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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New Beginnings

June 27, 2017

Good morning.  Wowsie!  The mail came even earlier this morning than it did yesterday.  My regular mailman must be on vacation, and this new substitute carrier is treating us all to an early morning delivery.  There's no complaints here! 

It's looking a bit gray outside this morning, and it looks like we might get some rain today.  That's okay, we need it.  And, it might even cool the temperatures down a bit.  The grass and the plants will also be happy to have a bit of rain.

Yesterday, I boiled some eggs in hopes of having egg salad for my supper.  Well, I'll be!  There's no lettuce.  That takes care of the salad.  I always put lettuce in my egg salad and I don't really like it without the lettuce. 

But this was my lucky day.  Joe offered to go to the store and get me a couple cases of water and a few groceries if I needed them.  Woo Hoo!  Here come's my lettuce!  I have to say that the egg salad tasted simply delicious!!  Thank you Joe.

Yesterday was Kevin's first day on the job as an electrician.  (beginner)  He joined the union and is working with his dad. (Eddie)  Along with the job, comes at least five years of schooling.  You can do it, Kevin!  Deanne shared this photo with me of our two guys at work.  My goodness, they are so handsome! 

I'm not sure what I'm up to today.  Maybe I'll do a load of laundry.  I think there's enough for at least one load.  Maybe two.  Sounds like a plan.  While the clothes are washing and drying, Pogo and I can hang out on the porch. 

Here's a cute picture that I borrowed from the web.  It sort of says it all for me!  Pogo won't argue with me, so that only leaves myself. 

Well, that's my news for today.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Yippee for the egg salad. We will have to make some if we get to go to Florida this year. I have it pretty frequently here. Never had it with lettuce so I will give it a try. I usually just mix it up and put it on toasted bread. Egg Salad brings back a lot of childhood and teenage memories when my sister and I got to the end of the week and groceries were low, we could always make egg salad and have hot chocolate on a cold day.

Your guys are handsome and I am so happy for Kevin. He will do great. It will be an adjustment for him but your right he can do it.

I have to do a few things today and one of them is to break out the broom and mop. Wish me luck and have an awesome day... xxxx Beth... I can't include Cisco because he is cuddled up with Nathan..... Bratty Boy...

smiekeltje said...

Your toww guys are looking so great. And yes, it will be a change for Kevin, but I am sure he will do allright!
Sweet of joe to get you some things and also the lettuce. Now you still had your egg-salad.
Today Jan an I are eating a mix of pumpkin, courgette, carrot, potatoe and mushroom, all in dices, more or less and I put in 4 very small paprika's stuffed with some minced meat. That in the oven for about 30-40 minutes and I think it will be a healthy and good dinner. As dessert again some strawberries and if we want to we can take some cherries later in the evening. I went to the market and took some with me.
Have a happy and lovely day,