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Monday, August 12, 2019

A Pleasant Change In The Weather

August 12, 2019

Good morning.  It's a gorgeous day here in my little part of New England.  The sun is shining, there's a tiny breeze and the temperature is 78F degrees with 47% humidity.  It will get up into the upper eighties this afternoon.  As long as the humidity stays low, it will stay nice. 

The mailman came and brought me another big bunch of junk mail.  I'll go through it and weed out all the junk.  I've been trying to keep up with it on a daily basis so that it doesn't pile up again. 

I got a late start today because I was up half the night.  I made good use of my time up and paid some bills.  I also cleared a few books off my bookshelf and put them in a bag for Good Will.  Every little bit helps.  I even  had enough energy left to wash a batch of dishes.  Of course, after all that I fell asleep.

The other day while Deanne and I were out shopping, I picked up a two burner stove cooking top.  Yesterday, I cleaned off my counter and got all set to give the new burner top a try.  Oops!  Upon reading the instructions that came with it, I found that it was only for "light boiling" and "warming up" foods.  Huh???  Just what exactly is "light boiling?"

So I did my best to stuff the unit back into its box.  It will have to be returned.  Then I went online to Amazon and found one that is for normal cooking and ordered it.  I should have done this in the first place.  My new cooktop will arrive either Wednesday or Thursday. 

My scrawny tomato plant is trying once again to bear fruit.  There's a new tiny tomato on it, and this morning I noticed a second tiny tomato.  Woo Hoo!

Friday, when Deanne and I got back from shopping, I noticed how beautiful my Rose Of Sharon bush was with all its new blossoms.  I took a couple photos with my cell phone and got a lovely surprise when I looked at the photos.  I had caught the sun's rays shining down onto the bush.  Just beautiful!

Last evening, Pogo and I polished off the Prime Rib that I had brought home from the Cabaret.  I must say it was simply delicious!  Oh yum yum!  Pogo ate at least half of it.  I guess he thought it was yum yum too! 

Today I'm hoping to have enough energy to start a bag for the Big Brother, Big Sister folks.  Then I'll give them a call to see when they will be coming by next.  It's not easy getting rid of things when you've had them for so long, but the time has come to downsize. 

That's my news for today.  Now I think I'll have a look in the fridge to see what's for lunch for Pogo and me.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous  day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

I am loving your weather but ours are still steaming. When you get in triple digits you are sweating if you stay out of the air long enough. I just love all the blooms around your house. I am still watering trying to keep a few of mine. Forgot to tell you I got new neighbors in the house next door. So far they are unfriendly and I like it like that. They moved here from Maryland. The previous homeowner sold the home to someone else who is still leasing it out. I think they are trying to come out more now because I was outside watering last night and they all came outside making noise for me to look over but I kept minding my own business. I know they are wondering why she doesn't speak, but I promise myself not to be friendly with anyone in that house. It has been a night mare. I know they might not be like the others, but who knows. (lol)

I did call HOA because they weren't cutting the grass either. So far they started keeping it up after being fined. I hope you and Pogo have a beautiful day and enjoy your nice weather.

LV said...

I have one tomato plant. Getting tall with a few blooms, but probably never get a tomato. Love fresh home grown tomatoes.

Laurel Wood said...

I was unable to sleep in the middle of the night and I organized my kitchen pantry! lol
Your Rose of Sharon is gorgeous. The sun rays are so pretty. I'm glad Pogo and you enjoyed the leftover prime rib.
That is odd (and kinda useless) about the cook top only doing light boiling ???
Glad you found what you need online. Let us know how you like it.
I just placed 2 bags of clothes in my car to deliver to the thrift store.
I wish you a very good evening. So happy you had a cooler morning!

Theresa said...

The only thing I can do at night is sleep 😴. If I wake up and can’t sleep, I just lay there which is tiring. I wish I had your energy and motivation to clear some stuff. I sure do need to do that too. Your roses are gorgeous and the tiny maters will grow big soon🍅 Have a blessed day dear friend. HUGS

Beth Reed said...

We have Big Brother and Big Sister donation trucks and bins parked in various places around the city and Karyn and I usually have a bag or two a month to donate. It seems wasteful when good things go into the trash.
Good thing about Laurie and her family moving back with hardly anything is that she and David were happy to take what we couldn't use for their house.

Your Rose Of Sharon is so pretty with the sun beams falling on it. You have such pretty flowers. Please take some pictures from a distance so we can see the house among all those pretty flowers.

Have a great day my sweet friend and give Pogo lots of love from Auntie Beth... xxx