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Friday, January 8, 2016

Lottery Fever Is On!

January 8, 2016

Good morning.  Tis quite gray and cloudy here in New England, although the temps are creeping up to around 41F later today.  Today would have been Elvis Presley's 80th birthday.  Will you be celebrating?  Or one of the lucky folks who will be at Graceland today? 

Today the Power Ball Lottery is up to around $700 million.  Good luck to those of you with tickets.  Personally, I don't play.  If I thought that I might have a chance at winning, I might play.  But being realistic, I know that's not going to happen.

In the beginning, when lotteries first started up, officials told all of us that this would be a chance "to make a lot of people millionaires."   This has never really happened.  Because it is difficult to win, the pot keeps growing to ridiculously high numbers before being won by someone. 

I think that a new winning number should be picked for every $5 million dollars in the jackpot.  Now THIS would make a lot of people millionaires.   Because more people would have a chance to win, more people would play.

That brings me to another sort of "lottery" program.  The Publishers Clearing House jackpots.  For years this company has been sending me fat envelopes almost weekly (or bi-weekly) telling me that I have to rush my entrance forms (along with hopefully a new order for products) back right away in order to retain my eligibility to win the next big jackpot. 

Every now and then, a commercial on TV will show some new PCH jackpot winners, but none of them are anyone that I know.  And none of them are me!  Well I finally got the envelop that says "You are a winner.  Here is your check!" 

Are you kidding me?  $10????????  I haven't decided yet whether to cash the check or to send it back.  Who in their right mind is going to enter a (huge jackpot) contest in order to win a $ ten dollar bill?  Oh well, I guess I can stop ordering stuff from these folks now.

On TV this morning, there is another big issue that some folks are wanting to resolve.   It has to do with doggie pants and the proper way to wear them.  Hmmm, I was kind of leaning toward the second view, but both views look pretty good.  Either way, the company making these pants has run out of product and is now working diligently to make a whole lot more of them to fill their orders.

And no, Pogo doesn't have any of these yet.  We'll have to wait until they are available around here before we can pass judgment on the best way to wear them.

Well, I think it's time for me to get started on that tax stuff.  Yuk Yuk!!  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea Priebe said...

Interestingly, I didn't like Elvis much when I was younger and he was all the rage, but as I got older and was able to separate his music from the craziness that surrounded him (which finally killed him)I came to love his music and his wonderful deep voice. So Happy Birthday Elvis, wherever you are :)

Resolutions ... not big on them because I would probably forget them before I accomplished them. I guess my one resolution I make each year is to "SURVIVE" to the next New Year. That would be my goal on a daily basis. It also entails a lot of different things I would need to do, like exercise, eat right, keep my mind active ... and I do my best to do all of that, so have I resolved to do them? ... I guess I have.

Our weather is just nuts. It is in the 40's again today but by Sunday it will be below freezing. Maybe some light snow, but no accumulation. We still have about 4 inches of solid ice on the ground from the ice storm we had a couple of weeks ago. It is hard, but not so slippery. We had to chip it off of our steps ... ugh!

My granddaughter is coming to visit this weekend. We haven't seen her for a long time so I am looking forward to it, though I don't know what we will do for fun since her Dad is in Thailand and he usually keeps her busy. Maybe I will take her out for Sushi ... she likes that I know. Anyway ... open to suggestions :)

Izzi is fat ... I thought I had her on a diet but she kept gaining. Then I realized that FH was giving her a whole plate full of freeze dried chicken for lunch. He used to give her carrots, but those seemed to be giving her loose stools (which is not a good thing with a dog with long hair if you get my gist) so he stopped giving them to her. But a whole plate of freeze dried chicken is more calories than both of her regular meals together OMG! Now I have to get her on a serious diet and I have know idea what will happen while I am away for two weeks. She will be waddling by the time I get back. Oh my ... she is still a good girl though.

Well, Edna, time for me to do some picking up around here. We are more tolerant of dust bunnies and clutter than we should be and having company gives me an excuse to clean house. And, sorry to say, I do need an excuse to give me the inspiration. It's much more fun going out with my friends or puttering on the computer ... or reading a good book. I better get going so you have a wonderful warm winter day with Pogo. Izzi sends hugs and sloppy kisses to Pogo ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

It is with most of thse lotteries, they promise a lot, some people are lucky, but most of them not.
I had a nice day yesterday, weather was good, I went to city centre in the afternoon, didn;t buy me much, most of it was food LOL.
Then came home and Jan already left, so I slowly prepared my dinner(I had left over lasagna from the day before) and watched a program of James Martin Home Comforts(British cooking program, love it).
Then took a short nap and then it already was almost time Jan came home.
had some phonecalls for my birthday, so yes, nice day.
I don;t like the pants for dogs too much. They are funnny, of course, but shouldn;t we leave a dog look like a dog?
If I HAD to choose, I think choose the second pants, but better not at all.
Oh dear, tax stuff preprair! Not the funniest thing to do. Soon I will have to do that too!
well, it's ab out time to get dressed, so I leave you
Have a fantastic day

Annesphamily said...

Love the lottery and PCH stories, I feel the same way too! My kids had a couple tickets and hubby joined a pool at work! But I agree make it reasonable and make a millionaire every week or once a month! That PCH is ridiculous, you get on their site on line and they try to get you to buy token to play silly games! Although a gentleman who moved here last yer to help his sister and her two children won one million from PCH and the newspaper said they drove up in their van! LOL! Glad someone who needed it won. I already heard the California winner of this massive Powerball is rich already! UGH! But has to share with a winner in Florida and one in Tennessee. My daughter Noelle has a friend attending law school in MA! She lives on Cape Cod, but her friend bought a fifty dollar scratch ticket in her home state and won something like a million or two!Sometime I will have to share Angela's story with you. She won a huge lawsuit but the doctor who operated on her leg turned her into a raving drug addict (take a pain pill you will feel better, take a pain pill....), lied and was later sued because a doctor with ethics and morals found his surgical instrument still inside her ankle! She married a guy from MA. with a wealth off family but she wants to come home to Colorado so after she graduates...she will. She is a good lady, works with the Bureau of Indian Affairs or something to do with Native Americans. A do good lawyer, my favorite kind! But I know those lottery wins are few and far and the odds are ridiculous! My dad use to say hard work is what will get you ahead in this life. Those dogs pants made me laugh out loud. when Hannah had lil Roxanne, she owned a red, white and blue patriotic bikini! A Chihuahua in a bikini! HaHa! Roxanne had quite a stunning lil wardrobe. I sure miss her. As naughty as my big kitty can be, he has a kind heart. He loved Roxanne and use to lay in her bed with her and protect her with his long arm/paw! When she passed away he howled for a long time at the door when we she taken out. Now I notice he is careful around Bandit. You know that poor lil guy is blind but his hearing is Vulcan perfect! If you tiptoe across a squeaky floorboard he stands at attention! I noticed Mr. Kitty gingerly walking around him and giving up his comfy spot on the new doggy bed so Bandit can climb in and rest. He will lay close to him and watch him like a mother hen. Our pets are so much of our lives and they areoften so much kinder than a lot of folks in the world. You and Pogo take care.