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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A New Fun Way To Practice Shooting

October 25, 2016

Good morning.  Brrrr, there's definitely a chill in the air now.  I guess our Indian Summer weather is about all gone.  Today the temperature will only be around 47F degrees, then back down to 33 degrees tonight.  Feels like the winter cold is moving in on us. 

I've had to turn the heat on.  So now I'll ask Joe to check on how much fuel we have so that I can arrange for a fuel delivery.  I wonder why October, November and December are called the "Autumn" season.  The beautiful Fall weather only lasts for a short while, then the winter cold sets in.  Well, maybe it will stay in the 40's and 50's for a few more weeks. 

Yesterday afternoon, Deanne sent me a text saying that she would be able to go to the shooting range with me.  I'm so glad she felt better because we had such fun.  Instead of using the regular paper targets, we played Cricket, using a gun instead of darts.  These new cricket sheets were to help us with accuracy.  Here's my sheet.

We had to get three points in each number, including the bulls eye to win the game.  I got all my numbers done, but could not get the bulls eye done before our class ended.  Deanne got the bulls eye done and most of the numbers.  We had a great time, and will be using Cricket sheets again for the next practice. 

I have some perennial plants in pots, so yesterday I went on-line to learn how to "over-winter" them.  Seems there are several ways to do this.  I can dig a big hole in the garden and plant everything, pots and all, (with some mulch of course) or put them in the basement and water them once in a while.  I can also find a spot on the ground near the house (on the East side) and cover them with much for insulation to keep them safe until Spring. 

The plants will hopefully survive the winter this way.  There are a few more steps in the process of over-wintering the plants, but if you are interested you can look it up on Google.  I'll either try putting them in the basement, or maybe on the ground behind the porch protected and covered with mulch.  Next year, I think I should put all my potted plants in the ground.

I dug into my photo archives for some birdie photos to share.  These photos were taken four years ago today while I was at work.  The Robin and the Northern Flicker were busy in the yard looking for food.

This next photo of a pink Knockout Rose was taken the same day.  These roses are still blooming today in my garden.  There aren't tons of blooms, but even a few is beautiful.

Today I'll need to spend some time on my computer to make a few more quick pages.  My folder of them is getting a bit lean.  Plus, being creative is good exercise for my brain.  First though, Pogo and I need to make a trip to the Post Office.  We did not get to finish all the errands yesterday. 

Time is getting short, and I've been procrastinating about putting together the photos for my new calendar and designing this year's Christmas card.  So, I think I'll work on these projects later today.  Hmmm, let's see how far I get!  I usually just procrastinate until the last minute.

Well now it's time for me to get dressed and get this new day started.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Great that after all Deanne was able to join you at the shooting class.
And what a fun way to practice, those cricket sheets Looks almost like darts.
I think you did quite well, looking at your sheet Pity though you didn;t hit bulls eye Oh well, it will be for next time.
There are so many ways to overwinter plants, I get a bit nuts about it sometimes and often I just leave the plants in the garden and see what happens Some of them do well this way. But if you have really treasured ones, yes, you should give them a good place to get through winter.(or leave them on their spot and just cover them with bubble plastic, or fleece and some plastic or cocos sheet or something.
We should dig up our dahlia's too, but most of them are still blooming so it is a bit pity They can wait a few weeks
Jan was feeling a bit better yesterday already, hope today he will be his öld-self"again completely.
Have a wonderful day

Anonymous said...

Hi Edna, Just wondering if you would tell me what programme you use to create your QPs with? I used a Drag and drop programme but it is incompatable with my new computer. I'm still only a raw beginner. Hope you can help. Hugs Elee