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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The First Winter Storm Has Arrived

November 17, 2015

Good morning.  While we are enjoying a beautiful sunny day, some folks are having to cope with lots of snow.  On the Weather Channel, they are talking about the first Winter storm, Ajax.  It's dumping snow in some of the Western, South Western and Central states.  Brrr, I'm not ready yet for the snow to begin here.

I dug into my 2012 photo files, and found this beautiful snow covered rose.  I took the photo on December 1st,  This gorgeous blossom is on my pink rose tree which was covered with blooms and snow.  This year the branches are all bare. 

I do have an update on Randi and Ali.  Randi was able to leave the hospital and go home early last evening, but Ali will have to spend a few more weeks in the hospital.  At least, that's the news that I got last evening.   Jack and Lilah were sooo happy to have their mom home.

Another update here, the eye drops seem to be helping my eye, and my cold isn't so bad now either.  I just have an occasional cough.  This is good because I don't plan on missing Jazzy's performance in A Christmas Carol this coming Saturday. 

Last evening, I put a few more rows on the baby blanket.  For some reason, this does not seem to be working up as quickly as the afghans did.  I missed my TV program "Major Crimes" because, once again, I fell asleep.  Next week, I'll use my smarts and tape it. 

While I was poking through my photo archives, I dug out this adorable photo of Pogo.  This was the first day he met Sassy (Auntie Dee Dee's doggie).  Auntie Dee Dee was talking, and as you can see, both Pogo and Sassy were listening intently. 

I took this photo on August 7, 2012.   My little Pogo had been here less than two weeks.  Wow,  can you see the difference in how he looked then and how he looks now?   He's now two and a half pounds heavier, and he rules the whole household.

This next image is one that I borrowed from the internet.  It says it all for those of us with fur babies.

Well, yesterday I did manage to use that wicked "P" word again, (procrastinate) but I did address another big batch of envelopes for my Christmas cards.   Today, I'll take a photo of the Frosty Green afghan, and then I'll get that wrapped.  After that, it should be a bit easier to get into a "wrapping" frame of mind.  (I'm trying to use psychology on myself)

It's looking like there may only be two or three of us here on Thanksgiving Day, so I'm thinking that I might like to order us some take out Chinese food for dinner.  I don't really feel like cooking up a big dinner, and I'm not especially fond of turkey.  I do usually cook a turkey each year, but once it is cooled, I cut it up and package it all into portions big enough to make salads.  I love turkey salad.

Well, time is fleeting and soon Pogo will be looking for some lunch.  Me too, actually.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

So wonderful that Randi is home. Hope the baby improves really quickly as well... Sorry there is no more to comment on but I am having a major problem with time today. Going to do what I have to do then I think that I am going back to bed and wake up when I am better.... Very sick to my stomach. Took a nasty fall face first. Hit my stomach hard. I am going to have to lay down... Love from me to you.... Beth

Nani said...

I’m glad to hear that Randi is home. I hope they way overestimated how long until Ali is home too!

Pogo was cute but he looks so much healthier and happier now!

I totally identify with the Charlie Brown cartoon! We definitely get the “Who’s the cat here?” look if we ask one of the kids to move. LOL

I hope your cough goes away quickly!

Hus, Nani

Stacey said...

I am so glad Randi was able to go home, and pray little Ali will soon too. I love that Charlie Brown cartoon. I'm glad to hear your eye and cold are better. the good thing about pink eye is once you have the drops it clears up quickly. I'll look forward to the pictures.

smiekeltje said...

Good news on Randi, sorry the little one has to stay longer in hospital, but may be not as long as they think, let's hope.
Pogo really looks another dog now, isn;t he?
Glad your eyedrops seem to help and that your cold is getting better too.
No, we don;t want you to miss on Jasmine's performance.!
We had quite some stormy winds here last night, in some parts of the country trees fell over, and such, but no harm to people because of it.
Again this night storm expected, then it will settle down, hoorray.
Think it's a good idea to order food for Thanksgiving, if you are only with a few in the house.Cooking a meal, specially with turkey, is a bit too much work.
Have a lovely day.

The Queen Jester said...

Hopefully Ali will be able to join her family soon, but for now she's where she needs to be. Loved the Charlie Brown cartoon - it really sums it up how much we wish for the comfort of our babies.