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Friday, February 3, 2017

The Things Some Folks Notice!!

February 3, 2017

Good morning.  Well, we're running out of morning here.  I had a nice nap yesterday afternoon, so it wasn't so easy to fall asleep last night.  Once I did fall asleep, I did not want to wake up so early this morning.  And I didn't.  I stayed under that cozy warm blanket as long as I could.  Even Pogo slept in late this morning. 

I've had the chills a lot lately, but I think it's just my body fighting off any germs or colds coming my way.  Plus the cold temperatures have something to do with it too.  It's definitely time to start my countdown days till Pogo and I get to Florida.  Right now, we're at twenty four days.  Sad to say, I cannot wish these days to go by quicker because I still have lots to do before we leave. 

The good part of all this is that when we get back from Florida, we'll only be days away from the beginning of Spring.  I'll be able to start taking down the screen covers on the porch, put the greenhouse together, and start some seeds.  We'll be able to take the covers off the porch furniture, and put some plants outside, and ---- oh my, here I go rambling on and on.  Gosh, I love Springtime.

As usual, I'm watching the Investigation Discovery channel on TV.  Someone just made a 911 call.  I know that most all the folks who work these 911 lines are very hard working folks.  But sometimes I can't help but wonder why so many questions are asked over and over before help is sent out to the caller.  (on TV)

If I tell you that someone is lying on the floor, covered in blood and not moving, I do believe that you should send the police and an ambulance immediately before you start asking me five minutes worth of questions.  Of course, it's possible that it's only this way on television.  I do know a couple people who answer these 911 calls, and they do get help out to the callers right away. 

Sad to say, I'm also one of those persons who spot all the mistakes occurring in a movie scene or a TV commercial.  My brother could spot them all too.  Ever notice how when someone is arrested (on TV) the police put hand cuffs on the person and take them away, leaving the door to their house (or car or apartment) open and unlocked?  That's annoying too.  Where is the respect for someone else's belongings? 

What about the pets that are left all alone in the home when someone is arrested and taken into custody?  Does anyone go back to take care of these pets, or at least find them a caretaker?  I'm sure I'm not the only one seeing all these things, right?  Most folks notice these things, right?  Hmmm?  No, I guess not.  It takes a special kind of kook to notice these booboos.  Ah well, it's just a way of amusing myself, I guess.

Now that I've enlightened your curiosity about this sort of thing, let me share a couple photos that I dug out of my archives.  I love photographing the sky and the clouds.  There are some really awesome patterns in the sky,

Now I think I should see about feeding Pogo and then I need to get busy on my tax stuff.  I think I just have to go through all my receipts and credit card statements now, then I can start adding all the columns up.   Sounds easy, right?  Oh, I wish it were!!    I also have to call the accountant to find out what day I need to be at his office with all my paperwork.  Oh joy, Oh joy!  But!!!  After that I can rest easy until next February.!

Isn't it amazing how little scraps of paper can wield such a wicked sword???   Well, I'm off now to attack the paper work.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Good Afternoon Edna,
I am a Kook too because I notice all of these kind of things too. As for the 911 calls, I have the opportunity to know one of these wonderful stressed out dispatchers. I don't know about all, but I know my friend Erika told me that they automatically enter all of the pertinent information as soon as the call comes in and help is usually already on the way as they are asking questions. Sometimes she said that asking the callers questions is a way to keep the caller from becoming to emotional to be of help if they needed more information. She said that they are also relaying information to the paramedics and police as they take the calls so that is her perspective of her job. Sometimes I think some of the shows demonstrates the worse instead of the best.

Oh I am a cloud watcher. One of my favorite uncles and I would lay down in the back yard when I was a little girl and watch the night sky and if he wasn't working we would play the cloud game and see what we could find in the cloud patterns. The kids loved it growing up and I still do it to this day.

I don't have the energy to do what I really wanted to do today because around the time that I was ready to sleep my tooth started hurting again. I will be so glad when the kids get off work so one of them can carry me to the clinic. I am happy that you got to sleep in this morning under the warm cover. I do hope that the chills are just due to the weather and nothing germy.

Cisco has his tummy full. I made us some scrambled eggs and milk gravy so he is a happy little guy. Now I just need to clean up our dishes. Have an awesome day. Hugs to you and little Pogo... Love Beth and Cisco... xx

Snowy said...

Lol, don't worry. Doors will be locked, relatives or friends will be called to take the pets, or if that is not possible Police will take them to a shelter.At least that's how it works here in UK.
Hugs Snowy