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Friday, July 29, 2016

Such A Night It Was!!

July 29, 2016

Good morning.  It's almost 6:30 a.m. and I haven't been to sleep yet.  No, I'm not sick or anything like that.  And the temps were cool enough for a nice sleep.  It's sort of a long story.

As you know, Pogo had to go to the hospital last evening to see his doctor again.  This was not Pogo's favorite place to be and the A/C was on so the air was cool.  The metal examining table was also cold, and as soon as the doctor walked into the room, Pogo had a bad case of the juicy squirties.  I put him in the little sink to clean him off while the doctor had the task of cleaning off the examining table.  Phew!  Not the nicest smelling stuff.

After examining Pogo, his doctor said that Pogo has an extreme allergy to fleas and that was the problem.  Somehow, somewhere, Pogo had picked up fleas and they were doing a real nasty number on him.  He was treated right away to kill anything that might be on his body, then he had a steroid to help stop the itch. 

Next came another medicine, but this one was in pill form.  Pogo does not do pills, so I let the doctor try to give it to him.  It wasn't easy, but all of a sudden the assistant yelled "Stop! He's turning blue."  Now my heart jumped up into my throat.  After checking Pogo again to make sure he was okay, the doctor decided to try a different medicine.  Alas, this was also in pill form.  This time the assistant tried to give it to Pogo, and again they had to stop because he started turning blue again. 

By now, my poor little doggie was shaking and begging for me to pick him up and hold him.  So I did just that.  Next the he had to have another medicine, and the doctor treated him with Simple Guard 3 to help keep him safe from fleas.  I already put Revolution on him once a month, but now he will have to have both treatments every month.  Last night it was the Simple Guard 3, and in two weeks it will be Revolution.  We will continue on this way, alternating the meds every two weeks. 

The doctor and I took turns combing Pogo's fur until everything looked pretty free of the pesky fleas.  His doctor felt pretty sure that his new med regime would take care of the flea problem and that it wouldn't be long before he would stop itching and be comfortable again.  Gosh, I sure hope so.

When we got in the car to go home, I told Pogo that he might have to think about applying for Medicaid to pay for all his meds and doctor visits.  He didn't have anything to say on this subject.  On the way home, I stopped at McDonalds to get us some supper.  It was too late to have to cook.  We got our food and headed for home. 

Oh no!  Something doesn't smell so good.  Really?  Oh Pogo, not all over my front seat!!!  Yup, it was all over the passenger seat, and he danced all through it (trying to get away from it) as I frantically drove the car home.  Once we got in the driveway, I beeped the horn and Joe came out.  He held Pogo while I opened my doors and then I took Pogo into the house to the bathroom for a bath.  Meanwhile, Joe offered to clean the mess in my car.  God bless him.

Before I set Pogo down, I sprayed and covered the sofa with nice clean bath towels.  While he rested a bit on the sofa, I started spraying the carpet and his furniture, etc, and put a load of his blankets in the washer.  Do you suppose I could sit down now for a bit to catch my breath?  Oh no, thank goodness I covered the sofa with big towels because here we go again with the squirties.  (I really need a break!!)

As I rushed around trying to keep up with everything, I slipped and started to fall, but I put out my arm to break the fall.  It worked, however, my arm doesn't exactly look so very happy now.  It's getting fat in spots and turning some nasty colors.  But I still love my Pogo.  Honest, I do!!

Another quickie bath, and more nice clean towels (the sofa cushions are covered with large black trash bags) and it was now time for us to eat.  Thank goodness I got take out because there was no way I was in any mood to cook.  Pogo gobbled up all of his double hamburger, and settled in for a nap. 

So why didn't I get any sleep?  Because he sleeps all night snuggled up against my side and leg.  If I fell asleep I wouldn't be able to jump up quick enough to avoid getting covered if Pogo had another bout of the squirties..  So I watched TV, and a couple times we both went out on the porch to cool off for a little while. 

Dwarf Helen has to go out this morning to do an errand so she will pick up the birdseed that I need (so that I won't have to go out) and I will have me a nice nap after she gets back from the store.  So, now aren't you glad you stopped by?   Here's a photo of Pogo resting after he filled his tummy with all that tasty hamburger.

There's a fan blowing lightly on him and he is enjoying it.  He looks kind of big here, but he's not.  He's stretched over the footrest on the lounge chair.

I have another image to share with you.  I found this really awesome tee shirt on the web and I just had to post it here.  These are my sentiments exactly!!

I had a couple more photos to share, but they will have to wait until tomorrow.  My eyes are starting to feel rather scratchy and the eyelids keep trying to close.  I need to get up and walk around a bit so I don't fall asleep before Dwarf Helen gets back with the birdseed. 

I will post again tomorrow instead of on Sunday because I have to leave Sunday morning for an all day class on how to shoot and clean guns.  This should be a fun class, although many many moons have gone by since I used to practice shooting at the gun club.  I was young and strong back then.  Now I'm not so strong and the guns weigh more than me almost.  (just kidding)

That's it, I'm done.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Oh Edna,
Fleas! I would not have thought of fleas as you had your yard sprayed and he was on the flea medication. Darn little buggers are getting immune to the pesticides to keep them at bay. Remember that horrible flea infestation that we had last summer? Just so you know, any baby fleas that you might not can see... The eggs hatch every 7 days so we had to vacuum daily for 3 weeks. We also put Cisco in my room and sprayed. Then we waited an hour and let him out and then sprayed my room. They were horrid. The apartment complex ended up sending the experts in 2 times last year to help us gain control over them. I am surprised as bad as he had them that you didn't get any itchy bites.
Poor Pogo.. What a terrible situation. His little tummy was just over wrought. Bless his little heart.
I am so glad that you didn't take a complete fall! I hope that your arm is alright and I am super glad that I stopped by here to your blog before I picked up the phone to call you. I was thinking last night that I would give you a call this morning. While I was thinking of you, ahhh you were at the hospital with Pogo. Funny how people are connected. I thought of you right out of the blue. But it was rather late so I thought that I would call you this morning. But glad that I didn't.
Hugs to you and my sweet Pogo... Love you both bunches! Beth and Cisco

Angelica Star said...

Oh well, computer is messing up. The website is having problems and eliminating everything I type. I hope you don't get this twice because sometimes when you have to refresh, that will happen. I was saying our fur babies are a piece of work sometimes and same as our human babies are also. You have to love the babies to do what we do. Queen and Babs can't go outside and play because of the flea problem. I doesn't think I have one in my yard but no matter where they run around, they seem to pick up fleas. I doesn't know if it's because they are so tiny and close to the ground or what the problem really is with them. I just buy their diapers (training pads) and find them a hidden spot to make their potty area which has worked perfectly fine. I bought the plastic pad holder and hide it under a desk because they don't want to be watched when they potty. (lol)I changed flea medicine several times and nothing did any good. You probably can't see them on Pogo, same as we had a hard time seeing them on Babs because of her dark brown color. Queen is white with brownish spots and they showed their ugly heads on her each time and we got to work taking care of both of them and now they go outside but in a chair or in my arm. My house is very spacious so they can run and play inside...Check your carpet also because they will continue laying eggs in the carpet. You might need to have an exterminator to spray inside for fleas. With your breathing problems make sure you are not home or will be leaving right after they spray and stay for a while. I hope Pogo is feeling better and now you can control his itching. Poor baby. Have a great evening

smiekeltje said...

Gosh, I would never thought of fleas, but let's hope that this is really the cause of Pogo's itching and that the extra med against fleas will solve it all in a few days It will take some extra care of the rooms and carpets and everything where Pogo appears for a while to really get rid of those pesty fleas
Poor little guy, he had a bad day, specially at the doctors But with your good care he will get over it real quick
Oh dear, I am glad you didn;t fall all over, we couldn;t have that on top of it all
Now i hope you did get a decent amunt of rest and sleep after Helen came back
Take care and sleep well!