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Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Critters Like My New Porch Too

July 30, 2016

Good morning.  Shhh, I can't say this very loud because I don't want to jinx anything, but Pogo is just now finishing up a plate of doggie food for breakfast.  He also had some last evening for a snack.  My goodness, will wonders never cease!!

Well, sometime early yesterday morning, we got a few more drops of precipitation.  I'm not sure when it got here or how it snuck by my door because I never saw or heard it.  Pogo and I were up all night and we never saw it.  Unless it quickly ran by us in the morning when I was napping. 

Pogo seems to be handling his meds a little better.  Oh, he still fights me all the way, but at least he has stopped spitting it out all over me.  Yesterday, I missed one of his meds, I guess because my brain wasn't quite awake.  However, this morning we are back on track. 

SIL Eddie came by yesterday on his way home from work just to say hello and sit and chat for a little while.  I don't get to see him as much now because the union called him back to work, and he has to work six days a week.  So, yesterday's visit was a nice surprise.

This morning, in a little while, Joe and I will go do some grocery shopping before it gets really hot outside.  I have to remember to take my insulated bag with me so that I can get some ice cream.  This is the season for ice cream, but it is difficult to get it home from the market in an edible state.  I'm not into soupy ice cream.

I have some cute photos to share that I  took a couple days ago.  Now that I have the porch, my little critter friends come up to sit on the railing sometimes.  One of our squirrels thought it might be safe to eat his snack there.  These photos were taken through the screen and window of the door.

There's not much news this morning, so I think I should go get dressed.  We'll be leaving soon to do the grocery shopping.  Also, have you been noticing the calendar?  We are just about all out of this month.  When I come back on Monday it will be a new month.  So, till August, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hello Edna,

So glad that Pogo is eating something. I am shocked at the doggie food! But good for him. I guess that he must have really been hungry and since he has some relief from the fleas, he must be gaining his appetite back.
Well Foxy and Cisco both got baths this morning. We didn't see any fleas but Cisco and Foxy have both been scratching so it was a prevention at best, but now Cisco is stretched out on my bed and snoring away. They put out this tiny gravel sand stuff and he gets it in his nails and then when he scratches the sand gets into his fur. We have been so lucky this year with the absence of fleas. They love the sand and they burrow in it. They called our infestation sand fleas because we had a big sand Volley Ball area close to our apartment. They have now covered it with asphalt so perhaps that is the reason we are not infested.

Love the photos of the squirrels. How adorable. If you go to my time line and scroll down quiet a ways, I have a video of the bats. My friend Brian shot the video with his little girl as they watched the bats exodus. I hear them quiet often but since they put up the pergola I can't see them now from my apartment.
It is sad to say but we now have 5 cases of the Zika virus and one man here had West Nile. It has been 5 weeks and he is still in the hospital. The CDC says that most people do not have as bad of a case as he did. His was severe. We try and stay indoors when we know that they are out and even with all the bats, the mosquitos are still rather bad.

I will let you go for now. Enjoy your day and tomorrow enjoy your gun class... Much love, Beth and Cisco.

smiekeltje said...

At least you did get some sleep I suppose you still need some catching up, but every nap is a gain, isn;t it?
real miracle that Pogo had some real doggy food, LOL! But be happy, he probably was real hungry after all the excitement
How marvellous that you get visits at the porch It gives you something to watch and it is kind of cosy, isn;t it?
Nice of Eddy to just come by Six days of work a week is a lot, but at least he has work and in these times it is almost a present
Will see if i can get together a blogpost now, so have a great day at the daycourse with Deanne

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good, Evening I should say! Been a long week and day...LOL! So happy little man is improving...nasty thing those fleas, especially on such a tiny thing as he is. Happy that he is not mad with you any more too! I know you will be happy when the weather cooperates enough to sit on your lovely porch...for you, that shouldn't be too long away, for us here in Texas, the heat is just beginning! But as the temps rise next week, the humidity is supposed to drop...will still be HOT, but not as miserable as it has been with the humidity so high. I finally got some blogging done today, but that is about all(on the computer)! NASCAR races got cancelled because of rain so they will run it tomorrow...guess I will just have to watch it then...LMBO! Thanks for the QP I picked up from your e-mail and all the nice comments you left on my enjoy reading them all. All the fur kids have just finished eating so need to collect dirty dishes and wash them and get ready to watch the Sunday night games on that they have brought back those old game shows. Off here so I can stand for a bit and Pogo have a fantastic week ahead! Visit again soon. Hugs, Mat