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Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Wishes To Miss Bea And Andi

July 11, 2016

Good morning.  It's starting out gray again, but oh my, the temperature feels sooooo good!  It's 60F degrees at the moment, but will soon be up around the mid 70's.  I just went outside and moved my car because the contractors should be here in just a little while.  I think.  The last two times they were here, they showed up at 7 and 7:15 a.m.  I'm hoping they show up at 7 today.  I'd really like to get this porch finished.

We used to have two great big butterfly bushes in the garden on the other side of the house, but the winter with the heavy snows kind of destroyed them.  We lost one all together, and cut the other one way down to try to save it.  Last year, it didn't look too good, but now it is beginning to grow.  I don't know yet what color this one is.

Also, the new white rose bush is covered with lots of beautiful new blooms.  This one is planted in the garden near the shed.  Gosh, it is just so pretty!

Last evening after supper, Joe helped me take everything off the porch and put it all in my car's trunk.  For some reason, Pogo's play yard did not want to cooperate, but after about twenty minutes of trying, Joe finally got it to close up.  (men don't like to look at the instructions)

Later I decided to crochet for a while, and golly gee, I found a mistake two rows back.  So now I had to unravel those two rows, fix the mistake, and then put the rows back on before I could start any new rows.  This sort of takes all the fun out of the crocheting.  However, I did manage to get a couple new rows on before setting it aside. 

This afternoon after the work crew leaves for the day, Pogo and I have to go to the Post Office and the bank.  We have a birthday box to mail, and the bills are wanting to be paid.  One birthday is for daughter Audrey's friend, Miss Bea, whose birthday is today.  Pogo and I wish you a beautiful day and a happy birthday, Miss Bea.

The other birthday is belated.  Granddaughter Andi (Audrey's daughter) had a birthday a few days ago.  Pogo and I are sending you belated best wishes Andi, and I hope your birthday was beautiful.

As I sit here typing, the big truck just rolled in with the work crew.  Woo Hoo!!  It's looking like it might rain, but I hope it holds off until the work is finished.  On my next trip out shopping, I think I'll have to look for a new chair for the porch.  The ones I bought are comfy, but a tad on the narrow side.  My tushi isn't quite as teeny tiny as it used to be.  (Haha.  Actually, it is rather plump!)  I would be more comfortable in a chair with a bit more room for the seat.

I have a new photo to share that daughter Deanne sent to me.  These are my beautiful girls, Jazzy and Janicee, at the local fair.  Just two of my many blessings. 

Now I think I should go get dressed so that I can go outside and see what the guys are doing.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Hi Edna,
I hope that they get the porch finished. I know that your anxious to use it as much as possible.
I hope that you can get it sealed as soon as possible as well. Will the contractors put the sealer on or will you have to have someone else do it?

We survived the 108 day yesterday. Jon and I had to go out and pick up my medication. I went to my after hours and weekends clinic yesterday and I was so impressed with this doctor. He spent a lot of time with me and demonstrated some things to me and he and I also had a very engaging conversation about my insulin. He was appalled at how I was taking my insulin. I take 110 units in the morning and break them up to 55 units each and an inch apart. He said that no wonder I wasn't seeing improvement because the body cannot absorb more than 35 units at a time! So he demonstrated how I should take it and where! I asked if I could change my PCP to him and he shook his head no. He is just a fill in doctor here for the clinic one weekend a month. He goes to other clinics the rest of the weekends. But it was nice to meet him. He is retired Army and said that it is just too much fun to work when he wants to...
I didn't even know my clinic was open on Sunday until I talked to my doctors nurse... My favorite girl when she called Saturday and told her that I thought that I had another UTI and she said that they were going to close that day but I could come in Sunday. I said.... Your open on Sunday and she said Yes mam... Learn something new every day!

How does Pogo like the porch? I bet that he loves it. I hope that Miss Bea and Andie have Awesome Birthdays. We are heading to our next birthday around the corner which is July 22nd. My son Matthew. Since he lives in Wisconsin I wont be able to treat him to a birthday dinner. Then just after that Nathan is turning another year older August 1st. Then we are good until October. Finally! Oh I take that back. My son in law's is in September but we never celebrate his birthday. He never joins us for holidays or birthdays. His choice!

Guess I had better get off here and find something to do. I am on clear liquids all day because I have my colonoscopy and endoscopy done tomorrow. I will be glad when this is all over with.
You and Pogo have a great day and I hope to see some gorgeous pictures of that Butterfly bush. The roses are gorgeous! Love Cisco and Beth...

Angelicastar said...

I read your post on Sunday but was very busy and didn't comment. I had to go to Walmart for clothes hangers. Be careful and never leave Pogo alone outside or out of your eyesight. They will steal small dogs. chickens, etc. They are meat eaters. I grew up in the country and they were always trying to steal our chickens. The eagles are also bad at stealing your small pet. It has happen in the next neighborhood over from me. This homeowner's small chi was taken by an eagle. I live next door to a nature park and I keep mine inside. If they go outside, I am sitting right there by them. They can swoop down and take them in a second. I love Pogo, so keep your eyes on him. (lol)

LV said...

Never a dull moment at your house.

smiekeltje said...

It is always a miracle again to see how strong Mother Nature can be if she wants. Look at the butterfly bush, it takes a while but it will grow back.
I have one clematis, that was kind of disappeared, then this spring i saw a tiny little leaf out of the soil and now it is growing like mad. I am so happy.
So today the big work will be finished if all goes right? Very exciting.
And yes, you should have a chair in which you can sit really comfy.
Nice excuse to do some "porch-shopping"hey??
Have a wonderful day.

Annesphamily said...

Your weather seems very mild. Blessings! Oh those young ladies are so cute. My goodness, youth! fun that photo is. Love those smiles. I have been tired lately and blame the weather and of course, now there is a big fire west of us. So many firefighters coming from all over to help. The two are in custody that started it. One has a criminal record as a pedophile and was still on probation. The other one has a criminal record too. The woman with them was not charged! Sad a firefighter was working to save his neighbors home and ironically lost his own. So sad. A neighbor across the street has a huge cottonwood tree and it is killing me with my allergies! UGH! Plus it is all over my front yard and my hubby worked so hard with my help and Nick's help to put down new mulch. Trying to rid that front area of weeds but renters next door don't care for the property they are in and the owners won't cut down the dead bush on the front yard and the half dead tree. Plus they have a young pup and she cries and barks all day long. I don't know why people insist on having pets when they do not care for them. We have bought her a dozen dog balls but they must take them away. She gets so upset when the dogs here are out playing. So one day we tossed her a ball. Then another and another. She was so quiet. I don't know what those renters are up to. They moved here from Washington state. Can't be the legal marijuana because they have it too in Washington state. So aggravating. Can't call the animal control, they will tell us the dog has food and water and there fore nothing they can do about it! Argh.... We had the best neighbor, then they hiked the rent and he moved and people who did not speak English moved in and out in less than a years time. Now these two and their annoying dog. Argh...
The butterfly bushes are so pretty. I noticed a lot more butterflies this year than ever before. So pretty too. I think I will plant a butterfly bush in the fall. I have been reading up on my garden favorites.
My cousin Juliane in upstate NY has the most spectacular garden. Hydragea and Peonies that are so huge and so pretty. Her hubby re did their deck. Gosh they have a lovely home. Then my sister-in-law in Pueblo, she and my brother have the biggest and prettiest garden. Of course, to be fair, she grew up on a farm, so she has a big advantage! LOL! My brother is a great gardener. They have lettuce, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, oh it is heavenly! I am not sure what else they have but half their garden is fruit and veggies, the other half flowering plants. Just spectacular.
I hope your week is wonderful. Take care. xo