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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Enough Already!! No More Snow!!

February 12, 2017

Good morning.  Would you believe?  Another snow storm is here!!  This one is named "Orson."  I already don't like him.  It snowed yesterday, dumping another load of snow here, and it started again this morning.  The storm warning is on until Monday night, 8 p.m., and we're expecting probably another foot of snow.  We're also expecting batches of rain in between all this snow.  Yuk!  Yuk!

My last two snow shovels were broken during Friday's snow cleanup.  We are down to just a couple of smaller shovels that will have to do until I can get out to pick up new shovels.  Deanne and Eddie are going to try to get out today and pick me up a couple of new snow shovels. 

These past couple of days though, have been rather depressing.  I did not have to go out, but knowing that I couldn't get out if I had wanted to is not a good feeling.  It leaves one feeling rather helpless.  My car sits right in front of my porch, but I can't make it down the steps and over to my car because of the snow.  Unless someone else cleans the snow off the top of my car, I wouldn't be able to drive it on the roads anyway.  So I guess now you know why I don't love the snow.

Well, I made the phone call to arrange for a rental car for when I'm in Florida, and guess what?  The company I use went out of business.  Well how about that!!  Thankfully, I did have the phone number for the woman who used to make all my rental car arrangements, and she said that she would try to find me a new company. 

My arrangement was that they would pick me up at the airport and take me to my condo, and then pick me up later and take me back to the airport.  Since my hubby passed on, I don't like to be driving alone on the airport road where all the rental car places are situated.  Hence, my pickup and drop off arrangements.

Well, last evening, she called me with my new car arrangement.  Goodness, what a blessing this lady is.  She went over and above what I would have expected from anyone.  Once I get down to Florida, I'll have to send her some flowers. 

Last evening, I finished the hat to match the "Butterfly" scarf.  It's rather pretty, I think. 

I have two more scarves that need a hat but first I have to see if I have enough matching yarn, or if I need to buy more.  In the meanwhile, I've started a really pretty "Gold" scarf.  I photographed the pattern, which I'll post here for you.  Let me know if it is readable.  You can always make it larger once you've downloaded it.

You'll note on Page 04, that I've circled the first "ch 3".  I used a "ch 2 loosely" instead so that the edges would look better.  But, you can do this your preferred way.  The little book that this pattern is in can be found at Walmart.  It's called "Hats & Scarves for the Family" and is published  by Leisure Arts.  It also includes links to video tutorials to show how the patterns and stitches are worked.  Here's a photo of the book cover.

Well, now I think it's time for a nice hot cup of cocoa.  It helps to make the snow look less depressing.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.  Here's hoping you're not snowed in too.  (unless you really want the snow!)

Hugs, Edna B.

p.s.  The snow outside has been cleared up again.  Joe just finished shoveling (with a smaller shovel) and snow blowing it to the sides of the yard.  However, the snow is still falling and it will all be back soon.  Ah, the joys of winter!


Angelica Star said...

I'll start off by saying: Enough already...No more heat. My, my, on one end of the world some of us are freezing and on the other end we are burning up. We have broken heat records here in South Texas. Shorts and flip flops are still being worn. I am wearing the flip flops and the summer dresses. Every now and then I might grab a jacket to the car and once I am in the car the jacket is too hot. That's basically at late evenings if you're going out.(1 or 2 days last week) I've been hearing my neighbors air units making a debut in this winter month. I am afraid to do that so I am still using the ceiling fans. They are young but when you get old you know not to go from heat to air too much in the winter months. My immune system aren't working that good for all those changes. Have a great Sunday. You know now you have someone else walking in your shoes with a different kind of weather. (lol)

Mary Ann Roesler said...

For once Wisconsin has been left out of the snow fact it was 46 degrees yesterday and the sun is shining. Sorry it hit you so hard but you will love Florida all the more.

Nani said...

I mentioned to David that you had winter and then a some Friday night. He was a little surprised, but then thought snow in the city in his birthplace (NYC) means nor'easter and that means New England snow too. Sad to here you have more snow again. My dad, daddy to Zara, their little cup of terrier dog, said he can imagine Pogo trying to battle snow that deep. He keeps a close eye on Zara if they get 6 or 7 inches.

I love the pattern for the gold scarf and hat. When I see striped scarves like that I always think of the House scarves in Harry Potter.

I'm still reading, I've just been having some hand problems for commenting as much as I'd like. When I'm back to a repaired recliner that makes typing less tiring, I'll be writing more. :)

You and Pogo keep warm,
Hugs, Nani

Garla Reed said...

I tried to post a comment yesterday but it would not let me. It showed me pictures and said select all the street signs which I did but it wouldn't let me comment at all. Maybe this one will go thru.
I am so sorry to hear of all the snow that is hammering you. My daughter is getting it bad on the west coast. Kids were stranded at school but my son in law managed to get them even tho it was a 3 hour trip both ways. On a normal day it is just a 15 minute car ride but they made it home safely.
I am going to try and post this and will talk to you later... Hugs, Beth and Cisco