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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Want To Be An Ant Vendor?

July 28, 2015

It's another gorgeous morning here in New England.  Pretty soon though, the hot muggies will be back, so I try to take advantage of the cooler early morning hours. 

I've been following (on the news) the story of the two teenage boys who are lost at sea.  I'm hoping they will be found alive real soon.  Many years ago, my cousin, his ten year old son and their dog, along with a neighbor and his ten year old son went out on a boat in a fishing competition and were never seen again.  Only one body was ever recovered that I know of.  The sea is very mysterious.

Part Two - Seven Weird Jobs Around The World

"Have you ever thought about becoming an ant vendor?  There is not that much to say about this weird profession.  You're being paid to sell ants.  There are about 12,000 different species of ants in the world, so selling ants might actually be more complicated than you think."  (Enterprise 7-20-15)

In last night's newspaper in the YOUR OPINION column, they printed a most interesting opinion that I heartily agree with.  It's titled "America Is For Americans".

"America's taxes and social welfare benefits are strictly for our legal citizens, period.  As to the question of whether the State should extend in-state tuition to all, I say No Exceptions.

It has been stated that we are all immigrants, but the beginning immigrants were invited to come here legally through Ellis Island, as my dad did.  These are the ones who built this nation and assimilated into society, while introducing their traditons and learning English.

Illegals are taking advantage of what is already here, trying to better their lives at our expense and the expense is staggering.  We do need to improve our immigration system.  That only means to make it easier for those who respect our laws and are waiting in line to become citizens.

I do feel, for humane reasons, many illegals here for many years may be given a lifetime visa, but no citizenship ever.  It a perk just to be here.  All children born here are allowed citizenship though.  We are the United States Of America, not the world."

Folks, I will help anyone in need, but I should not be expected to neglect my family and friends in order to support the world.  I also believe that if anyone coming here is just here to change our laws, our language, our religious and patriotic beliefs, our holidays and our traditions, they should be turned around and sent back to wherever they came from.  It's one thing to share your traditions with us, it's quite another to expect us to change all our ways to become the way of life you left behind.

Today I have a couple photos that I took last winter in Florida.  I'm not sure of the name of these flowers, but they are beautiful. 

Yesterday, the "under counter" cabinet that I had ordered for my kitchen arrived.  After sweeping and washing the kitchen floor, I set the cabinet in place and proceeded to fill the drawers with all my plastic bowls and lids.   Once that was done, I was ready for another shower.

I also decided to drop the "temporary" asthma med (Symbicort) and go back to my regular med, Advair.   The last time I was on Symbicort, my breathing got constantly worse until I finally had to ask the doctor to put me back on Advair.  This time, the same thing is happening.  I guess I'm just not of those persons who can take Symbicort.

I gave Pogo doggie food for breakfast this morning, and he's not very happy with me.  Ah well, I'll give him his left over supper (steak) for lunch.  Maybe then he'll be happy with me again.  Now I need to get busy and start taping a program on to DVD.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay cool and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Hmmm, ant-vendor? They say that insects are going into the food chain for us humans more and more. It seems they are rather healthy for you, but I am not sure if I could easily get used to it.
Immigration always is a tricky and also difficult subject. Here we have the same discussions and problems too. If people have to run away from their country because they are in danger to be killed and such(most of the time that aren;t the ones that asked or started a war) they should be able to find a place somewhere else in the world. I have more trouble with "economic"immigrants.

You must feel happy now that you have your plastic bowls stored.
And poor Pogo, he had a bad start of the day with "only"doggy food LOL!
I'm sure you will make it up to him and he will be as happy as ever with you again.
So, now I will post something on my blog, it's about time again.
Have a lovely day.

Annesphamily said...

Edna you need to run for office! Holy smokes! You hit the nail on the head! I often want to speak my mind and end up deleting my comment because I have been attacked. Once I posted a quote by Thomas Jefferson and a woman I did not not know said "Too bad he did not practice what he preached"! Wow! Are you in the Guinness World Book of Records? If you knew ole Tom personally, WOW! You must ancient!!! People blast Christopher Columbus like they knew exactly what he was thinking in the year 1492!!!

I live in the most liberal stinking state in America! This good for nothing governor not only let a murdering thug live while he made no mention of the four lives he took from their families, people who had everything to live for! I am so sick of the liberal crappola people spew! Our governor also signed some law to give illegals FREE rein on higher education! Thank you , as I pat myself on the back for paying for this! The Aurora Shooter who "supposedly" is so mentally ill now his parents and sister, we never heard of until this week! Crying and carrying on how the jury should spare his life! In the words of Jessica Ghawi's mom, one of those who's life he took, "I wear Jess's scarf every day, I feel her hugs, because he took the real hugs I should get from her away".
A while back I got into a little verbal argument, I guess would be appropriate to say, with a friend! She was a single mom, worked hard, survived breast cancer twice and raised her only child to be college educated! She said I was mean thinking her son's friend, who had parents that came here illegally, should be denied an education because he does not have proper citizenship yet had a 4.0 GPA! No let him work three jobs to pay for that full price education! That is his parents fault, not mine, that they choose to break the law! I went to Catholic school sister, I have no guilt left to give!!!!!
My friend came here legally from Japan! $9,000 to work in this country legally. She will not give up Japanese citizenship, she knows where she wants to go when the Feathers start flying! Hahn can tell you how her mom and dad started out in a boat risking their lives to come to America! Oh yea, legally again from Vietnam! Twelve children later, all college educated because mom and dad worked three jobs each to make a life for the kids! I know so many immigrants and they are angry that they had to pay to become legal and their country that they left was no better than anyone else's! We need to stop giving away the goods, dear God, our country is so far in debt, we are going to end up like Greece and than the geniuses can just raise taxes higher and higher and higher! It is all the idiots of Washington D.C. know how to do, unless you live at 1600 Pennsylvania Street, then you can print up some cash when you feel the need! Cause you know, accountability is a bummer dude!