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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Are You Kidding? More Snow?

February 16, 2017

Good morning.  Well, such a surprise I got last night.  I did not bother to watch the weather forecast, so when the big snowflakes started falling last night, I was not expecting any more snow.  This morning, everything is covered with several inches of snow.  (Winter storm "Pluto".)  The weather man says that we can expect a few more inches of snow sometime today.  Gosh almighty, I can hardly wait!!

DIL Janet came by last evening after work, and brought me some awesome notebooks.  She says she has more that she'll bring by next week.  Wowee!  A way to my heart is paper.  I love paper.  Don't ask me why.  It probably has something to do with a past life of mine.  Many eons ago, paper used to be legal tender (money).  Unfortunately, my new paper is white.  (not green)  But I will still enjoy it.

About the only interesting stuff happening yesterday was what the mailman brought.  I had ordered a case of doggie food for Pogo and that arrived.  He also brought a package of tiny boots that I had ordered.  These tiny boots are size XXXS.  You would think that they would fit Pogo's little feet.  Well, so far, I can't even get them on him. 

The soles of the boots are a bit stiff and the leg opening is a bit tight.  I'm afraid of breaking his little legs trying to stuff his feet into the boots.  I will try again today.  If they don't fit easily, I'll send them back.  As you can see here, Pogo isn't one bit interested in these new boots.  Not one bit!!

Today, I want to finish up the tax stuff that I did not do yesterday.  Then I may even attempt to pack my suitcase a bit early to make sure it is not going to be over stuffed or too heavy.  If it is, I will need to pack a small box and mail it to myself at the Florida condo. 

I also need to go online to see if there is a pet store near our condo (in Florida) that sells the doggie food that Pogo eats.  I may have to pack a can or two in my suitcase to hold us over until I can buy more there, or Pogo may have to eat hamburgers again. 

A friend sent me some really interesting pictures, and I'll share a few here with you.  I think the "glow in the dark" trees could be rather useful.

Well, now I think I need to get busy here before I get side-tracked.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna and Pogo,

Love the little boots and hope that they fit but they may be a little too small. It is over cast here today and the humidity is a little high for me today. I haven't been out to feed my birds this morning. I slept in rather late anyway,

I hoped that the snow was over for you. Wow. Your sure getting a lot of it lately. It is truly winter in your area. I wish that we would have a good freeze to help kill off the insects here but that is not happening, Usually January and February are our winter months. I guess it is because we live so far south but all of Texas has had a milder than normal winter here.

Time for lunch. I will talk to you soon... Hugs to Pogo and to you. Love Beth