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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Time To Say Goodbye To Mr. Fat Rat

September 8, 2015

Good morning.  It's only  7 a.m. and there is a fantastic breeze coming in through the screen door.  Oh my, does it ever feel sooooooo good!   Today is going to be a bruiser in a few hours, but right now it is heavenly. 

I'm watching the news and they are talking about Amazon's newest product to hit the market soon.  It is a $50 seven inch tablet.   So far they haven't said much about what this tablet will be able to do, but it is hoped to help expand Amazon's market.  Hmmm.  With so many children playing with tablets, maybe this will be a good tablet for them instead of one costing hundreds of dollars more.

I have to say, I'm really glad to have raised my kids before we hit the technology age.  There is no way I could have afforded to buy video games, smart phones, laptops, I-pods, and tablets for them.  I worked two and three jobs just to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. 

It wasn't until one of my daughters was in college that she realized we had never gotten above the poverty level.  She asked me why I never told them that we were poor.  I asked her if she ever felt poor growing up.  She replied "No."   We had everything important and we had each other.  Actually, we had done pretty good.  You can't count all your riches in dollars.

Back to the news...The clerk (Kim Davis) who was put in jail because she would not issue marriage licenses now has a lawyer and is appealing her sentence.  Sad to say, I feel there is really too much time being given to this issue.  The woman broke the law and should be in jail.  She should never have taken a job where she did not feel able to abide by the law.  Her religion should not enter this issue.  If you are uncomfortable doing your job according to the law, then quit and find another job. 

I read up on Kim Davis' background, and found it to be quite interesting.  None of us is perfect, so I'm not downing her for all the bad decisions that she made.  However, I do feel that she is not someone who should be deciding which laws should and should not be followed based on her religious beliefs. 

On a lighter note, I found another pattern that looks really interesting.  It combines two of my favorite patterns.  The chevron and the granny square stitch.  Hmmm.  Maybe next year.  I have plenty of projects to keep me busy for a while. 

This morning, I'm expecting a pest control company to show up to get rid of the fat rat that is living beneath my front step.  Actually, it has a little condo beneath the hedge by the step, and an extra room beneath the step.  We'll also be getting rid of the ants that keep trying to come inside.  I don't mind sharing, but I have a thing about rats and bugs.

I found this adorable pumpkin-mobile on the web, and just had to share it.  This one is for you Queen Jester! 

Have any of you noticed the trees starting to change colors?  Oh yeah, it's that time of year already.  Last week, I noticed several trees whose leaves had started changing.   Wow, I just looked at the calendar, and Autumn starts in just two weeks!!  Gosh, I hope we're going to have a long Indian Summer.  I'm just not ready for the cold weather.

Well, there's not much else happening here.  I guess I'd better get dressed before these "Pest" guys show up.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


LV said...

Never a dull moment at your house. I wish I could buy that pumpkin trailer for my granddaughter. She is crazy about Halloween.

Andrea Priebe said...

We are cooler today and it is raining ... ugh. We have had so much rain this summer and I have to say all is GREEN, but the grass grows like a weed every time it rains and I will be out cutting , yet again, by tomorrow.

We are in full agreement about Kim Davis. I don't mind her having strong convictions, but they should be applied to her own issues not everyone else's, Religious freedom allows for personal choices, it doesn't give anyone the right to impose their beliefs on others. I think she has painted herself into a corner and is also enjoying the media attention. I say if the media would go away, so would her issue ... at very least, she should resign and let the rest of the world live their lives as they please.

I love your little pumpkins and yes, they are perfect for the Queen. I bet she will come up with her own version now that you have pointed it out to her. Good find, Edna ...

Izzi is off getting an oatmeal bath this morning. She has been itching and itching for the past week or so. She goes through this every year around this time, but this time it is really bad. In fact, she is leaving big tufts of hair all over the house so her next trip is going to be to the Vet to get some blood work done. There are a number of not so good issues that could cause this and we need to make sure we know what we are dealing with. Poor Izzi, she has had the worst summer ever.

As soon as I pick Izzi up, I am taking my daughter for some blood work. We will probably go out to lunch afterwords. We have a favorite spot where she loves their stuffed mushrooms and I get coconut shrimp. Hmmm ... this is going to be a busy day. Well, I best be off and get a few things done while I wait on Izzi. Sorry for and about your little fat rat. I don't like to kill anything, but rats do carry disease so you don't want them around your home ... and ants are just pesty, especially when they find a way into your house. We get the outside sprayed every year because we have many, many spiders. Having a few spiders around is good for the garden, but these are prolific little buggers and we go from a few to too many very quickly. Anyway, I best get going, have a wonderful day, Edna ...

ANdrea @ From The Sol

Garla Reed said...

Good bye to Mr. Rat sounds like a great idea. At times there are things that you just do not want lingering around your home and a rat is one of them.

Enjoy your cool weather. We might have a chance for some rain today and tomorrow. The nights are turning cooler but the days are still hot and miserable. The leaves are just dying on our trees and falling. They are not even changing colors first. The grounds are so dry that I am not surprised.

Going to update my blog. Have a great day! Beth and Cisco

Nani said...

The thing that gets me the most about the whole Kim Davis thing is that in that same Bible she says she reads, Jesus, that guy who put the Christ in Christian, said people should follow the law of the land when he said “render unto Caesar.” Following the law was why the people who asked were “yes,” supposed to pay taxes. The law is not God’s law but it was important to keep the laws of state to keep peace. Breaking the law and getting herself on TV? Well that’s ego; pride, one of the 7 deadly sins. I don’t care about her past either, and none of us are perfect, but she is still not at all acting Christian.

In the world of better things, I LOVE the granny squares and chevrons pattern! That afghan is just beautiful!

Okay, I didn’t realize the rat had moved in uninvited! Last week I spider-sprayed the whole area between the ramp and house. We had THREE of them living between one of the windows and the screen! When the spray was killing the ones in the window a HUGE one climbed onto the outside of the window, staggering from the spray. I told the giant spider and the smaller one by the screen that “I told them if they didn’t move n they get shot with the spider spay gun. It’s not my responsibility as landlord to speak spider and if they don’t understand English, too bad. :) Same goes for squatter rats and ants.

The pumpkin-mobile is cute!

Hugs, Nani

Stacey said...

wish fall was hitting our area, but not yet on the west coast, still too dang hot. I'm glad you'll be getting rid of the pests. I always say stay outside where you belong, then I don't have to kill you. I agree with you that she should have quit, or never taken that position if her religion is an issue. there are tons of civil servant jobs you can do, that wouldn't interfere. No person gets to decide what laws they will follow based on their religion, or we'd be a country in Anarchy.