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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lottery IOU's?

October 15, 2015

Good morning.  It's a bit nippy, only 41F degrees outside right now.  Later it will get up to the low 60's.  It's supposed to be sunny all day, so that is good. 

Today the fuel delivery man will be here to fill up the tank, and the furnace cleaner guy will be here too.  Little by little, we are getting everything ready for the winter. 

I've been watching (on TV) about the Illinois lottery, and how it is giving IOU's out to people who won more than $600.  They say that until the state gets it's budget settled, they won't have any money in the bank to pay the lottery winners. 

Now I ask you, what does the state budget have to do with the money in the lottery's bank account?  My understanding was that the lottery money went into a bank account and that winners were paid out of this.  So, where does that money really go?  Obviously not into a special lottery bank account.  Because if it was in a lottery bank account, there would be plenty of money to pay the winners. 

I don't know about you, but I call this legal thievery.  For some reason, the federal and state governments do this all the time and it is supposed to be okay.  Now, if you or I took something that wasn't ours, we'd be arrested for theft.  So what's the difference?  Hmmmm?

I have a couple of interesting crochet patterns for those of you who like "quick" projects.  This first afghan is called a "Fall Weekend" crochet throw.  It only takes one or two days to make it.

This next one is called a "Six Hours or Less" crochet throw.  Hmmm, I like this even better.  Of course, it doesn't say what level of smarts is needed in order to finish it in six hours.  As well, one way to find out is to try it.

These are both pretty throws.  I may have to try one to see if I could actually finish it in such a short time.  They are both made with a size "Q" crochet hook and three strands of yarn held together.  Hmmm, I'm not sure if this would fit in my hands.  I've never tried working with a huge crochet hook like this.

First though, I still have a few of my own projects to finish.  I worked a bit more on the yellow afghan last evening, so now there are only eight and a half more rows to go till it is done.  Then I have the green afghan and the baby cocoon to finish.  And let's nor forget the baby blanket that I started.  So, if any of you tries these quickie patterns, let me know how it is working with the big hooks.  (email me if you would like the pattern)

Today I think I'll attack my bedroom.  There are too many piles of holiday things building up, and unfortunately, piles of clean laundry that I have been too lazy to put away.   So I guess I'll be busy all day.  But, when it is done, I'll feel much better. 

I've finished my coffee now, so I think this is a good time for me to get started on all this fun stuff.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

The Fall crochet afghan is adorable, but maybe it's the colors I love so much that are influencing me.

smiekeltje said...

Oh, we also have a lottery that is state bound so to say. They don't do "IOU's", they pay the prizes, but the winning chance for a nice and considerable price are rather low. I think there is even more chance to win something nice from the scratch-lottery(and there are so many different ones!).
But very strange to hear a lottery cannot pay out because of the state budget????
Those afghans look great for a quick project, may be you could work with a bigger hook but then just with a thick yarn in one strand?
Ha, the clean and fresh laundry lying around on a couch in a bedroom, that I know, LOL.
I often are also too lazy to put it right away after ironing. Till it's going to irritate me and then in no-time the couch is empty, hahaha.
Well, I;m going to try to put a post on my blog.
Have a lovely day,