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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

More Peanuts Please??

May 17, 2017

Good morning.  Woo Hoo, today temps get into the 80's..  I love it!  Tomorrow will be a bit warmer, then temps will drop down a bit.  Have you noticed that summer is only a little more than a month away?  Jeesh!

I went out into the main house the other day to water the house plants, and as I passed by one of the windows, something outside caught my eye.  I grabbed my phone to take a picture.  One of our little yard critters was just sitting there looking at the window and wondering where his peanuts were.  It's not a great photo, but you can see my little friend.

Well, yesterday was quite a busy day for me.  I can't really say that I did very many things, but I did update all the folders on my hard drive.   Usually, I just merge the new folders into the old folders.  But then I found that the new folder was just being dumped into the old folder and not merged.  Now I had to go through all the folders, merge the contents and dump the duplicate stuff.   This whole process took hours, but at least now it is done. 

DIL Janet will be coming by later after work and I don't have a clue what to make for our supper.  I'm thinking that maybe we can get some take out.  Perhaps some Chinese food or maybe something from Wendy's.  Hmm, we'll see.

Today I have another set of the recipe pages for you. 

Here is your download link:

I had thought that I might try going food shopping today but I don't think so now.  Maybe tomorrow.  I'll have to see if dwarf Helen wants to go too.  If not, I can wait until this weekend.  I've already ordered more food for Pogo and it should arrive tomorrow. 

I've picked out a color, Café Latte, for the next scarf and hat set.  It's a pretty medium brown and will be nice for a boy.  I have another set half done. (Hot Stripe)  I ran out of yarn for it, but yesterday I found another skein of the yarn in my stash so I'll finish up that set too this week.

There's really no more news today so I'll take my leave here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Hi Edna,
Well no one has come to check out my leaking fridge so I put in a call and they said that they would notify maintance with a work order. I said "Wasn't there one made yesterday"? No real answer. I swear, I totally swear I am about to lose my cool on libraries and Office Staff and anyone else that crosses my path. Looks like that Native American/ Irish/ Scottish and what ever else blood I have in me Temper is about to cut loose....

I just love the recipe pages, thank you so much and I did get the little photo of your visitor wanting his peanuts. I just had my phone on silent and didn't get it until later that night. He or she is just too cute.

I updated my blog and cleaned out a few of my folders and that is about all that I have done for the day. I think that I am taking a shower and laying down for a while. I need to crochet today. I had to put it down for a little while. Hugs to you and Pogo... Love Cisco and Beth

LV said...

Glad you are doing some better. Warm, sunny days makes us feel like a new person.

Scarette said...

I LOVE these recipe cards! Since I am not a very successful cook, I am using them for little notes instead.

It is in the upper 80s here BUT it is supposed to go down to 47 degrees tonight!

Typical Michigan weather -

smiekeltje said...

Wonderful that you have some good weather. It makes you feel better.
Love the photo of the squirrel.
Oh, sometimes it is so hard to think of something for dinner. If possible, we all like something different every day. Okay, sometimes two days in a row isn;t bad yet, but then there has to be a change.
Good you are back to crocheting again. Keeps you busy while watching tv, isn;t it?
Quick to your next post!