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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mother Nature Is No Party Girl!!

August 16, 2015

Good morning.  It's beautiful outside this morning, but well on it's way to another hot sticky day.  I think after yesterday's busy afternoon, Pogo and I will have a lazy day today.

Yesterday afternoon, Pogo and I went to Kevin's graduation/birthday celebration party.  In two weeks, he will turn eighteen years old.  Gosh, from a tiny two pound miracle baby to a tall, handsome young man!   Do I sound like a wicked proud grandma?  I hope so!  Because I am!

On the way to the party, all traffic had to stop for a while to let a couple of turkey families cross the street. 

It was quite warm out, but Deanne's backyard was mostly shaded so it was very comfortable.  Pogo and I stayed for a couple of hours and got to visit with everyone before it was time for us to head back home.  Of course, I took lots of photos with my cell phone, and one movie of Kevin and his friends playing basketball in the swimming pool. 

I got to see one of my granddaughters and a great granddaughter that I haven't seen in quite a while.  This is Mia (granddaughter) and Amelia  (great granddaughter).

There were two other great grandchildren there too, and I have photos of them to share.  This is Jack Jack and his sister Lilah.

The heat and anxiety yesterday was finally getting to Pogo, and the poor little guy started getting small cases of the squirties.  I did my best to keep cleaning up after him, and once we got home he was fine.  Till just now....I'm trying to get my breath back after cleaning up after him again.  If it doesn't cool down soon, I'll run out of breath altogether. 

It wouldn't be so bad if I could kneel, but knee surgery many years ago prevents me from kneeling.  So I have to bend over to clean anything on the floor.  Needless to day, this takes away all my breath.  For my next doggie, I need one that does not poop. 

Back to yesterday, we were only home about an hour and a half when the thunder and lightning started, and all of a sudden the heavens opened and poured tons of rain down on us.   Oh dear, Deanne has a yard full of people, a pool full of kids, and all sorts of delicious food on tables and cooking on the grill.   Needless to say, there was a mad scramble to bring everything and everyone in out of the downpour.  But my Deanne is a scrapper and she kept the day going great for everyone. 

I stood out on our front porch for a few minutes to cool down with the rain.  Here's one shot showing how hard it was raining. 

The only good part of this storm was that it drowned out the party that was going on across the street from me.  These are not very nice people, and it was good to see Mother nature dumping on them for a change.  I know, I'm not very nice for thinking that way, but it feels good anyway!! (That's my wicked side showing!)

Supper last night was a breeze because I had set it all up in a crock pot in the morning.  All I had to was serve it up and eat it.  Not bad!  It was a new recipe, and tomorrow I'll share it with you.

I hope today stays nice because Deanne has invited everyone back to party some more while it's nice out.   I'd love to go back and visit more with everyone, but I think Pogo and are in to stay till the weather cools down a bit.

Well, that's it for today.  I'm going to get another cold bottle of water and settle in my lounge chair for a bit.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Wonderful you had a great time at Dee and saw some of you great grandchildren again.
I am sure Pogo had a blast of a time.LOL.
Ghee, that rain looks about the same as we had last time when we got the leak.
And it wasn't even so bad in our area. Other parts of the country had real trouble with all that water, like flooding streets and so.
You did a good thing to prepare a pot with your food for the evening, just having it to warm up.
And may be later today you feel up to it to go to Dee again, perhaps when it has cooled down a bit.
Today isn+t too good speaking of weather. It is raining(not hard though), but temps went down a lot. Still nature will be happy with it, and it is onlt for a while cause during the week temps will go up again and sun will come, and by Friday they think we will reach 25/26 C again which is fine.
Try to stay cool and don't move around too much so you will be able to breath a bit easier.
Take care and have a lovely day.

Garla Reed said...

Oh Edna,
What glorious rain. Sorry that it put a damper on Kevin's party but great news for the nasty neighbors! I wish that it would rain like that here for a few days but we do have a slight chance of rain this coming week and the temps are supposed to cool down into the 80's for a few days giving us a much needed break from the triple digit heat.

My crew is feeling a bit yucky with sore throats, throwing up and general aches and pains. Not sure what is going on with everyone but hoping that it will be over and done with soon and no one else gets sickly. I sure do not want that on this end.

Cisco sends his love. He has not been such a happy camper this past week. Karyn's dog Foxy was here and she is the Queen when she is here. She wants to dominate the house and we have to ground her so to speak. She doesn't want Cisco to have any attention and he never stands up for himself. Karyn says that he remembers when she was a baby and how protective he was over her then. I told Karyn we need to protect Cisco from her... The little loveable B-Witch... lol.... She is sweet, she is loveable and she is precious, but she is a Diva and thinks that she is Queen of anyplace that she is at. Cisco just goes along with her most of the time. But he is glad that she has gone home. He is all relaxed now and not having to be on guard lol.

My kitty cat is putting on a little weight. I am trying to think of a name for her. Right now the name Pilar has come to me. I don't know why but that is what is sticking at the moment. I am working on getting her to the place where I can hold her. Right now she is letting me pet her. Cisco is not happy but I don't let him see me interacting with her if I can help it. She has gotten where she will come out if I am outside and walking Cisco. Just so they don't fight.

I posted a great recipe on my blog today. It is so very good and versatile. The ingredients are great for so many other things. I made an omelet yesterday and added to the top of it. It was so good.

I am heading to the grocery store in a little while... You have a great day... Hugs, Beth and Cisco.

Garla Reed said...

I wrote a huge long comment and it is all gone... I am sorry Edna, I will try to email you later today... hugs, Beth

The Queen Jester said...

I love your scrappy side, so don't ever apologize for that. When this kind of thing happens I just smile and say "karma, baby".

You have the nicest looking grandkids and great grandkids! But then they come from good genetic stock.

Annesphamily said...

Love the rain photo! Next year I am hoping we can cover our patio. Noelle rents a house a few doors down and they have a covered patio so we always have parties there if rain is forecast! I am glad the party went out at Kevin's. I am with you on some neighbors. The ones behind us are from Mexico and I think the men work construction because they always have stuff in the yard, roofing supplies, pallets, etc. The burn open fires constantly. Jeremy called the police once and we were told to Mind Our Own Business! Wow! Plus I hear their bratty kids taunt Leo. He is such a huge dog I would not want to make him mad. He is still young and very goofy but I hate those kids teasing him. One day the bigger boy was mocking me when I was calling him. UGH! Their excuse "No English No English"!! UGH! Never apologize for mean ole neighbors. We need to be scrappy. Love that word! So cool. Have great evening and take care.

Nani said...

Congrads and Happy early birthday to Kevin! What a great afternoon seeing everyone. I've got to tell you that I definitely see you in Amelia's eyes. Family blood is magical like that. I'm glad you dodged the rainbuckets and also glad the party went on under cover!

As far as your wicked side showing, when we commented about our imperfections, my mom used to always say "The was only one person who was ever perfect and look what they did to him." When I beat myself up over a mistake I can hear Mom's voice repeating that but as I see that in print is realize that Mom was a pretty liberal Catholic. LOL

I think I agree with what you mentioned a few bogs back about wishing it could be fall all year long, but for me, I'll still take the heat over the cold. But I'm not outside for extended periods that often either! I hope you and Pogo stay cool!

Hugs, Nani