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Sunday, May 22, 2016

It's A Great Day For Planting

May 22, 2016

Good morning.  Today will be cloudy with a slight breeze and temps around 61F degrees.  Sounds like a pretty good day to work in the yard.  Maybe plant some tomatoes??

Yesterday my friend Ellen came for a visit, and we took Pogo and went shopping at Home Depot.  I looked at all the floor tiles but did not find anything I liked.  Next we looked for the little white fence edging to put around the flower gardens.  Of course, they did not have any of that either.  But we did find another pretty little fence edge so I bought that.

The fence materials are at the back of the garden center, so of course we had to walk around the whole garden center.  Oh my, the trouble I could have got into here!!  I did my best to be good, but I couldn't resist buying a few new plants.  I'll see about taking some photos of them today.

We left the garden center and stopped by Burger King for some take out lunch.  Then we headed for the park, where we sat and watched the geese and ducks while we enjoyed our lunch.  All in all, we had a fun time out together. 

Later, after I got home, it was time to take Joe grocery shopping.  Not even halfway through this shopping, I ran out of steam.  As soon as I got home and put the groceries away, I put on my jammies and curled up in my comfy lounge chair.  Ohhhhhhh, this felt sooooo good!!

Pogo and I had a late supper, and after supper I did a bit of crocheting on the Scarlet afghan.  I finally reached the halfway mark.  Here's a photo of this afghan.

Today, I'm hoping to plant the new tomato plants and flowers that I bought yesterday.  I also want to take a trip to Lowes to look at their floor tiles and check out the garden center (of course!). 

I have some photos from my garden to share today.  This first photo is my little lilac bush.  I love lilacs and can't wait for this plant to get bigger.

For Mother's Day, DIL Janet brought me a whole basket of calla lily plants which have already been planted in one of the small gardens.  Isn't this pretty? 

Well now it's time to get dressed to go outside and play in the dirt.  Yes, yes, yes!  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,

Loved your photos. My what a fun day you had.
I am going to have to just say hello and run here as I am typing with one hand. I sprained my left wrist somehow and spent 4 hours in the emergency room last night. I have a splint on it but it makes it awkward to type. Hugs to you and Pogo. Beth

smiekeltje said...

Sounds you had a real lovely day with your friend. Told you it is dangerous to be in a garden centre!!!LOL.
But some new plants can bring so much happiness and they don+t always have to be expensive, is it? I am curious to see a photo of your little fence.
Lilacs are beautiful. and I didnt know there were lilac Calla's too!
I can imagine you were a bit pooped out after that day, and then comfy jammies and just sitting down is the best to do and feels ever so good!
Today it is rainy here, not such warm weather either, but later this week all will go better, cannot wait for it!
Jan is at the hospital at the moment for his MRI scan. Hope they can figure out a result and that it will be not too bad news, and that he doesnt have to go for further investigation to another hospital in another town.
Well, we will hear that end next month from his doctor.
You have a nice and lazy day today!!