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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Prayers For Bobby To Mend And Heal Quickly

October 8, 2019

Good morning.  Tis a bit on the gray side today.  The temp is at 55F degrees with bits of light rain.  Later the temps will rise to the upper sixties with sunshine.  Well, at least that's what my weather app says. 

Well, yesterday Joe stopped by WalMart on his way home from work and picked up my small grocery order.  I have to say that everything I ordered was there and with no substitutions.  Awesome!  Of course, I don't order anything that has an expiration date to be concerned about.  Like dairy products, meat, fresh veggies, etc.  Plus I only order things that I've already had a chance to check the nutrition facts for sodium content. 

I borrowed an interesting image from the web to share.  Did you know this already?  I did not.  But when you think about it, it really does make sense. 

One of my favorite TV programs, Shop LC, has been having a huge warehouse clearance sale.  It's a week long sale so you know what I've been watching.  Nope, I haven't bought anything, but I'm enjoying watching all the wonderful bargains.  They've had quite a nice mix of items.  Jewelry, clothes, housewares, etc. 

Yesterday I had planned on spending time clearing out all my junk mail.  However, a phone call wondering if I was okay changed my plans.  It seems my daughter Deanne had been texting me all through the night and the morning and was getting no response from me.  Huh?  After much checking, it was decided that the problem was with my phone.  However we could not figure out how to fix it. 

The evening before, my grandson Bobby and Amber were in the kids' bedroom tucking them into bed.  However, the door had closed and was locked from the other side and they could not get out of the room.  Not wanting to kick the door open and break it, Bobby decided to go out a window and come back in through the front door.  (Did I mention that they live on the second floor?)

OOPS!  His Super Dad cape did not work and when he hit the ground, he landed on his ankle and broke it all to pieces.  He did try to set his ankle and splint it, but then Deanne got a call to pick him up and take him to the hospital.  It was a really nasty break and would require surgery to put in a rod and pin (s), etc.  Hours later, he was admitted and moved to a room to be scheduled for surgery later in the day. 

They operated yesterday afternoon, and Deanne is keeping me updated.  Bobby, I'm praying that the surgery went well and that you mend and heal quickly.  Meema loves you Bob O Link.

Meanwhile, Audrey and I were texting back and forth (and calling on the land line phone) to see if maybe she could figure out how to fix my cell phone.  We're not sure what was done (or not done) but after a couple hours, my phone was working and my text messages were back to normal. 

When the mail came yesterday, there was a box containing another of my catalogue orders.  After checking everything, I spent some time reading a new book  that I had ordered for me.  Oh my, what fun I was having.  The book is about rock painting.

Doesn't this look like fun?  One of the projects in the book really caught my interest and I'd like to try making it.  It's a nativity set.  There are more pieces than what is shown in this picture, but this is the basic set.   Isn't this pretty?

I went online to price the paints, spray, etc.  Depending on how many paints you wanted to buy, the price is really not very expensive.  And the book shows you what type of stones to use and step by step instruction on how to paint each figure.  You can even buy the stones online.  I priced them too and they weren't expensive either.  I think once I get finished with my cards and calendars and my holiday shopping, I'm wanting to try to make the nativity set.

So, I guess today I'll attempt to tackle that pile of junk mail again.  Tomorrow morning, Pogo has an early appointment (9 a.m.) with the eye doctor.  My hope is that his cataracts can be removed without any after effects.  So, I won't be blogging until probably after lunch. 

Now I'm off to make a fresh cup of coffee and do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous dayl

Hugs, Edna B.


Coltisor de Rai said...

Have a nice week!

Annsterw said...

Oh ugh - sending so many prayers for Bobby for quick healing - that even sounds horribly painful! I can not wait to see how your rocks turn out - I do not have an artistic bone in my body so I could never paint those...I am very jealous of you artsy people!! HA! Have a great day! HUGS

Steve Reed said...

Rock painting is quite popular, isn't it? I've occasionally found painted rocks that people created and then put out in the wild somewhere for others to discover. I kept one of them and I wish I'd kept the other.

So sorry to hear about Bobby's ankle! Yikes!

I'm glad you got your phone working again.

Angelicastar said...

Our young folks think they are superman. My son is always doing something that's not real also. This morning his car wouldn't crank because he was so careless and left the door open and the batter was low. He wake up the entire neighborhood when he is getting ready for work. I got out of bed and he is searching for his battery starter and has no idea where it is in his car. I had him to push the car around and I used my booster cables and started his car. He has too much crap in his trunk. Our young ones donot think before they do. I told him to take the booster cables with him. I doesn't have any answers for them. I just hope Bobby heal and be okay. They learn by doing, I assume.

We have a cool front and it feels great. I know the heat is probably not gone for good but atleast we have a small break in the heat. I hope it stay like this for a while. I hope pogo is okay. He need to keep seeing his mommy. Keep me informed on how he's doing. I care for that little boy. I hope you both have a great day, but today I am sleeping in.

Angelicastar said...

I came back to tell you to always check your phone for the airplane mode when it's not working because sometimes you will accidentally turn it on without knowing it. I've done that a lot and no one could call me. My sister had to send me emails to tell me to check my phone. If it is on airplane mode, there will be an airplane symbol showing up on your screen. No one can call you when that happen. You have to go to settings and turn it off.

Laurel Wood said...

Good Evening, Edna. I pray that you and Pogo have a restful night and that you receive good news tomorrow from his dr. Keep us posted, please. Also, praying for Bobby to heal quickly. I love the Nativity painted rocks. I recently found a painted rock and saved it to mark a perennial in my garden. A few years back, I found a painted rock with a website to contact on the back. Turns out a mom and her 2 home-schooled kids were tracking when the rock was found. I placed the rock in a different location, so that their fun could continue! Good night.

LV said...

Sorry, but some days just seems everything happens at once. Trust things are better soon.

smiekeltje said...

Oh my, not nice what happened to Bobby's ankle! I too hope they can fix it well, even if it is with a rod and perhaps some screws. And then wishing him a quick healing(he'll have to take some time i think to be able to walk again well).

what a lovely rose it is you bought. Just don;t put the rosebush too warm, and I think you can let it survive till Spring.

You can put some salt into the pasta sauce if you like. Although if you season it well with some pepper, garlic, perhaps some basilicum, it already tastes good.

I do hope that you will have some good news about Pogo's eyes!

Okay , on now to the next posts.