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Friday, August 25, 2017

Tomorrow Is National Dog Day

August 25 2017

Good morning.  I borrowed this fun image from the web and just had to share it here!

And that means that tomorrow night, I get to go out with Deanne and Eddie and a bunch of their  friends.  We're going to a dinner theatre where Jazzy will be waiting on tables and singing and dancing.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get some photos to share with you. 
I went looking in my photo archives  to see what the weather was like at the end of August a few years ago.  Five years ago, we had quite a bit of rain.  So much that the whole parking area, including the wooded lot, was beginning to look like a pond.  We haven't had very many days like this since then.
Today I have no special plans, but I should probably do some grocery shopping.  I should also do some laundry.  Yesterday, I washed the sofa cover (for out in the main house), and Dwarf Helen helped me put it back on the sofa after it was dry. 
Pogo and I sat out on the porch for a few hours enjoying the gorgeous weather.  While we were out there, the mail was delivered.  In it, was an envelope containing the colored rhinestones that I had ordered.  Some of these will be used to trim the dolly dresses.
I did remember to call my orthopedic doctor to see if I could change the date of my (December) appointment.  I was lucky and they re-scheduled me for next Tuesday morning.  My right shoulder has been quite painful lately and I need to find out what is wrong.  Most likely it has to do with my spinal problems or the arthritis, but I'll let the doctor figure it out. 
One of my late hubby's favorite things was a little back-scratcher made of bamboo.  Over the last few years, it has become one of my favorite things too.  Seems like my back is always getting itchy and I need to use this handy little gadget quite often.  Here's a photo of it, resting on one of Pogo's fuzzy blankets.
I haven't heard from one of my blog friends lately, and I'm getting quite concerned.  Angelica, if you are reading this, please drop me a line either in a comment or by email ( and let me know if you are alright. 
I won't be here tomorrow but I wanted you to know that August 26 is National Dog Day.  If you have a dog (or a kitty cat), give them some extra hugs and kisses.
Now I think it's time to sit out on the porch for a while.  Pogo has been waiting patiently by the door  for me to finish typing.  So, on that happy note, I'll take my leave.  Till Sunday, Y'all have an awesome weekend.
Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Oh my... now you dress up and wear some of that awesome jewelry tomorrow night for your dinner out and such fun for Jazzy. I hope that you get some great pics to share. Can hardly wait for the details... Oh my to live vicariously thru the younger generation!

I have just gotten home from the doctor and so I was curious about the storm coming in. The clouds looked ominous in a few places especially way up high where I was at, but I didn't think much of it would reach my area. Wow was I wrong. I barely made it into the house before the bottom dropped out of the sky. It is still raining. We really do need the rain. Our bushes out front are dying and they do use the sprinkler system, it has just been so hot and dry.
Harvey I hear is a Category 3 now so he might start fizzling out before landfall. It is a hope but I am not sure of the possibility. I did as you suggested and my driver was very nice to me and stopped so I could buy some water. I have 8 bottles freezing now. When I make dinner tonight then I can put in a few more.

Just heard that my brother in law is in the hospital. Things are not looking well right now so I am a bit nervous as I wait latest news on tests. Started out as cellulitis on his ankle but now in addition his liver functions are bad. He is like a dad to me so I am worried about him.
Will close for now. Hugs, Beth and Cisco

smiekeltje said...

Out pets sometimes amaze us with their taste, just like Pogo who is loving Chinese food LOL! I remember our Dikkie loved sometimes a bit of mashed potatoes with sauerkraut in it!
Oh, I bet your are all excited about the going out night! Hope you will be able to make some photos.
Have a lot of fun, you all, enjoy it to the full!
Happy days,