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Monday, May 23, 2016

Scrumptious Petunias

May 23, 2016

Good morning.  The sun is shining and the temperature is in the high 50's at the moment.  However, I am cold.  It started yesterday afternoon with a nasty case of the chills, and I haven't warmed up yet.

Yesterday, Joe and I took one of the new big planters outside and filled it with garden soil.  Joe planted both my new tomato plants in it.  Today I'll take some photos of it.  After that, all the new Petunias got planted. 

This first group of three beautiful colors got planted in the kiln just outside Pogo's storm door.  I'm hoping they will grow tall and hang down around the sides of the kiln.  (check out the names too, they are delicious!)

These next two beauties are planted in the rooster welcome planter just outside my door.
And lastly, this last pretty Petunia was planted in a pot by itself, and it sits on one of my steps.
I'm not sure why this last image is so much bigger than the others because in reality it is the same size or smaller.  Hmmm, must be because there is only one item in the image.  Ah well, who cares.
After the planting, I came inside and made lunch for myself and Pogo.  We had plans to check the floor tiles at Lowes right after lunch, but that's when my chills started.  I was so cold that I wrapped up in two blankets and crawled onto my lounge chair.  After a while, I was able to take a nap. 
When I woke from my nap, I was still quite cold and not feeling so good.  So I put on my jammies and called it a day.  Today I feel okay, just a bit sluggish, but I'm still cold.  I don't know of any virus that's going around, so I hope I'm not coming down with something. 
I have a bit of interesting info to share today.  Ever notice the little plastic tab that holds the wrapper closed on your loaf of bread?  Ever wonder why they are not always the same color?  This will explain that. 
Please just remember to cut this little plastic tab in half before discarding it.  In it's present state, it could kill a small being.
Now I'm going to finish my coffee while I catch up a bit on my morning blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

Your petunisa's are just gorgeous! Remember to pick out the dead blooms often, then they will give flowers for much longer!
You try to get warm today and wrap yourself into some blankets and hopefully you didn;t catch a cold.
Yesterday was rainy, today looks a bit better, temperature not great yet.
But probably good enough to go out later for a moment.
Cannot wait to see photos of the planters with your petunisa's!
Have a wonderful and fo all a warm day.