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Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Soft September Rain

September 1, 2016

Good morning.  Oh my, what a beautiful day!  We are enjoying a bit of the wet stuff today.  The rain is falling softly, and you almost hear the plants and the grass sighing joyously.  (you didn't know that I had poetic tendencies, did you?)  I too, am really happy to see this rain. 

Today, Cliff was going to be finishing the trim near my door, but it can wait a while.  I'd much rather have the rain.  The grass has been getting a bit tall, but we have not been cutting it because I do not want it to turn brown.  If we get enough rain, we'll be able to cut the grass a bit shorter.

Today is also the beginning of a new month.  Here's to September.  May she be a beautiful month with awesome weather.  And here's the September page from my calendar.

Yesterday I was talking about how there aren't very many bees around anymore.  Then in the afternoon, I spotted one enjoying the plants that I keep by my porch steps.  Of course I had to grab my camera and try to get some decent shots.

Aside from cooking supper, I'm not really sure what I accomplished yesterday.  I sort of remember being busy all day, but there's really nothing to show for it today.  Amazing!!

I just took a short break and went out on the porch to see if there were any puddles in the driveway yet, and I noticed something new.  There are two blossoms on my wisteria plant.  It has been getting tall and growing up and over the corner of the shed these past two years, but with no blooms.  Oh my, these blossoms are so pretty.  When the rain stops, I'll go out and get some photos to share.

One of the things I did yesterday was to call and make an appointment for Deanne and me to get more practice at the shooting range.  Our appointment is for the end of next week.  While we are there, I'll make our next appointment. 

DIL Janet was here last evening, and after enjoying some pasta, we shop-talked about which beads and charms she might be wanting to order for the bracelets that she wants to make.  Gosh, when we put our heads together, lots of pretty things happen.

Now I think I'll get dressed and start a load of laundry.  Ah yes, having a pile of dirty clothes to wash every few days is something we can always count on.  And dust bunnies.  Oh yes, let's not forget those "forever ours" dust bunnies.  I never really get rid of all of them.  After all, they want to have a life too.  I just get rid of the ones that get in my way.  Sort of.

On that bit of wisdom, I'll take my leave.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

I know those days, that you have been busy all the time, and looking back not knowing what exactly has happened LOL!
Dust bunnies at my house should be careful now, I have a new vacuumcleaner.
Yes, the old one died, but had a long life So i guess it was about time
I tried the new one yesterday of course, but although it sounds funny, you have to get used to it, all different vacuuming from the old one Strange.
Perhaps Sunday we will have some rain, they say on the weather forcast it will be a kind of autumn day, temperatures around 18, not the bst day.
But some rain would be good, I talk here soft and smooth rain!!!
Today will be laundry day here.
You have a great day,