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Monday, January 25, 2016

Such A Beautiful Full Moon

January 25, 2016

Good morning.  The sun is shining and it's about 19F degrees.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer so maybe I'll go out to do errands then.  Today I need to get busy and work on my tax stuff.  I am very good at neglecting it, but it needs to be done. 

Last night there was a gorgeous moon with quite an aura around it. I had to wait until around 3:30 a.m. to be able to try to get some photos of it.  Before then, the tall trees hide it from my view.  I took some photos through the glass door pane. 

It's aura was rather bright with a bluish hue, probably because of the clouds.  Most of my photos look the same as these two, and the rest had light rays tht were bright and hid any details on the moon.  

After taking photos, I was awake so I crocheted for a little while and gave Pogo an early breakfast.  I figured that would tire me out and I could get some more sleep.  I guess I didn't figure right.  Sleep after that was elusive.  Tonight, I'll have to leave the camera in it's bag and stay in bed.

I think maybe our neighborhood hawk has moved on to another yard because a few of our little birds have come back.  They don't stay out in the open for very long, but at least they are here.  I'll have to go out later and toss a bowl of goodies beneath my car for them. 

The other night while it was snowing, I took photos of the bushes in front of the kitchen window.  (phtos taken through the window)  I think the shapes that plants and trees and shrubs take on when they are covered with snow is so very interesting.  This is part of a tall rose bush.  The little beads are tiny rose hips.

This photo was taken around 10:30 p.m. Saturday night.  The light shining on the bush is from one of the security lights on the house. 

Ever wonder how some folks keep their jobs?  We've been getting our fuel oil from the same company since back in the 80's.  They always said that they would only come out for a fill up (not a partial fill) and they expected to be paid in full at the time of the delivery.  No problem. 

So here we are more than thirty years later, and when I call for a delivery the conversation goes like this:  (me) Hi, this is Mrs Barron and I'd like to schedule a fill up.  (secretary) Ok, and what is your name?  I repeat my name.  (secretary) And what is your address?  I give her my address.  (secretary) What is your phone number ma'am?  It shows on her phone but I give it to her anyway. 

(secretary)  And how much oil would you like?  This one always confuses me because they will only deliver a total fill up.  (me) Can I get just a half tank?  (secretary) No, we only deliver fills.  (me) That's okay because I asked for a fill up when you answered my call.  Now the secretary sighs.  Hmm, I wonder if my phone call woke her up? 

Mind you, this same voice has been asking me these same questions all these years, and to date she does not have a file card with my name, address and phone number on it.  She still asks me every time I call if this is a single family house.  And for years I've been telling her "Yes it is."  I asked once why they did not have my information in a file on their computer and was told "Oh we don't believe in using computers."   I guess the lady only has a short attention span too.  Also, she might be married to the owner.  If so, that would explain how come she still has her job.  What do I know?

Well, that's about all the news for this morning.  Now I'm going to find some mischief to get into.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay warm and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea Priebe said...

Ha! That is what happens when they provide a service that others don't provide any more ... they don't have to treat you right because they know they have you by the ... well, that doesn't work for you, but you get my point. I guess, at this point, you just have to be grateful that they are still delivering fuel oil.

Your sleeping habits are atrocious ... do you ever read articles on the need to get enough sleep? Even Pogo can tell you, you should try to sleep through the night. I can't even imagine what your circadian rhythms look like at this point. They have to be totally confused. But ... I have to agree, those are awesome moon pictures :)

I have been going through a week of Hmmm ... my FH and my daughter are both sick and I am in panic mode because I am trying to get them well before I leave. We spent a lot of time in doctor's offices last week and we are starting this week out at another doctors office. My FH is on the road to recovery except the medication he has to take is so strong it is making him sick in other ways ... Argh! My daughter ... I just don't know what is happening with her yet, thus today's doctor appointment. Fingers crossed ... I can't not go nor would I want to because everything is bought and paid for and it is my son's wedding. I guess there is always a price to pay when you are planning to have fun :(

I was relieved that you didn't get hit by that big storm. I was feeling sorry for Joe because some places were just buried ... but you were lucky. Hope it stays that way, at least until you get to Florida. Is Joe going with you again this year? Well, I need to go hop in the shower so I am sweet smelling when I take JG to the doctor this afternoon. You have a great day and don't nap too much or you won't be able to sleep tonight :) Stay well, Edna and love to Pogo from Izzi ... well from both of us :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

Garla Reed said...


I do love your photos. Even thru the glass windows and doors they are stunning. The full moon is gorgeous and well the snow on the rosebush is just gorgeous. You have a very good camera to be able to get that much detail thru the glass.

Even tho I slept around the clock yesterday I am feeling wrung out right now. Matthew my son that works in Nebraska is home for his break and while we were in Wal-Mart shopping (Me for my meds and a few things) and he and Barbara getting what they needed, someone in broad daylight broke into his work truck and stole both of his winter jackets and bibbed over/coveralls and took one (just one) of his work boots. Now he is going to have to pay to replace them. The extra money that he was saving is now gone.
Wal-Mart police are worthless too. They even refused to come outside to take the report. So Matt had to call 311 only to be told to call 911 only to be told to call 311 again. After 40 minutes of trying to get a police report done over the phone, the dispatcher told him to come inside and talk to the police who had on camera the culprit breaking into Matt's truck, but could not get a license plate and there fore all they could do was to make a report for him to be able to submit to his insurance and guess what? He has to wait for the report to come in the mail. He cannot even go to the Police station and pick it up.
All of this has me very tired, mentally and physically. I feel so bad for him because he was so proud of his savings that he has managed to save. Until now that is.

In other news... I am doing laundry and fixing to vacuum my bedroom and give my bath a good cleaning and then I am off here to do some coloring and play with Cisco. He is really being a great love today. Playful and happy. So there is that bright spot in my day. He is so very content as long as mama is around. You have a blessed day. Hugs to you and Pogo. Beth and Cisco.

The Queen Jester said...

I enjoyed your encounter with the gas lady. You'd think she'd be a bit more on the ball by now, but I guess if you're sleeping with the boss you can get away with it.

Lovely image of the snow on the stems.

The full moon always affects me, it's very hard to beat me at pickleball during a full moon. Now the week or so before that when the moon is waxing...that's another story.

smiekeltje said...

Hahaha, that story of the gas lady was funny. And yes, there are people like her all over the place.
One thing is good: you get your fill-up.
Edna, when do I get to read that you slept for a long while, till say, 7.00 or 7.30 in the morning??
How beautiful bushes and all can be with a snow cover, I hope that it soon will melt all away. We are definately warmer weather people LOL!
Have a wonderful day