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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Have You Ever Seen A Hummingbird Plant?

August 4, 2019

Good morning.  It's 4:30 a.m. and I'm not doing so good at falling asleep so I thought it best to type my post now because I'll probably fall asleep right after breakfast.  It's nice and cool outside, but the humidity is 100%.  Temps should get up to the mid eighties later today, and maybe even some rain in the afternoon.  We sure could use some rain.

Saturday was a busy day for me.  Three of the recipe books arrived in the mail so I spent most of the afternoon looking through them.  I'm not crazy about cooking, and I don't like spices in my food, so it's going to take a while to figure out how to make some of the recipes to my liking. 

I like my food plain.  My pasta only has pasta in it, no veggies or fish, or anything else are mixed in with it.  I like it plain with garlic powder and a bit of butter, or with meat sauce on it.  Speaking of pasta, I cooked up a pot of it, and divided it into two bowls.  One to mix with butter and garlic powder, and the other for salad.( I mix in some sweet relish and a little mayo.  It's quite tasty when it is cold.)  And yes, I first checked how much sodium and calories per serving. 

Friday evening, while going through a pile of stuff, I came across an envelope full of photos.  Oh my, some wonderful memories were tucked away in that envelope.  There were two photos of my hubby, Michael, when he was in Korea.  (early 1950's, I believe)

Between 2005 and 2010, I lost my hubby, my brother and my daughter Kerri.  This is a picture I made of them in Photoshop.  I did the original picture in shades of blue.  I really miss you guys. 

There were other photos, but I'll save them for another day.  I do have one photo to share here.  I took this shot of my lone tomato a few days ago.  It's a good thing I did, or I might have forgotten what it looked like.  A couple days ago, Deanne and I noticed that the tomato was missing and the branch that it had been on was hanging down, broken.  Most likely a squirrel took it home for dinner.

A few weeks ago, I came across a really unique plant called the Hummingbird Plant, or Crotalaria Cnninghamii.  Also know as the Green Bird Flower.  It's a perennial, and I ordered a small packet of seeds so that I could try to grow some. (from Amazon)  The seeds came a few days ago, but I haven't gotten around to planting them yet.  It's really quite interesting, so I hope I can grow it.

I've been hankering for a spinach pizza lately, and I had one in the freezer.  After reading the nutrition facts on the box, I decided I would cut in in half and put one half back in the freezer while I cooked one half.  I figured I could eat a quarter of it for my supper and save the other quarter to eat cold for breakfast the next morning. 

I found that I couldn't cut it in half while it was frozen.  Plan B.  Cook the whole thing, eat one slice, and wrap the other three slices separately and keep in fridge for other meals.  As I put the pizza in the oven, my mouth was watering.  I could already taste it!  Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm!

Then I sat down to pay a few bills.  About an hour later, Joe got home from work and called to have Pogo come out to the kitchen for his turkey treat.  OH NO!  My pizza!  I'd forgotten all about it!  Well, that round black thing that I finally took out of the oven did not look so very appetizing at all.  Joe says that the Seagulls at his work would enjoy it. Really???  Some day I'm going to learn not to do anything while I'm waiting for food to cook.

After checking the nutrition facts on my cereals, I've decided to  have some Maple Brown Sugar Cream of Wheat for breakfast this morning.  It has a lot less calories and sodium than the corn flakes have.  And it's tasty.  I'll have to see if I can also have an English muffin.  Add a cup of coffee, and that's a good breakfast. 

Now I'm off to look up the info about that English muffin.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

I feel sorry for you that you couldn;t sleep well during the night. But hopefully after your blogpost, you did have nice nap?
That Hummingbird plant looks interesting! Never heard of it.
Oh, you aren;t lucky with your tomatoes this year. Well, I can feel with you, because mine aren;t doing very much either. Had one fullgrown, even coloured, but had some spot on it, and didn;t taste at all. Now I am waiting for the few others to ripen, we'll see. Next year we will not do tomatoes!
Could you let me know what exactly is kind of forbidden for you in your food for now? may be I can look up some easy recipees for you that still taste good?
Oh, I love pasta, and it is good with garlic and butter(but I prefer to use fresh pressed garlic, much better). And I like it with meat sauce even better(specially spaghetti. And you can make you own meat sauce, so it will not contain too much salt and stuff. it is easy and you can freeze some for latere use too.
You made me smile about the aweful pizza story! I am about the same. I shouldn;t do any cooking on the gaz or in the oven and then do something else, because i forget the cooking stuff. best is to have a sticky note where you can see it all the time with warning: I have something cooking!(It sometimes helps for me LOL).
Good, have to post now on my blog, I am already rather late. But it is Sunday, so no real rush. Just have to finish it at time so I can make dinner on easy pace.
Have a lovely day and week ahead. Take care, you hear!!!

Steve Reed said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Edna! I love that hummingbird flower. I've never seen anything like that. Sorry you lost your tomato to the squirrels -- we have plenty of trouble with squirrels in our garden too, so I can sympathize!

Angelicastar said...

I learned fast about cooking and going back in a room. I did that several times and my smoke alarms woke me up with a house full of smoke. My neighbor ran over one time to see if I was okay when he saw the smoke coming out of the house. I have to warn my sister. She has told me she is putting her food in the oven and going upstairs to take a nap and I told her not to ever do that because eventually she is going to set the house on fire. She listen but mine is experience. (lol) It'll get better. If I am not feeling well or sleepy I will cook something that I can use my air fryer, slow cooker or pressure cooker. They are electric and timed and will cut themselves off. I doesn't make it a habit not watching them, but I do feel safer. Thursday, I did chicken and dressing but I was feeling okay. I am afraid of my illness flaring up while I am cooking and if that happen and I pass out it would be drastic. I used my oven for that but my bedroom is right across the hall from the kitchen and that help me.

So sorry about your tomato. My sister told me the squirrels were eating hers and I didn't know they eat veggies. I said, oh no....(lol) I know how you feel because the worms ate all of my leafy veggies and I was devastated. I used the sevin dust but it didn't work. I gave up on them for the Spring garden. Last year I did melons and kushaws (pumpkins) and something ate all those. I didn't do those again. (lol) I want to plant some again but afraid to. Hope you and Pogo have a great Sunday.

LV said...

I AM AS GUILTY AS YOU about leaving things in the oven too long. My mind is on a one way track and gets off of it often. Love pizza too. HAVE YOU FIGURED OUT YOUR NEW COMPUTER?

Beth Reed said...

Oh I laughed at the hummingbird plant. It is awesome isn't it. I was fortunate to have one. Only a few birds resembled hummingbirds. But yours are green and mine were more of a white. Hmmm so I wonder if that means they have different variety's.

Love the photos. Isn't it wonderful to stumble over old memories. It seems like just yesterday when our loved ones were still with us.

Sorry about that Pizza. I know what it is like wanting something only to have it not to be!
Off to read todays blog. I love you my sweet friend. xxx Beth

Laurel Wood said...

You and I both seem to have trouble sleeping all night!
Too bad about your pizza. I do that so often - forget that I am baking something.
I hope you will enjoy your new cookbooks. I once collected cookbooks from places we had visited and/or churches and thrift stores. My husband is diabetic now and cooking is no fun. He also has to watch his salt intake. Have you ever tried Walmart brand instant oatmeal, it is plain and he adds a few blueberries to make them tasty.
This is the first I've seen of the hummingbird plant. I wish you much success with your seeds. So interesting!
Hope you sleep all night.