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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

New Recipes To Try

September 4, 2019

Good morning.  Tis a bit on the gray side today, but that is okay.  I'm sure the sun will be popping in and out.  Temps are in the high sixties right now, but will climb up into the mid eighties this afternoon.

It's rather quiet around here.   There were a lot of catalogues in the mail yesterday, so I spent quite a bit of time going through those.  On TV, I split my time between watching the Weather Channel and BUZZR, a channel with lots of old time game shows. 

On TV, they are talking about FEMA and how it works.  I didn't catch all of it, but I did catch the phrase about "their thousands of employees."  If they really do have thousands of employees, it makes me wonder just how much of the money given to them actually goes to the people in dire need in the aftermath of large storms. 

I know several years ago, we had some really bad flooding and it caused lots of damage to homes.  FEMA was in the area to help.  It was really difficult to get them to talk with me about the damage to my home.  After a lengthy bit of time, they finally said they would  see about getting me a low interest loan.  This came after I spent more than ten thousand dollars on repairs.  I  told them no thank you.

So I'm wondering, if they were only helping folks to get low interest loans, then what exactly were they doing with all the money given to them to help folks.  Did they use this money to pay their thousands of employees?  This is one agency I would not donate to.  The Red Cross either.  I don't trust either of these agencies.  Instead, I give to the Salvation Army. 

For those of you who love pickles and can't have them now because of a no salt diet, here's a recipe  that I found in one of my new recipe books.  (by Donald A,. Gazzaniga)

Pogo and I also like Fried Rice, so here's another of Donald Gazzaniga's recipes.

I think I'm going to give this Fried Rice a try.  Not today.  First I have to gather up all the ingredients.  It does sound tasty though.

My goodness, the mailman just came and left me with a huge bundle of mail. Most all of it is what I call junk mail.  This will keep me busy for a while.  Later, I think I'll start working on putting together my next blog book.  I need to pick out the photos for the covers and resize them.

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Steve Reed said...

I automatically throw away all our catalogs and junk mail. I don't even read it.

I wonder if all those FEMA employees are full-time and permanent. I suspect they hire when there's a crisis and those people probably work temporarily as contractors -- but that's just a guess. Blogger Ellen in Texas has lots of stories about trying to get FEMA funding for flooding in her house.

Kathy said...

The fried rice recipe is almost exactly like mine. Just a little difference with the egg. I use frozen chopped mixed vegetables to mix into mine. My grandfather made it like this and I think it is the best fried rice around.

Angelicastar said...

I did tell you about FEMA and the red cross one day this week. The employees are getting the money and the people they know get the help. I use to be very giving to the red cross until I got flooded and they wouldn't help me. When I got sick after working for 40 years and had to close my business no one would give me a can of food. So now, I tell them my story when they are asking for donations. I don't give them anything. I will give to the star of hope (homeless shelter) amvett is veteran thrift center and the salvation army. Those organizations are putting that money in their own pockets. It's sad to say but even our President took some of the money that was for Puerto Rico and used it for other things. maybe to pay for the Trump family visit to London for one of the summits. Everyone is so crooked. I wrote an email to Nancy Pelosi and told her that those daughters, sons and son in laws was not elected President and has no reason to be anywhere on our tax dollars talking to other leaders. They were looking at Ivanka like, who are you to be talking about anything to us. You get tired of seeing all the unfairness they do. Now he want to have the next summit at one of his properties. Everything is just for the benefit of profit for them. I've unloaded my load of expression so I hope you and Pogo have a good day. (laughing hard)

LV said...

You are so good at making the best of your days.

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Edna, FEMA or anything big government makes you wonder! I dont know how it works.
The only organization i give things to is Salvation Army.
We are on our cruise, have a great day!