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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Yeaaaah, One Down, One To Go

August 6, 2015

Good morning.  Goodness, our stretch of cooler temps has started and it feels really good.  The temps for the next week will be around the mid 70's to the low 80's.  And the nights are blissfully in the upper 50's and low 60's.  Perfect!!!

Well, you'll never guess!!  Yup!  I finally finished the Country Blue afghan.  Last night, I got as far as the last one and a half rows before my hand yelled "uncle".   So, this morning when I first got up, I finished off the last bit of the afghan.  Yeaaaaah!!!   Here's a peek at it.

I'm not used to pain slowing me down, but ignoring it just isn't working all the time any more.  So, when this happens, I just put my project down for a while and do something else.  I have a doctor appointment coming up soon, but I have a feeling my two options (after a couple of "not fun" tests) will be surgery or ignore.  I'll most likely pick "ignore" as that is what I usually do.

DIL Janet came by yesterday after work.  She has a new Samsung phone, and couldn't wait to show off all the beautiful photos of her flowers.  Her garden is just gorgeous, and here is one of her roses.

She also took photos of her new fish tank.  Her youngest kitty just loves watching all the fish.  Hmmm, I wonder what is really on her mind.

For supper, we ordered take out subs from a new place.  I doubt if we'll order these again though, as they were a bit on the dry and tasteless side.  Oh well, live and learn.  It's fun to try different things now and then.

I've been watching one of the shopping channels all morning.  They've been having a fabulous clearance sale, and the prices are wonderful.  Nope, I haven't bought anything, but I still enjoy watching.   They did have a pair of capri's that I liked but the legs were really skinny.  Sorry, I don't like looking like a pear with lumpy chicken legs when I go out.  I guess I'll just have to hang on to my old denim Bermuda shorts.

I have noticed one thing (well, actually two things) that is very trendy nowadays.  Most all the clothes are made of stretchy material, and most all the pants (capris, etc) have real skinny legs.  I suppose this is good for all the thin gals, but what about the rest of us?    I don't like looking as though I were poured into a tiny latex balloon, with all my wrinkles, dimples and flabbies highlighted.  To make  matters worse, not too many of these fashions are sized for short gals.  Clothes shopping just isn't a lot of fun anymore.

 To finish off the list of seven weird jobs, you could work as an airport scarecrow.  Officially, you'll be called a "specialist for biological aviation safety," but in practice, you'll be a human scarescrow.  Your daily routine:  You receive a call that dozens of birds are waiting on a German runway where a plane is about to land, so you rush to your car, fire several warning shots to disperse the bird crowd (as described by German daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). 

Most of the time, however, you will try to prevent birds from even entering the vast properties of airports.  Hmmm,  I don't think I'd be firing any shots at or near the birds.  But what could you do to shoo them away from the airport?  Maybe we could spread lots of bird seed on an empty lot in the next town over?  Just a thought.  (job info from The Patriot Ledger 07-20-15)

I just realized that I've been crediting the Enterprise with the article about these weird jobs.  It was, in fact, published in The Patriot Ledger.  Sorry 'bout that.

Well, I think I'm ready for a cup of coffee while I do a bit of catching up on my blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


ஐღReneeღஐ said...

Love the colors you have in your afghan.
Beautiful flower as well :-)

Kathy said...

Isn't this cooler weather nice? I am enjoying it too. I'm so sorry about the pain you are having. It isn't fun being in pain. I hope the doctor can do something to help you. I love the country blue afghan. It's so pretty!

Being an "airport scarecrow" is not a job I would want. I think I'll keep the one I have.

Nani said...

I’m almost caught up with reading now! :) You’ll see another comment in 10 blog days. (that’s about a reading hour!)

I completely agree with you about the spending caps on candidates and making them talk about the issues. I hate when the answer to “What will you do in office?” is “Well, my opponent won’t do a good job.” The sad thing is they wouldn’t mud-sling if it didn’t work. We have to be licensed to drive, and update that license every 4 years to prove we still have a clue on the road. There should be a very simple test to get a voter’s license. To prove you have a clue. There are obviously clueless people believing the mud we shouldn’t even listen to in the first palce. (Sorry, I carry a portable soapbox with a ramp)

The side effects from that antibiotic don’t sound nice. I had a pill I was taking a number of years ago that gave me the feeling of allergies, stuffy nose and challenged breathing, through half of July. When I mentioned it to the doctor he switched me to a different drug. Maybe they can try something that will be nicer to you? They making new dugs all the time.

I like the Darth Vader flowers, but I’d really need to expect them when I see them in a garden!

I love that idea for freezing the doggie treats and toys in a water block on hot days. What a great idea! Our collie, Missy, loved ice cubes and it would have been fun. I was 12 when she was a puppy and brother Dave was 11. It would have been a great project for us at that age.

I have to go on a super high potency vitamin D regimen every year or two because my D levels are so low. That’s not uncommon with MS, but they don’t know if that’s a cause or effect.

I don’t know about the human bed warmers. Warming up the cool sheets myself in a fresh bed had always felt so good.

The photos from Seussical are wonderful and I’ll go check Facebook for the videos! :)

I love Pogo’s shirt! Who Rescued Whom, indeed! Our furbabies are such a special part of our lives.

The bend of blues in the afghan is wonderful! If you choose “ignore” in the surgery or ignore question, will they give you medication for the pain? Maybe a medicated hand cream. They make that, don’t they? They should.