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Monday, October 10, 2016

Tis Columbus Day, And Handbag Day

October 10, 2016

Good morning.  Gosh, what an awful time I had getting to my blog this morning.  First Google made me sign in, then would not accept my sign in.  After several tries, and a short trip around Google, I finally got here. 

Well, the rain stopped sometime during the night, and this morning the sun is shining.  It's a good sight to look out my door and see a few decent puddles scattered around the yard.  Did we ever imagine that we would welcome the sight of puddles?  Probably not, but when you are in a drought, puddles are beautiful. 

Today is a holiday here.  It's Columbus Day, which is a state and federal holiday.  The holiday started in 1702 as an Italian-American celebration in New York.  The day was declared a federal holiday in 1937 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

It's also Handbag Day.  Believe it or not, Handbag Day exists, and real people actually do take some time out of their day to celebrate it and pay tribute to their beloved collection of handbags, as well as all those they wish they could afford.  It is a day when women talk about handbags -- even more than usual, both on the internet, through blogs and in real life with friends.  It is a day where the greatest designs and designers are discussed and celebrated.  It's also a day through which the purchase of a new handbag, or bags, for the more extravagant can be justified and needs no explanation.  (this information was taken directly off the web - Google)

Hmmm, maybe that explains my fascination with handbags.  When I was younger, I leaned more favorably to the larger handbags.  In my older years, I favor the medium to small size handbags.  Do I really need lots of handbags?  Of course not.  But I like them, and they make me happy. 

Yesterday was very quiet here.  I was going to spend some time shredding stuff, but instead I took a nice nap.  Pogo did too.  Listening to the rain coming down and hitting the metal awning over my window is very soothing and conducive to sleeping. 

Later, I worked on the scarf that I've started.  It still befuddles me how I can make so many mistakes on something this simple.  I am making a little progress though.  I probably only had to rip out two or three rows last night.  A definite improvement over the night before.

Today I have a few family photos to share.  This first photo is Audrey and her hubby, Mac.  They are celebrating the wedding of a good friend's daughter. 

This next photo is one of my great grandsons, Nicholas, who has just recently turned eight.  Niko is my son Gary's grandson.  Gosh, such a handsome young man, and oh so smart!

And finally, this is a photo of my grandson Bobby with his daughter Aurora.  Can you tell they are Patriots fans? 

Why do I put so many of my family photos on my blog?  Because I want them included in my Blog Books.  They are an extremely important part of my life, and I want to pass them along to future generations.

Before I go, let me share a fun experience that I had during the night.  This doesn't happen often, but when it does, it makes my heart smile.  I was curled up beneath my blanket, half in and out of sleep, when I heard a very soft cough somewhere very close to me.  I ignored it, and then I heard it a gain.  I put the light on, and found Pogo wanting to be picked up and put on the sofa.  So, I did just that.

Then I turned the light off and crawled back under my blanket.  Soon I heard a very soft cough, snort.  I ignored this.  There it was again.  Very soft - cough, snort.  So I responded very very softly, rrrf!  Pogo answered with a very soft rrrf!  By the second round of "rrrf's" Pogo was getting a bit louder.

So I put the light back on and went to the sofa to see what my little guy was wanting.  Well, can you guess?  He wanted to play!  So we played.  After about fifteen minutes, I gave him another fuzzy blanket to curl up in, and he drifted off to dreamland.  And I went back to bed.  My heart was very happy, and I slept well.

Now I think I'll make myself a nice hot cup of coffee and do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning Miss Edna and Pogo! Hope this morning finds you both well! I am quite rested as I woke early (3:15), did a few things, fed my babies, had some coffee and read a few chapters of my book, fell back to sleep about 6:30 and awoke again about 8:45...I never do that, but it sure felt good this morning...all snuggled with my little man...he must have gotten cold because he was snuggled under the cover with me! It is finally cooling down some at night, but not for long....will be back to 90F by the middle of the week. I was able to have doors and windows open for most of the weekend and relocated some dust bunnies, my babies surely loved all the sounds, sights and smells, they sleep well regardless, but I do sleep better with the fresher windows open at night because of allergies and safety....LOL!
Thanks for all the lovely entertainment from your blogs this week and the quite cute Halloween QPs too. My renters decorated last evening and it looks "frightful" out the door this morning at 4:30 feeding....LOL! I will have to snap a shot to share!
I, too, put all my family photos on my blog so that I have them in the printed books that I am leaving behind one day! You have a lovely large family and you can never have too many photos, because those babies change so rapidly, each day! Even that sweet Pogo gets more handsome with each photo! Sweet Boy!
Well, enough rambling, have an awesome week! Chat more next time! Hugs!! Mat

LV said...

Thanks for sharia such interesting information on handbags. Did not know about it. Your Pogo is one spoiled puppy.

The Queen Jester said...

I'd totally forgotten it was Columbus Day and didn't know about handbag day, but that was appropriate because I just boxed them up to be moved when we can get into the new place. I don't have that many, but I have some additional ones I've made in anticipation of being in a craft sale down here at some point.

I like that you post your family photos. It's your blog and you post what you want to and your family is just darn good looking and fun to see....including that little dog that hangs out with you.

It's been crazy here and things are moving fast, which seems to be the only way we operate, but that is good. We just found out we can close on our Arizona property on November 15th and move in right afterwards. Now I'm hoping to sweet talk the guy we're renting from to let us out of our contract for the four months here and safe some major dollars. But if not..well, a contract is a contract and I don't want to stiff him either. But, I'm hoping he's willing to try to find a new renter and let us off the hook.

You have a good one!

Annesphamily said...

Hi Miss Edna, funny you say it is handbag day! I was in Sam's Club with my daughter Noelle and tiny Harrison. They have all the designer bags in a locked case! Too pretentious for me! LOL! We use to love to take our kids to the Columbus Day parade but the PC crowd got rid of him. Interesting how many people today were alive in 1492! I remember some gal attacking me for posting a Thomas Jefferson quote on July 4th one year. Wow! She was alive in 1776, amazing! You and Pogo make me smile. He is quite a little fellow isn't he? Giving you the business before bedtime just like a small child! HaHaHa! You should Maxine too! She is terribly naughty some days. One of my all time favorites, is a button on my blog, saying "The nice thing about leprechaun's is, you can kick 'em in the butt, without having to raise your foot very far!" She reminds me of my sister sometime. LOL! My sister can be a bit grumpy! But Maxine is a big celebrity at Pinterest. Lots of funny pins there! There was a gal in NYC that was a college professor who hosted Maxine on Saturday! I still miss that! Anyway, I hope you and Pogo are having a great evening. Your photos are always wonderful as you have a beautiful phamily. Joyful Hugs my friends!

smiekeltje said...

Great phptps of sme of the family.
And it is nice to look back on them in your blogbooks, then you also can see the change in people.
I am not really into handbags, okay, when I worked, years ago, I had one, mostly a big one for all the stuff I needed to take with me, but the last few years, I almost don;t have one with me when I go out.
Oh my God, that Pogo sure is a character!!! Trying to wake you(and finally succesfull) just because he wanted some playtime LOL!
Love that guy!
We had a little bit of rain during the night, not really much, may be even during the day there will be a few drops, but there will be anough dry periods for me to be able to go out for a moment.
Have a lovely day.