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Sunday, April 2, 2017

In Need Of Warm Sunshine

April 2, 2017

Good morning.  I must confess, I've been down in the doldrums these past couple of days.  My energy level is zilch, and I really have no desire to do much of anything.  Thank goodness for Pogo.  Because of him, I have to keep making meals. 

I do know that as soon as the sun comes out and the temps warm up I'll feel a lot better.  So here's hoping that April is a warm, sunny month.  I could use some good news.  My doctor is out on a three month medical emergency, my meds are still all messed up, and the mailman keeps bringing "not so good" news. 

Yesterday's mail brought a letter from my car insurance telling me that my premiums are going to rise quite a bit because there are people living in my house that are old enough to drive and they are not listed on my policy.  They will be now be added to my policy.  Excuse me???  Where did all of this come from?  They're saying that I'm lucky they haven't terminated my insurance.

On top of this, medical bills are beginning to come in with a letter from the health insurance saying that they will not be covered.  Oh joy, oh joy.  I guess it's no wonder why I'm not thrilled with life these days. 

That's all I'm going to say about all of this right now.  I need to work on getting my mind to a better place.  So, I'm off.  I wish all of you a beautiful day.  Here's the April page from my calendar.

Hugs, Edna B.


Anonymous said...

what kind of auto insurance do you have? When I still lived at home and had my own car and insurance I did not have to be on my parents insurance the same with my boys when they were alive and living at home. Just because they are old enough to drive doesn't mean they will be driving your car. Are they claiming that your medical care was out of network or you haven't paid down your deductible? If out of network PROTEST cuz sometimes depending on circumstances they will go ahead and pay,especially if in a network hospital and the ER/assigned Dr. doesn't take the same insurance as the hospital. Which is horse poo if they don't, hospital and doctors practicing in should all take same insurance. When you go to the hospital you're sick and not thinking will this ER Dr. take my insurance. How can they keep messing up your meds is it the pharmacy or the girls in the office faxing stuff into the pharmacy? You've mentioned this a couple of times. I get a 3 months supply by mail through Express Scripts and they have never messed things up. Since you were so nice and didn't send us any of your snow I will try and share some of my sunshine with you. Take care things will look better soon Suzanne

Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
That's terrible that insurance people can do that. When you call them on Monday if they give you any flack, you can always choose a different insurance company. The only one living with you in your house is Pogo. He has no interest in driving, just riding. The rest are tenants, I wonder if others that live in the house got similar notices from their insurance companies! Some have their own cars correct? Does that mean that you and the rest of the tenants have to be put on their car insurance? I asked Jon about this on our insurance and he said that ours is that the car is covered with a driver aged 18 or over with a valid drivers license.

We are having bad storms. Wicked actually. There was a tornado 8 miles from us that touched down. I haven't heard any more of the news. The wind is ferocious. I am wondering if I should shut down my pc or not. So far no lightening for us. Just strong winds and heavy rain. Oh and we found a leak. Our dining room window has water pouring in. Jonathan has to pay rent this morning and he is going to inform the office.

That's crazy that your hospital stay is not covered by insurance. It makes me wonder just why we have it in the first place as so much is not covered lately. They shipped my shower chair while I was in Florida along with a letter from my insurance saying it was denied. I canceled my appointment with my social worker but have the letter to give to her. It is still in the box so if it is not covered she can contact them to come and get it.

Ok just saw lightening so I am shutting down the computer. Have an awesome day! Love Beth and Cisco and lots of hugs to you and Pogo. Feel better soon hon. Sunshine is on the way!

Anonymous said...

Tell Beth to try looking a goodwill or salvation army. I got a mint condition shower chair for $7.00. If you ask sometimes they will call if an item you are looking for comes in. Suzanne

smiekeltje said...

It is terrible with all those insurances, they get more expensive and you get less. wonderful!!
And it is a bad thing that your doctor or doctor's office mess up your meds so often.
Perhaps there is a possibility that you can let the meds have a 3 months update by the pharmacy? They do that here if nothing much changes and if there is a change you tell it to them with a note from the doctor and they adapt it.
And no, mail in the mailbox isn;t often a nice one. A lot of bills, that get higher and for about the same thing, no fun at all.
Now glad you feel a bit better, but take it still easy on yourself.
Not having a lot of energy is due to your pneumonia and stay in hospital and all that, it will come back but it will go slower than you might want.
Not easy to accept but try to endure, okay?
Hope you soon will have some nice weather, sunshine and good temperatures so you can sit on the porch, that will help a lot to feel better.
P.S. Happy birthday to Janet(belated)