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Friday, September 11, 2015

Go Patriots!!

September 11,  2015

Good morning from my drizzly part of the country.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  The drizzly stuff feels ever so good, and the cool temps that come with it are just fabulous!!  If we can believe the weather forecast, we are in for a whole week of these wonderful temps.  70-83 F degrees.  Gosh, it's going to be rough dealing with this, but we'll definitely do our best.  hahahaha.

Well, all our Patriots fans are surely smiling and happy this morning after last night's win.  I did not watch the game, but most of my friends and family were watching and cheering.   Here's a cute little Minion that I borrowed from the web to share.

Yesterday, we were expecting patches of heavy rain, so Joe and I decided that we'd do our grocery shopping today.  I've finished making my new shopping list, and am looking forward to trying some new recipes.

Well folks, it had to happen.  Sooner or later, someone would come up with an RV special made for our fur babies.  I think these are just awesome!  I haven't shown this picture to Pogo because he'll be wanting one for himself.   How about your fur babies?  Wouldn't they just love to have one too?

I called the window company yesterday and made an appointment for them to come out and measure one of the entrance doors on my house, and show me what doors they have as replacements.  I'm not sure how old our door is, but it's been on the house as long as I can remember.  Unfortunately, time has taken its toll, and now the door needs replacing. 

Next week is tax time again.  Actually, it seems like almost every month (or every other month) is tax time when you own a house.   The property taxes are now payable four times a year, and then there's the utility taxes.  So far, they are still due twice a year.  The good part is that so far, I've been able to keep up with them.  That's a plus.

I finally finished the yellow shawl that I was making.  Now it's on to the Claret afghan.  (the one I keep calling Merlot!)   Once this is finished, I can start something new.  Maybe a wrap?  We'll see.  I did find another rather pretty crocheted blanket pattern.  Maybe I'll start one of these?  This one is called "Unbelievably Easy Crochet Blanket."   If anyone wants any of these patterns that I post, just send me an email.

Daughter Deanne called me last night to say that Jazzy auditioned for a part in "The Christmas Carol" and got the part of "The Ghost Of Christmas Present."   This part is strong in singing and dancing, so I can't wait to see it.   Good luck Jazzy.  I know you'll be a super Christmas Ghost.

Grandson Kevin is also doing great.  He started his first week at college, and is trying out for the baseball team this weekend.   He is studying Criminal Justice, and I almost wish I were going with him.  This is such an interesting field.  Good luck this weekend, Kevin.

Well, that's all my news for now.  So, till Sunday, Y'all be cool, and have a wonderful weekend. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Such great news about Jazzy getting the part in the play. I know that she will be brilliant as she really has a great talent. As for Kevin... How awesome his choice of study and I know that he will make a great team player. Good news for you all around including the beautiful throw.
I have tried to crochet and knit but I never had much luck getting beyond anything other than a blanket or a small baby blanket. I tried scarves and hats and even pot holders. It is just not in me as I cannot follow the directions. They are jumbled to me so I let my talents lie in other places as not to be affected by my dyslexia.
I would love to learn to quilt and will love to see what you and Janet do. How fun it must be to be able to do things with your daughter in law that is fun and can spend time with each other.
I knew the minute that I posted that photo of the little RV's for our fur babies not to let Cisco see it. He is eager to have one and get ready for some doggie travel! LOL... they are super cute aren't they?
I posted several things on Facebook the other night. One video is Amazing Grace by these Celtic Women singers... Oh Edna if you haven't had a chance to hear it go to my page and watch and listen to it. Just beautiful.
I guess that this wraps it up for me today. I have been so busy that I haven't had time to go over to my blog as of yet so I should do that soon... Hugs and have a great day!!! Beth and Cisco thanks you for his treats and I thank you for mine!

Andrea Priebe said...

Good on your Grandkids ... they are doing great and I know you are as proud as punch. Where does Jasmine perform and what are her goals?

Oh no ... this is one you should have sent to the Queen for her fur babies. Now I don't know where she would put them, but matching RVs would be awesome for George and Gracie.

I just can't believe it is football season already, though I have to admit the cool air and fresh smell of fall reminds me that it is. The Bears play their arch rivals Green Bay on Sunday ... always a good way to start the season. It usually gives us a clue as to who is going to have the good season and who isn't :)

You are late today as am I so I am going to have to make this short as it is time to get dinner started. All is well here and Izzi is doing well ... now that it is cooler she isn't being a slug so it is much easier to get her exercises in. She will be back to normal soon and I am hoping once we have a frost the allergy issues will be gone as well. Oh my, it's like having kids all over again :( Be well, Edna and hugs to Pogo.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Stacey said...

How awesome for Jazzy! Let us know if Kevin makes the team too! Omg, those doggy rv's are just the cutest things.

smiekeltje said...

Those RV's for the pets are just awesome!
House taxes are aweful! We get them once a year, can pay them in parts(which I do, because otherwise it is just too much ) and most of the time they get higher every year.
And funny things is that they differ from town to town! As well for other municipal taxes or services.
It's nice that the you got some bearable temperatures. Around 75C is ever so nice.
Specially with here and there a little rainshower(best is at nighttime) and then some sunshine at daytime.
Jazzy is doing ever so well in the musicals. She has a wonderful part in the Christmas Carol.
So when they will perform, I guess you will be seating at about 1st row! LOL.
And Kevin will do well for the baseball and his study too. Oh my, does he wants to be a crime fighter after his study?
Have a nice time with Joe when shopping and enjoy your weekend.

Nani said...

YAY PATRIOTS! The Reds, Tigers and Red Sox are all in last place in their respective divisions. Personally I'm ready for spring and a "do over." But it definitely does make me happier for the start of football season this year. If the Lions win on Sunday it'll be a happy start for me. Then again I our baseball house teams all won on Opening Day and that didn't turn out so well, but one game is a bigger part of the football record too. I'm still cheering for our baseball teams to make it to 4th place before the year is over - THAT's still mathematically possible!

I think our fur babies would love those trailers! (As long as they didn't move or take them to the vet.)

I love A Christmas Carol! From the clips you’ve shared, I agree that Jazzy will do a great job as the Ghost of Christmas Present. That will make a great show to add to your holiday fun! Kevin will get to learn everything I don’t see on Investigation Discovery. Some of it may be mundane, but the part where you look at the evidence and figure things out has got to be pretty cool.

Have a great weekend!

Hugs, Nani