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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Company Coming. Can't Chat Too Long.

November 27, 2016

Good morning.  The sun is shining and the temperature is 38F degrees.  Tonight's temp may go below 30 degrees.  Is it Spring yet???

These past two days were quiet, but I did accomplish one project.  I finished the Flamingo afghan Friday night.  The sad part is that now my hands somehow feel a bit empty without a hook and yarn in them.  I have a couple good coupons, so maybe Pogo and I will go shopping for some new yarn.  We'll see. 

Today I'll have to review the new insurance plan that I'm thinking of signing up for, and then fill in the forms and get them in the mail tomorrow.  I only have a week left to get enrolled in a new plan.  Tomorrow I'll have to make sure my orthopedic doctor accepts the new plan before I can mail my papers off. 

A friend has just called to say that she is on her way here to visit, so I won't chat here very long.  I want to wash the breakfast dishes before she gets here.  Joe must be in the laundry room doing his wash because Pogo is barking up a storm. 

I found a couple adorable cartoons on the web that I thought I might share.  This first one is just adorable.  Ever feel this way?  haha.  I love these Minions!

This next cartoon really hit home.  There are some days where this would fit me to a tee!  I have very little patience with stupidity, and even less with disrespect.  Nuff said!

Now I really must get busy cleaning up the dishes before my friend gets here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...


I nearly fell over laughing at the Minions... Holy Moly that was such a fun giggle and a memory... My Mom reached me up one by the ears and carried me off to the bathroom. (Our version of the woodshed) and lit into me good. My sister and I were having an argument and you know that you have to get in the best insult when fighting with a sibling.
My words to her were.... "I will stomp you so far into the ground that you will have to look up to see the ants walk by!"
I don't think that my mama ever forgave me for that remark as she reminded me of what I said for years. Even when I was in my 30's... I don't think that it was so much the remark but it was directed to the favored child that made her so mad. If I had said it to my middle sibling she probably wouldn't have cared.
Still I had a great laugh this morning. Thanks for that.

I am sorry that I didn't call you back last night. A thousand and one things came up right while I was having dinner.
Cisco got sick. He managed to get sick in my bed so.... I don't have an extra set of sheets that fit my new bed so we had to head to the laundry and wash my sheets. I don't know what made him sick to his stomach but I had the same problem most of the day. Just that ekkk feeling.

I hope that you have an awesome time with your visitor. That is wonderful for this Sunday. My son Jonathan and I have a date. He is taking me out to lunch so it is time to hit the showers he and I and I have the choice of deciding where we are going for lunch. Since his choice was Chinese and I said... No way.... I have to choose something for the both of us...

Have a Fantastic day..... Love you to the moon and back girl... Cisco does too... xx Love, beth and Cisco

smiekeltje said...

It is a strange feeling when you have finished a knitting or crochet project. I also have trouble with that.
But you will find another project to keep your hands busy, I am sure!
Hope you had a good time with your visitor. Nice thing to spend some time of a day with.
We had a very quiet day yesterday, although I did some stuff Made a pan of soup for dinner(still have for this evening too) and did a laundry.
Last Saturday Jan got real busy, he washed all the small windows we have above our doors and in the mean time I did some shopping and later dusted the living room properly and vacuum-cleaned it. Then made dinner for that evening in advance Pfff, I think we deserved to be relaxed yesterday, and know what??? I think today we will be too LOL!
You have a lovely day and hope you soon find some awesome yarn for your next project.