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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sort Of Sweet, Sort Of Sad

April 6, 2017

Good afternoon.  (in three minutes)  Today I slept really late.  Not sure why, but it doesn't matter.  I'm not planning on going anywhere today.  It's supposed to rain sometime today so it's a good day for doing things indoors. 

Not much happening here.  I'm slowly doing a bit better each day.  I think I just need some warm temps and lots of sunshine to really feel a bit of get up and go.  I am itching to get out on my little porch.  Guess I'll have to call my SIL Eddie to see if he can come over here this weekend and remove the screen covers. 

This is Spring time, and that means school proms.  All the little ones that we've spent so many years raising are growing up, and now's their time to dress up like grown ups and go dancing.  We don't realize it at the time, but our children grow quickly.  All too soon, we are faced with beautiful young adults where children once stood. 

This week, daughter Deanne took Jazzy shopping for prom gowns, then on to the seamstress to have the gowns altered to fit.  Yup, two gowns. Jazzy is a junior this year, and she got invited to both proms

I thought I'd share a couple of photos of our Jazzy girl growing up.  Here she is with her brother Kevin, all dressed up for Christmas.

And just a few years later, she's still following after her brother Kevin.  They are both on Little League Baseball teams.

And this year, oh my.  Our Jazzy girl is all grown up and headed off to her first prom.  Here's the photo from the seamstress' shop. Where have all the years gone?

As I sit here looking back over the years, I'm noticing that there are lots more silver hairs on my head.  It's a cycle.  The children head on into Spring, and us older folks move on into Autumn.  It's sort of sweet and sort of sad.  But my goodness, those children really are beautiful.

It's time for me to take my leave.  Til Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Oops, I forgot what today is.  I'll be back tomorrow..


Angelica Star said...

No Friday blog....? (lol) I just talked to my sister in Louisiana and she text me back and told me she had something to tell me but she had forgotten what it was. I told her to go home and meditate for a while. She is there dealing with my 81 year old brother and this home health care rip off that you can call it. She did find out others are also coming over using his microwave and someone my sister doesn't know. I have been looking for my cell phone and was talking on it. So you are not alone on nothing happening in life with us in our golden years. Those babies were cute when they were small and very handsome and cute now. It's surprising that those children grow and it seem as if it happen overnight. Stay in bed and rest and don't worry yourself. Have a great day.

Garla Reed said...

Your grandchildren are gorgeous... and Jazzie's dress is just gorgeous and even more gorgeous with her wearing it. I remember the proms and the excitement and how wonderful she was invited to 2 proms. Wow! She has certainly grown into a lovely young lady.

Yes it is a spring and autumn for us as we go thru the years! We are coming full circle with the gray in our hair and the passing of time. It is just so fast how time flies. It seems just yesterday when our own children were just babies.

I haven't felt well today. I have been trying to rest but so far I am just not feeling any energy. I am glad that you were able to sleep late. Cisco sends greeting to you and Pogo. I was rewarded this morning with cuddles and kisses. My I am beginning to enjoy these wake up calls... Much love to the both of you.. xx Beth

smiekeltje said...

Wonderful that you could sleep long. Sometimes it seems a bit pity to loose a part of the day, but oh well, your body and mind seem to be in need of it.
jazzy looks great in that prom dress. How quick time flies indeed.
I can remember you talking about her and Kevin and other grandchildren some years ago and their photos every now and then and oh boy, they change quickly!
it's the circle of life, only sadder thing is we grow older and older too LOL.
Well, hope I didn;t worry you too much by being absent for days.
It is just the way it goes at the moment.
I will now try to rustle up a little blogpost.
Stay safe,