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Sunday, April 28, 2019

It's National Blueberry Pie Day

April 28, 2019

Good morning.  Have you noticed how early the day breaks now?  And how late the sun sets?  I love these longer days.  We're having a bit of a break from the rain.  Yesterday, the sun came out and it was lovely.  Today and tomorrow will be sunny as well, and then back to the rain.  It's almost May so it would be nice if the rain would go away for a while and let the warm temps back in. 

Yesterday was rather quiet for me.  I spent some time going through lots of magazines, catalogues and junk mail.  I got to put a lot of it out to the recycle bin and the rest for shredding.  After that, I did a couple puzzles on my old laptop.  Not a very exciting day, but another day to be thankful for. 

I'm watching TV and it says that today is National Blueberry Pie day.  Sad to say, I don't have any Blueberry pie to celebrate with.  So maybe I'll make a peach or orange pie.  Mmm, now that sounds wicked tasty! 

I did go out on the porch yesterday to take photos of some Blue Jays that were looking for lunch.  These birds might be pesky, but I think they are beautiful.  Today I think I'll take out a bowl of peanuts for them.  They love peanuts. 

I was hoping to have the porch opened up by now, but all the rain has not made that possible.  I'm going to have to plant some of my plants in pots because it's too wet most days to plant anything in the ground.  Maybe tomorrow Pogo and I can go shopping for some big plant pots.  That would be a fun outing for Pogo. 

Last evening, I finally dug out a second skein of yarn for my yellow afghan.  These are huge skeins, (14 oz.) and I got thirty rows from the first skein.  I'm thinking it will take four skeins to finish this afghan.  By the time it's done, it will probably be the size of a blanket.

Right now I'm watching the Jewel School on JTV.  Shortly they are going to show us how to use some crochet in making jewelry.  ???  I've never seen this so it should be interesting.  Some of the beads they've been showing are simply beautiful.

Well, the necklaces that they've crocheted with wire are rather messy looking to me.  First they crochet three (or more) single bead/wire strands, then they braid them all together.  The host is so excited about showing them.  She says they are gorgeous.  I still say they are really messy looking and I would not want to wear them.  I'll have to try to get some photos of this wire crochet jewelry so you can see for yourself.

Well, time is flying and I have dishes waiting in the sink that need washing.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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gypsyrose said...

The Blue Jays are really pretty its good to see the birds and wildlife you have in your country, I hope the weather improves enough for you to open up the porch and sit out there x