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Friday, May 20, 2016

Shopping Can Be Good For The Soul

May 20, 2016

Good morning.  Well it rained most of the night, but the sun is shining now.  It's 55F degrees right now, but it is supposed to get up to 75F degrees in a few hours.  Woo Hoo!!  I absolutely love Spring time. 

Well, yesterday SIL Eddie, Pogo and I went shopping to find us some super bargains.  We ooohed and aahed over quite a few things, but were careful shoppers.  My big purchase was four large bags of mulch that were on sale for 4bags/$10.  I did find a really nice suitcase, but I decided to think about that for a while. 

Eddie and I both found something that we did not need but decided to buy anyway.  Eddie bought a new nozzle for his garden hose, and I bought a Micromaster cooker pan for my microwave.  Both items were inexpensive, and we each came away happy with our purchases.

Before we headed for home, we stopped at a nearby McDonalds for lunch.  The local birds were happy to get the bread from Pogo's burger and Eddie's French fries.  There were two blue jays and a couple of sparrows mixed in with the gulls.  Next time I go there, I'll get extra fries for the birds.

Today I dug some photos out of my archives of a visit to a nearby pond a few years ago to see a pair of swans with their nest full of eggs.  This first photo shows Mom sitting on her nest.

And here are the treasures that she is protecting and keeping warm.

Always nearby, Dad keeps watch over his family to protect them from any harm.

We're not really very different from our wildlife.  One would think that Man would have more respect for our birds and animals.  We wouldn't last very long without them.  It takes all of us working together and respecting each other to keep our Earth alive.

 My goodness, I had not planned on any sort of rant here, but I really do love nature and it hurts to see people treating our birds and animals badly.  When I go to the park to watch the ducks and geese, there is always at least one mother there letting her kids throw rocks at the birds.  Many days, there are even adults standing around with fishing poles (and hooks) in the water where the birds are.  If these people have no respect for the birds, why can't they go somewhere else?

On a happier note, today is turning out to be such a lovely day that I think Pogo and I will spend a little time outside in the yard.  It's time now for me to get dressed and find some fun mischief for us to get into.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Lovely Photos Edna,

Oh boy what a fun day of shopping just for fun! It is good for the soul and great bargains too.

Mankind has lost a lot of respect for so much. Our land, animals, birds and our way of life. All we can do is just hope that those that do care will be able to be assisted in keeping our planet as safe as possible.
It really makes it hard to enjoy our favorite spots with kids throwing rocks at the birds and people fishing, endangering the wild life.

I am going to Laurie's tonight to spend a few days. We all have colds and she is sick and lonely since her husband is working in California. So since we all have summer colds we can just get well together. I should be home sometimes Wednesday night as I have a doctors appointment on Thursday. I am not taking my computer. I think taking a break will give me other things to do.

That's my news for today. Take care everyone...... Love Beth

smiekeltje said...

Just shopping for fun, and then also for a very little amount of money can make your day!
Adults and kids can be nice but also can behave very badly.
Like Jan and I saw wqhen we were out for a walk on Liberation day to see for a moment a music festival.
We walked through the big park, were thee are many paths made with grid. Nothing wrong with that,
but passing a little pond there were kids busy shuffing the grid into the water with their feet.
So i gave a yeel to quite that, probably they didnt hear. Then Jan also said something and made a remark to their parents who were walking just close to their kids. Well, I don;t think it helped very much.
Why they did it i don;t know, I didn;t see much fun in it.
Looks to be a rather warmer day today, although they said there wouldn;t probably be not much sun. We'll see if they were right on tv LOL.
Have a fun day in your yard.

The Queen Jester said...

Shopping is always fun. I got to sneak off without Left Brain yesterday for a little retail therapy of my own. A girl needs to do this from time to time.