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Monday, April 17, 2017

Weather Changes Coming Our Way

April 17, 2017

Good morning.  Wowee, what a gorgeous day yesterday was!!  Our temps were in the high 80's, and the sun was shining all day with a beautiful breeze.  After a phone call to the local police, the neighbors across the street quieted down a bit, and the rest of the day was really nice. 

After speaking with my kids by phone, Pogo and I settled in to have us a nice peaceful day.  I didn't really do much of anything, but I did get to watch a lot of good crime stories on TV.  So all in all, it was a very restful day.

I took a couple photos of the beautiful parrot tulips that daughter Deanne had brought me.  The colors are really are gorgeous.  Yellow, with green, red and orange.

Some doggie food that I had ordered online was delivered yesterday.  I opened one of the cans and put the new food on a plate for Pogo.  He would not have anything to do with it.  I tried again later but with the same results.  This is one of the downfalls of ordering food online.  I cannot send the rest of the cans back.  Maybe Sassy (Deanne's doggie) will eat this food.  We'll see.
I got a text message, along with two photos from my friend Beth.  It seems that the new chicken toy that Pogo had sent to Cisco (Beth's doggie) also arrived yesterday.  Have fun Cisco.  We hope you like chicken!!

Today temps are in the low 70's, and the sun is shining most of the time.  I'm going to enjoy the day as much as I can because tonight temps will drop 32 degrees.  The rest of the week is supposed to be much cooler (50's and high 40's) during the day, and downright cold at night (30's and 40's). 

I'm looking out my door and I'm noticing that my trees have tiny green leaves on them.  Woo Hoo!!  When the leaves sprout on the trees, you know that Spring is really here!!

In May, Jazzy will be performing in "Sister Act" with the Brockton High School Drama Club.  (Winner of Best Musical in Massachusetts, 2015).  She will be portraying Sister Mary Lazarus, and has asked me to please post the information here on my blog in case anyone is interested in donating or buying tickets to a performance.  You never know who reads this blog. 

Performances are on Friday, May 12 at 7 p.m., Saturday, May 13 at 7 p.m., and Sunday May 14 at 6 p.m.  Tickets are $12.00.  So, if you are local and want to see a truly enjoyable performance by our extremely talented young men and women, treat yourself and go watch their performance of "Sister Act."

Now I'm going to head for the kitchen to see what I'll make for lunch.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

You too had to call the police yesterday on our crappy neighbors? My O' My. I was being nice and carried my hand held monitor with my surveillance system to show the parent just how they kept riding their bikes up my drive way, putting the bike tires on my corner flower bed, and throwing trash in front of the driveway. I asked them not to come up my driveway but only cross it on the sidewalk. Oh well, nothing nice worked and I had to call the police to have them to go and talk to the parent before I go off the deep end with these folks. They did go there and the officer told me she promise to discipline the children. Yeah right. I will be placing no trespassing signs in my yard and when I call them again, someone will get arrested. It's bad when you can't be neighborly. These are the kind of people who move around with their housing voucher, destroy the house and the neighborhood if they can and move on to the next. The house is dirty on the outside so therefore the inside is probably worse. (so much for this mess) My fur babies are choosey with their food. They will eat the pedigree for small dogs if I boil chicken without the skin, use the broth to presoak the pedigree chunks and mix it with the chicken and put the broth over the chicken and chunks of pedigree. I put the broth in the refrigerator so the grease can get cold and be easily removed and fill ice trays with the broth and freeze it until I am ready to use it. I make chicken balls by grinding my chicken in my food processer after removing all the bones and I also freeze them. I only add salt to the chicken. So I have something extra to go along with the doggie food. If not my little babies will leave it. I also have food they won't eat either. Glad you could enjoy the rest of your Easter Sunday but mine happen last night. Have a great Monday. (Pogo too)

Unknown said...

Hello Edna and Pogo,
Cisco said send the food to him haha... I can't believe that Pogo will not eat it. It is like Gourmet doggie food. I do hope that Sassie will eat it. I hope that I spelled her name right. I am sure that she will enjoy it.
Cisco is in love with his Chicken. We were in bed last night when Nathan came home from work. You should have seen him grab his chicken and run to Nathan. Did you know it has 3 squeaky toys in it? But Baby has not taken a back seat. When we got ready for bed, Baby was up by my head. He went and got baby and put him with Chickie and then he plopped down with them! I had to take pictures of course and will put them on my blog.

Just when I was getting use to Nathans work schedule they have changed it. I will miss him today. He is off Tuesday and Saturdays now. Jon and Karyn will be working mandatory over time the next few weeks.

Oh I wish that I could go and see Jazzie in her new play. Wonderful idea to put information on your blog. And the Parrot Tulips are stunning. Will you be able to plant them in the ground or have to pot them? I have never seen any as beautiful as yours.

I best get off here and go find some coffee. No sleep last night. Perhaps I should just change my schedule. Sleep during the day and be active at night since that seems to be my pattern.
Hugs to you and Pogo... Love Beth and Cisco, Chicki and Baby