me.  Must be time for me to fill their feeder again. 

I finally got the information on the Portfolio Project for the camera club.  Hmmmm, I wonder if I can actually do this yet.  First I have to describe my personal theme.  What is this?  I say it is Nature, but that is not enough.  This has to be broken down to the "what?" of nature.  Then comes the "why" and the "how".

This is where I  get stumped.  I enjoy some of the "awesome quiet beauty" of nature, but will photograph most anything in search of that special photo.  Not only that, most of my best and favorite photos from this past year are gone with the dead drive.  I doubt if there's time enough to take more photos like them. 

But, I am not giving up yet.  You can't have more than twelve photos in your portfolio, but it does not say if there is a minimum number of photos acceptable.  So I will have to give this a bit of thought.  The project has to be completed and submitted by the beginning of March, 2013.

I've discovered why I have a lot of problems with my typing, and having to retype a lot of my stuff.  On my laptop keyboard, right beside the "backspace" key and just under the "delete" key, is a little key called "home".  So often when I touch "backspace" or "delete", I hit the "home" key instead.  This makes for a nice little mess.  I'll just have to be more careful, and look at what key my fingers are touching.

I just took a little break to go outside and fill up the bird feeder.  My little feathered friends were doing cartwheels almost in order to get my attention.  Watching these little fellows is one of the reasons that makes getting up in the morning such a good thing.  There are lots of other reasons, but I surely do love the birdies.

Today's share photo is one that I took a few days ago.  My butterfly bushes are still in bloom, and are attracting so many bees and butterflies.

I also have another of the cute photos that Rhoda sent me.  This one shows how a lot of us must feel at one time or another.  lol.

Pogo is in such a playful mood this morning.  It has taken me more than an hour to type this post so far.  I have to keep stopping to play a while with him.  He delights in chewing, I mean gumming, my hand to death!  Gosh, I am so thankful that this little fellow came into my life.  He is such an absolute delight!

The weather channel is back on, and the outlook isn't all that great.  Today, rain, tomorrow cloudy, then more rain for Saturday and Sunday.  Oops, now they are focusing on politics.  I wish they would leave the politics for a political station, and stop shoveling it into all the other stations and programs.  It would be nice to have a choice of whether or not I wanted a steady diet of political debates and arguments.

 I guess it's time to put the kids' program back on.  At the moment, the Big Bad Fox has just blown down the witch's gingerbread house (from Hansel & Gretel).  It seems he's upset that a dragon would not let him blow down the three little piggie's house, so he went to the witch's house instead.  There's really no moral to the story because it's all to teach us how to spell a new word.  I just have to keep watching to find out what that word is.

No laughing folks.  Some days my brain just doesn't want to handle any difficult, so this is a good program to watch.  Yesterday, I watched the "Top Chef All Stars" marathon all day and night.  I don't actually like a lot of the food that they make, but I do love the creativity involved in making that food.  Tonight, my favorite program "Project Runway" will be back on.  I absolutely love this program.

Now I think I should put in a load of laundry, and maybe push the vacuum cleaner around a bit.  I've been quite lazy all week trying to get rid of this miserable cold.  You know, I've been concentrating on my typing and completely missed what the new word was in Big Bad Wolf story.  Oh well.  There will be another new word tomorrow.  Till then, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Anonymous said...

Edna -- I know that this is simplified and would recover only a small portion of the pictures you have. You can access you archived blog posts and frfom there, right click on a pix you want to save-- you can then rename the pix and even sort them into other folders. This way you willl have some of what you posted & be able to use them in other applications.
Hope this helps. Donna

The Queen Jester said...

Love the beautiful photo of the bumblebee and the humor the dog photo. Gave me a good chuckle!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Simply adore that bee on your butterfly plant. You take so many awesome photos of nature maybe you could use something like Nature's beauty attracts me...and expand on it for all the different types that you capture. (i.e. flowers, birds, bees, dragonflies, deer, moon, planes, rain, fog, etc) U definitely could come up with 12 for a portfolio where each would be an entirely different species of nature! Good Luck, have a terrific day! Hugs, Mat

smiekeltje said...

Looks to be a nice project for the photostuff.
I too have sometimes problems with the "why" discribing LOL. I just like something and don;t bother too much about the why.
But aside of that, I have full confidence in you that you will make a wonderful project-portfolio!

About tv, I hate it when every 15 or 20 minutes there is a commercial block to watch. Very frustrating when you are comfortable into the story of a detective or other film. Helas, it's the curse of watching commercial tv stations, but even on the public stations there seems to come more and more commercials.
Therefor we like to register on dvd or video, so you can skip the commercials LOL.
Your birdie friends are certainly happy with you! Soon they will even be more grateful, when winter time arrives.
Have to move on now, still have to post.
Have a wonderful day.