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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A Short Post Today

October 23, 2019

Good morning.  Well, this is my second time typing this post.  I was halfway done when everything just  disappeared.  Poof!  Gone, just like that! 

Well, I'm not going to try to re-type everything.  I have lots of things to do today and I need to get started.  But I did want to post a couple photos of my little Pogo.  This first photo was taken shortly after he finished eating his supper a few nights ago.


Poor little guy, he was out like a light.  Then last night, after supper, I took this photo of him.  His favorite way to sleep is to tuck his nose into the blanket. 

I do have a page for you to color if you'd like to sit for a while and relax.  This one is from Dover Puiblications. 
Before I leave, let me post a few more state laws, this time for New York.  It's illegal to slurp your soup in public.  There's also the death penalty for those who jump off a building.  Really?  Also, parties who seek to dissolve their marriage for irreconcilable differences can do so -- only if they agree to it.  Hmmm.
Now I'm off.  First I'll do a bit of blog reading, then I'll get started on a few chores around here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Annsterw said...

Pogo is so super adorable! would constantly be checking to see if he was breathing if were there watching him sleep! HA HA! He looks so hot!!! LOL! Those laws are crazy - esp. death penalty for those that jump from a building..HA! Think that was already taken care of...UGH!

Angelicastar said...

Baby Pogo know he is so cute. All dressed up and sleep. Tell him he need to be on his way out to party as good as he look. (lol) Let him know, nothing come to a sleeper but a dream. I am laughing at this little boy with his nose off in the blanket. Make sure he doesn't smother himself. (lol) I love the fur babies. Sometimes during the night if I am not sleepy I will get up and sit and hug my fur babies. They love every minute of it. Milo is going to wake up and get in my lap whenever I go in the room. He doesn't care how sleepy he is. I hope you and Pogo have a healthy and beautiful day.

Kathy said...

Pogo is so adorable! I love his little sweater. Those strange laws give me a chuckle every day. How ridiculous they are!

Laurel Wood said...

Good Evening Edna, Pogo melts my heart. That little sleeping shirt is adorable. So thankful he is back home. You mentioned that his "snore" was a favorite sound. I agree with warms my heart to hear little Theo beside me snoring. I hope you both have a pleasant night. xoxo

Steve Reed said...

Pogo is so funny! Does he always sleep with his tongue out? I don't understand how dogs can breathe buried in so many covers. Olga does the same -- gets way down under the blankets!